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Facebook appointments for business

FB for business

Facebook is a popular social media to use for business purposes. Many people enjoy scrolling FB newsfeed, reading friends' updates and chatting over the platform. It makes this service simply perfect for launching any ads and attracting customers.

The platform was created in 2004. It got crazy popular since then. Each day almost everyone checks their FB account together with email and other social media. FB is like a handy newspaper of the 21st century. Just open and read all the updates you need.

The best business benefit is FB's popularity. People enjoy the service, so they use it well. So why not think about launching a booking link to get appointments via the service? If you wonder how to start, we are here to help you.

Keep reading the material to see how FB business tools work and why connecting online appointments to your Facebook page is better. If you are wondering about the same things related to Instagram, please, visit our blog. We have managed to collect many handy tips to make your Instagram business better with free booking and other optimization tips.

First and foremost, you have to get a FB account, open its bio and place a booking link right there. It is also possible to add a booking button. Then you have to click on the Add button and follow the instructions. It takes up to 5 mins, but it makes your account look much more reliable.

It is free! You aren't required to pay for the online appointments feature on Facebook. All you will have to do is connect online meetings via a booking link or button as we've just described.

It is a unique FB feature to use for promotion. You can also manage your page over there. Just open your Facebook account, go to FB Business Suite, then see the options. You will be able to plan your posts and highlights, launch ads and track the performance. FB Suite is free, but it is necessary to pay for the ads. Sometimes the platform offers some handy discounts or even free ads for small businesses. So make sure to use this feature.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook offers many business features for any company. First, you have to register on the platform then use FB Business Suite feature.

FB Business Suite

This FB module is a handy tool for maintaining Instagram and Facebook pages simultaneously. In addition, it allows posting content to both social networks altogether.

Accept from posts and highlights scheduling and ads, you can see the business performance and look for its optimization. Thanks to the handy analytics under each piece of content you share, it is possible.

Another helpful feature is that FB Business Suite offers to edit the planned posts. Some time ago, it was somewhat problematic. However, they have added this feature, so why not use it if needed?

How to connect online appointments to Facebook

There are two ways to set up online appointments via FB. The first is by adding the link to your FB bio, and the second is by setting up a booking button. So, let us show you how it works.

How to add a booking link to your FB profile:

  • Go to your profile;

  • Click on your bio;

  • Copy the booking link and place it there;

  • Save it up;

  • You are done!

How to add a booking button to your FB profile:

  • Go to your account;

  • Click on Add a Button;

  • Choose Book Now;

  • Then select Connect with another tool;

  • Choose EasyWeek;

  • Click on Continue;

  • Sign in with the EasyWeek login;

  • Press Continue;

  • Refresh the page;

  • You are done!

EasyWeek software for business

EasyWeek online appointment software offers handy booking tools and other business helpers.

Why EasyWeek is the best for your business?

The EasyWeek system provides your company with:

  • Online appointments;

  • Website;

  • Widget;

  • Booking link;

  • Business analytics;

  • Marketing tools: QR codes, email ads, loyalty program;

  • Integrations with the most popular platforms: Meta services and other;

  • Sales funnel optimization via intelligent scheduling and team motivation;

  • Excluding human error while performing routines.


Facebook is among the top services to use right now. Do not lose your time. Proceed to add a booking link right now. There are many other perks of using the platform. Just try Business Suite.

EasyWeek software will optimize the performance and get more customers while busy with the more important stuff. Feel free to contact us if you wonder how to start working with the system.

We offer a free trial to test the service and decide its connection. So choose free tariff or PRO advantages for your business!

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