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Beauty salon sales strategy


The beauty salon business is famous all over the world. Many business people think about starting a brand-new beauty studio in 2022. Well, the year is challenging, but it doesn't mean you can't try. The beauty business requires careful preparations and some skills to forecast possible scenarios. In any case, it is worth trying!

The article will be helpful for beginners and for those who have already managed to open a beauty studio. However, keep reading if you are driving a salon and growing it. There are many hacks and tips to optimize a beauty business right now.

A beauty salon starts with a business plan and budget analytics. Once these two notions are ready, keep making the project real. Please look at smart business planning creation if you hardly imagine how it looks.

That's the topic of the material! Beauty retail is among the TOP-ways of beauty studio sales growth. Start with quality service, then sell some beauty products to get even more satisfied clients, so better revenue.

It is the beauty products you offer in your studio. All the stuff you sell, except beauty services, can be called retail. Offering the retail feature isn't compulsory, but it helps grow sales and increase revenue in general.

Beauty salon as a business idea

First, let's see what the benefits of starting a beauty studio in 2022 are.

Advantages of beauty salon business

  • It is popular, so the company has a good customer flow.

  • It is cost-effective, so you won't need to spend a lot to start. And the ROI is also fast. For example, to create a small studio, you'll have to invest at least $15 000. Then the ROI, according to the budget, will be 4-6 months. It is a fast way to start a business in 2022.

  • The niche is in demand on social media, so you have to highlight your uniqueness, and customers will already go. Beauty businesses are associated with self-care and luxury, so they are positively marked and do not need any 'extra' marketing.

Beauty retail & services

In most cases, beauty services are the only thing to offer in a beauty salon. But, sometimes, it can be enough. For example, when you are just starting the journey into the beauty business world, in the beginning. Then, later, there is a chance to sell services and goods.

Beauty salon retail is a profitable niche. If clients come to your studio, they trust your expertise. It means they'll gladly get not only salon service but also some home skin-, haircare.

We advise choosing several brands to offer at your salon. You may contact their distributors to get a discount or make a contract. A salon gets more revenue, while a brand gets new customers + relatively free marketing.

How to increase beauty salon revenue by retail

Okay, you've decided that retail is a positive idea to implement. What's next?

  1. First and foremost, contact the brand distributor to see whether you can get any special offer or discount, etc.

  2. Then, get a few sets of the goods you will sell.

  3. Arrange the showcase to present the stuff to your clients.

  4. Talk about the cosmetics and the products you use while performing services. You may also advise some beauty products for home usage.

Beauty salon marketing & management

The first thing to think about is goods management. If you are starting to sell beauty products, you have to store them carefully, track their balance and reorder when needed. These three steps are crucial to coping with beauty salon retail.

Talking about marketing, we advise promoting the stuff on social media to cover more audiences. You can also launch Google Ads and other related media tools. The only rule is to be gentle and not pushy.

Do not offer beauty products to customers who aren't interested at all. This way, you'll lose clients, not gain trust.

EasyWeek beauty retail solution

EasyWeek software helps with customer stock management and retail. We have just launched the Products module, using which you can:

  • track goods;

  • reorder beauty products;

  • set a critical balance reminder to reorder in time.

The Products module is available on the Pro tariff and gives access to complete and affordable products management: order beauty products, register them via the system, sell and reorder when needed. So effortless, so cool!

EasyWeek software also is a perfect way for getting online appointments via your website, social media and maps. Try EasyWeek salon software for free right now!

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