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Beauty salon names


So, you are going to open a beauty shop. It seems that everything is ready: starting with the place and finishing with the best staff in the city. But, there is one more important detail – the name! It is that trifle that distinguishes the beauty salon. Although maybe, you think that the name isn't that important, the service and the staff are precious. Of course, they are, but how will people get to know about them without visiting? Here's where we see why a catchy name is essential. It attracts clients.

This article will speak about the central notions you must remember while naming your beauty salon in 2021.

Beauty & Hair salon business

Tips on naming your beauty shop

The beauty salon name isn't just a word above the entrance. That crucial detail distinguishes you from competitors as it is the 1st thing your clients see. The best name is the word, which your customers won't forget.

You have to think about who'll visit your beauty shop. You work with and for people. That's why, first of all, let's decide on the target audience. Who is your primary client? Will your beauty shop provide services for women? Maybe it's a barbershop? Are you working with a specific age group or with all ages?

It is also essential to fully understand your beauty salon's whole set of services. They define the name as well.

For example, if your priority is hair, you better mention it in the title. It can be "Your Style," "Happy Hair," "Good Hair Place," etc. Anyway, it should tell your customers that they can get all the hair services. If you want to open a SPA, the name should be associated with health and healthcare. It can be, for instance, "The Area of Health," "Healthy Life," etc. Well, you've got the idea.

The next thing to define is the type of beauty shop. Do you want to open a premium beauty salon, maybe a luxury, business, or economy? Customers should read it via the name as well. This way, you'll avoid misunderstandings, and your clients will be sure on which budget they could rely.

You should also think in advance about the style of your beauty salon: how the name correlates with interior design. Later you'll be making the advertisement, printing business cards and brochures together with promotion on social media. That's why the name should follow the style.

Let's think about how you see your future beauty salon name. Do you want it to be in English, French or Latin? Here you can free your imagination. It'll help a lot! Maybe, you want to add a lucky number? Or on the contrary, no need to add anything: minimalism is a trend.

Don't forget to research the competitors. Imagine you choose the perfect name, but there are three other beauty shops with similar names nearby. We don't want it. That's why you better look at your competitors and try to create something different. If there are, for example, three "Beauty Areas" and then the new beauty shop which is called "Ariel" appears, it'll attract attention. And that's what we need. So, here are the main points you have to remember while naming your beauty shop:

  • Lucidity

  • Associativity

  • Creativity

  • Sonority

  • Adequacy

  • Easy memorability

Names in French and Latin a pretty popular. Simply stay creative and don't overload the name with too many details.

Yes! They are at the top.

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Beauty salon design

The American beauty market is full of various beauty shops. There are different beauty salons, and all of them try to catch customer attention. It seems that all the creative names have ended, and the market is full. There is a dash of truth in this statement. However, there are still many ways to create a unique name. 

Here are some smart ways to name your beauty salon in 2021:

Female names

They take the leading position among the most popular ways to name a beauty salon. Many owners call their businesses after their names, daughters' names, goddesses, female stars, fictional characters, etc. It sounds sophisticated, but the market is full of it.

Sure, if you have a unique name – try! But mostly, it's better to think about something more creative. Why not read your name in reverse? Then, if you like how it sounds, use it and be sure that there are no similar names on the street or even in the city! Or, you can also take a syllable out of your name and a syllable out of your surname. Does it sound good? Yep! Your perfect beauty parlour name is ready.

Here are some examples of beauty salon names with female names:

  • Maria Salon

  • Rebecca's Beauty Salon

  • Cleo Beauty

  • Lissa Maria Studio

  • Mikana Beauty Place

  • Mia Beauty

  • Dr. Rashsa Aesthetic Studio

  • Lily Beauty

  • Ariel's Simplicity

  • Alexia Beauty

  • Kathy's Beauty Salon

  • Belle Beauty

  • Maryam Hair & Beauty Salon

  • Mr. Grey's

  • Jasmine Beauty Therapy

  • Beauty Salon Lisa

  • Madonna Beauty Salon

  • Aphrodite Beauty & SPA

  • Toni & Guy hairdressing

  • Shakira Studio

  • Meduza Health/Beauty

Opening a Spa Salon

Main services and activities

It is also possible to name your beauty shop, using the main services and activities you provide or do there. Then be sure the name isn't too long – 2 words max.

Here is the list of the names that are created with the activities/services beauty place provides:

  • Your Style

  • Your stylist

  • Your Beauty

  • World Beauty Corporation

  • Bohemian Style

  • Beauty Time

  • Beauty Academy

  • World Class Spa

  • Beautiful people

  • The House of Beauty

  • BeautyHome

  • Beauty Space

  • Stylish people

  • World of Beauty

  • New Style

  • Stylish Life

  • Beauty Kingdom

  • Area of Beauty

  • Dream in Style

  • Beauty Palace


Nowadays, it is also trendy to name beauty salons referencing the location where it is situated. For example, "5th Ave Street". Such names are memorable, + your clients will never forget your beauty shop address.

Trend on tasty names: fruits, sweets, spices, herbs

  • Mint Studio

  • Sugar Beauty

  • Apricot Beauty

  • Caramel Beauty Zone

  • Apple Studio

  • Mango Studio

  • Liquorice Beauty Studio

  • Pomegranate Beauty Area

  • Peach Beauty Place

  • Chocolate Beauty Studio

  • Cinnamon Style

  • Strawberry Beauty Place

  • Vanilla SPA

  • Nutella Beauty Place

  • Pear MakeUp

  • Cherry Studio

  • Coconut Beauty

  • Orange Beauty Studio

  • Milk BeautyLab

  • Lemon Salon

Floral names are also in the top

  • Rose Beauty

  • Lotus Style

  • Snowdrops

  • Poppy

  • Lily Style

  • Jasmine Beauty Area

  • Carnation Beauty Zone

  • Peony Style

  • Dandelion Beauty Studio

  • Pansy Style

  • Lavender Studio

  • Aster Studio SPA

  • Orchid Beauty Zone

  • Aster Beauty

  • Daisy MakeUp

  • Hibiscus Nail Zone

  • Lilac Studio

  • Tulip   BeautyLab

  • Camomile BeautyZone

  • Dog Rose Beauty Zone

English names

They are used all around the world. That's why there are so many variants. We've prepared a few ideas for you:

  • Beauty

  • Mirabella

  • New Look

  • MakeUp Yourself

  • Pretty You

  • 5th Ave

  • Belle

  • Barbie

  • Mermaid Beauty

  • Ariel Salon

  • The Style

  • Silver Beauty

  • Beauty You

  • Cinderella

  • Your MakeUp

  • Trendsetter

Beauty salon business

How do they name beauty shops in France?

France is a trendsetter in the world of beauty. A French beauty shop is a brand. French women prefer to stay loyal to one beauty salon which suits them best.

Among the worldwide famous French beauty salon names are:

  • L'Oreal

  • Dr Pierre Ricaud

  • Salon de coiffure

  • Institut de beaute

  • Espèce du bien-être

  • L'Institut Leonor Greyl

  • Coiffure Biguine

  • Niwel

  • Le Brow Bar Benefit

  • Le Garçon Coiffeur

  • Bruno Melgani Coiffeur

  • Coiffure Les Nuances d'Annabelle

  • Martine blaut

  • History dHouse

  • Nicolas

  • Saberny


French names for beauty shops are popular far away from France. They add a dash of luxury and charm.

#4 How to register a beauty salon name?

A beauty studio name works the same as human names do. You introduce your company to get a good 1st impression. We always want to be the best and avoid problems, that's why we need all these rules. First, let's look at a trademark – a legal term for a salon name + it covers design, signs, etc.

Trademark has the following functions:

  • Identification: standing out among competitors

  • Information: providing information about your beauty salon

  • Advertising: using unique signs and symbols to promote your company

To register your trademark, you have to consult the local rules. For the USA, they are the following:

  1. Check whether the name is free to use: you can use this website.

  2. Register the name with your state: it allows you to use the name in 1 state.

  3. Register the name with the Federal Government: it's not required, do this if you are going to work more than in 1 state.

What is the best name for your beauty salon?

The best name for a beauty salon

Brilliant ideas come at any time! Every time you have an idea about naming your new beauty shop – write it down. Then you'll have a list of the possible variants, and it'll be easier to choose the right one. You can also concentrate and write down 20-30 names that come to your mind and then check whether you like them the next day. Don't forget to ask family and friends. Teamwork always brings the best results.

After choosing the perfect salon name, install an online appointment booking program. So your guests can sign up for a haircut from the salon website, Facebook or Instagram.

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