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Starting your own barbershop is always costly and very stressful. Thorough preparation is a good deal: successfully planning a long-term development strategy is the key to success. However, opening a barbershop is followed by an equally challenging period of customer acquisition and building your customer base.

Therefore, this article deals with a not very often discussed but no less important part of customer communication in a barbershop – the appointment booking program and its advantages.

In our blog, you can find a detailed post dedicated to the details of both business plan creation and possible investment planning for a barbershop.

There is no shortage of CRM apps for various businesses. In our blog, you can find all the essential information about what to look for in CRM systems to find the right one for yourself.

The booking program is as helpful for self-employed people as it is for barbershops since one of its main goals is to improve customer communication and image. And through successful personal branding, aspiring barbers gain more visibility and expand their influence.

What do CRM systems offer?

These systems were created primarily to allow business owners (mainly in the service sector) to quickly and conveniently capture, sort, and store customer data, which can facilitate communication between the company and its target audience.

Over time, it turned out that data collection was an effective marketing tool, and so the programs kept improving and adding more and more valuable features until they became what we know today.

Nowadays, most applications necessarily include various tools for managing the following business areas:

  • Customer database

  • Digital calendar

  • Reporting (e.g., activity and sales analysis, team performance evaluation)

  • Invoicing

  • Email, telephony, and social networks

  • Inventory information

  • Custom templates for various processes

  • Integrations with other services

Unlike many apps, CRM systems offer complex solutions so that you can get rid of many problems at the same time.

Using the booking software in a barbershop

The first task of a barbershop is to attract customers, keep their attention – much more complicated – and gain their trust. A CRM program can be useful at each of these stages.

As for most businesses in the beauty industry, booking appointments online is already not a competitive advantage but a necessity.

Most clients rarely bother calling because they can find, for example, a dozen other barbershops on Instagram that offer an online booking system with a clear listing of services, prices, and available masters. Moreover, syncing with Google Calendar will sometimes automatically show any overlap with private appointments.

With this in mind, it naturally looks rather unattractive if you have to call to make an appointment.

Of course, customer retention largely depends on the quality of your services, but don't forget that you must constantly attract attention online, in your social networks and newsletters.

To avoid annoying your audience with intrusive and uninteresting offers, you need to know precisely their needs, using statistics and customer segmentation in the software. Your target audience is probably much more diverse than just "men" or "men between 20 and 70".

Based on this information, you can optimize your newsletters, social media posts, and company descriptions on your website and Google Maps and create successful promotions.

Try EasyWeek appointment software

EasyWeek: Software for barbershops

EasyWeek is initially aimed at beauty salons and their needs: among the identifiable advantages of this appointment scheduling service, the main one is its range of functions:

  • Online booking 24/7 through a user-friendly appointment calendar where appointments can be grouped and color-coded.

  • Staff scheduling with appointment reminders for employees.

  • Advanced notification system for customers with multiple channels (SMS, email, messenger)

  • Customizable booking forms, notifications, and newsletters

  • Business analytics of any kind, from customer statistics to product consumption

  • Free website with a widget and integration possibilities and, consequently – a better online presence

  • Integration with most popular services such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, as well as with Google Maps, 2GIS, and others.

  • Customer segmentation using the tagging system, plus the possibility of customer blocking

  • Availability of the 2-week free trial

In addition, EasyWeek allows you to take advantage of all the flexible pricing with no hidden fees and even choose a free rate plan for self-employed and sole proprietors.

Free salon website from EasyWeek software


Starting a barbershop is, at the same time, a remarkable career boost and a real challenge because you learn to take responsibility, calculate finances, develop services, present yourself, create advertising, and many other things.

Set up EasyWeek software for barbershops to facilitate daily work and real-time control of your business development. Choose your plan and features that you find helpful for your barbershop.

Learn more about our 14-day trial and start managing your business better already!

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