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Pinterest for business: beauty industry


Social media helps to advertise businesses relatively freely. As a result, it is one of the most effective 21st-century tools for PR purposes. If you still wonder how to stand out on social media, keep reading this article. Today, we'll see what's Pinterest, how to use it for business, and why this platform is so handy for beauty businesses.

The best idea would be to use both services for online promotion. Instagram covers many audiences. It has a lot of useful hacks to present a salon online. Pinterest deals with visual stuff only. There are two options to share: photos and videos. We advise promoting a beauty salon on both platforms. It isn't too hard, as you can share the same stuff, but it is very effective. Pinterest and Instagram are visual social media perfect for any business related to beauty.

Let's see how to do it step by step. Create a salon business plan. Look for premises for rent or purchase. Hire employees. Connect salon booking software. Promote a beauty salon online & offline. Read more about beauty business opening in our blog.

Choose the software for your specific needs, and try different programs to determine the best fit. For example, try EasyWeek appointment scheduling software.

What's Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social media for those who enjoy aesthetic photos and videos. In addition, users can pin content creating boards.

Most Pinterest users are young people, 14-35 years old. So it makes the platform very attractive for many businesses.

Once you share some content, your followers will see it. It works the same as other social networks. The difference is that texts aren't too important. The Pinterest audience enjoys simple texts and quality visuals.

Where does Pinterest popular?

This social network is trendy worldwide – some users like it for free pleasant images and videos. At the same time, others promote their business on Pinterest. The service is a creative source of inspiration for many.

Initially, it was created in America. Nowadays, Pinterest is famous all around the globe. English- and Russian-speaking markets on Pinterest impress.

Pinterest for business

Pinterest is a handy platform to advertise a business. Online marketing deals with SMM a lot.

If you still think about creating an account on Pinterest, do it! Let us show you what it'll give you.

Business advantages of Pinterest account for a beauty salon

  • Pinterest is a handy tool for those who have no landing. It can work as your website, especially if you connect some smart CRM to add an online appointments feature.

  • The service allows a 24/7 online presence for free. There is no paid stuff required to start. You can promote both organically and paid.

  • The system has a lot of catchy features. Pinterest users may become your clients. Sure, if you promote your account well.

  • Pinterest users are a kind of hot audience for a beauty salon. The platform allows sharing visual content, which your target audience enjoys.

  • Pinterest is less crowded than Instagram. There are more chances to stand out by sharing quality stuff.

10 best Pinterest beauty salon ideas

Pinterest allows sharing relatively long videos (max 15 mins). It is much more than Instagram got for us. Pinterest videos have to be short, informative and pleasant. The platform is popular because of its quality content.

Pinterest users have a lot of choices. So you have to offer something trustworthy. It can be simple quality photos, educational content, etc. We have collected some cool Pinterest beauty salon ideas.

Pinterest ideas for your beauty studio

  1. Take photos of your work. Show the audience what you are doing to attract more people.

  2. Shoot educational videos. Teach your followers how to cope with daily beauty rituals.

  3. Share entertaining facts about cosmetics, makeup and skincare. Users love it, so do it!

  4. Create beauty-themed memes. They can be both entertaining and educational. People like jokes and memes, so it is a flawless idea. Just be careful with gentle topics. We never joke about sicknesses, weight, race, etc.

  5. Answer users' questions. So easy and so pleasant for your followers. Ask and answer. People will love it.

  6. Collaborate with bloggers. It'll 100% increase coverage.

  7. Offer discounts for those clients who tag you in posts and highlights. It won't cost you much, but customers will love the gesture.

  8. Create giveaways. Offer some friendly prices and keep new users interested after the contest. Quality content will help.

  9. Post beauty stuff, which people can do at home. It can be some exciting beauty routines or simple products for home usage.

  10. Let your audience hear your brand voice. For instance, offer your team to take pics, tell their stories, share beauty salon daily life, etc. Just be honest, it shows.

How to connect online appointments to Pinterest

EasyWeek allows placing a booking link into Pinterest account bio. We are integrated with Pinterest to work smoothly and effectively. All you have to do is sign up to your Pinterest account, edit the profile, and place the EasyWeek booking link in the BIO.

After that, you'll be able to receive online appointments via Pinterest. Click here to test the EasyWeek service. We are looking for your feedback.

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