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Online appointments for car tuning salon


Car services are popular all year round because modern society requires fast and effective solutions. Nowadays, people tend to invest in cars and related services. They are ready to pay for their comfort, so why not make a fortune on it.

Car tuning is an extra service for those who want to optimise their cars. A client can ask for any modification that won't prevent the vehicle from safe transportation.

The list of car tuning services impresses. Now, you can modify anything: starting with wheels and up to engine modifications. That's why the tuning business is prosperous. More and more salons will open, no wonder why.

We have written this material to prepare business people who want to start their auto salon for the initial stuff to connect. One of the essential tools in business optimisation is car tuning software. Do you know what the term means? Continue reading this article to see why tuning CRM is important and how to get the best one.

Car tuning services are any services made to optimise a car. They usually include engine and fuel optimisation. However, it is now hard to count the stuff you cannot optimise. In most cases, tuning services can modify any car to perform better.

Yes, they are. Car tuning services optimise your car. So, sure, they are good to do. The most important thing to remember is a quality provider and reliable manufacturer of the modified details. In some cases, it is wiser to wait for car modification. Budget solutions are barely okay here.

It is a particular IT solution that automates basic daily car tuning salon processes. The most common optimized routines are: appointment booking, staff scheduling, client & staff notifications.

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Car tuning scheduling software

Once you have come out with the idea of a car tuning salon opening, do research! The more data you know, the better the result will be. Research your nearest competitors, their services, prices, & loyalty programs. Again, the more you know, the easier it will be to stand out.

How to stand out in the car tuning business?

The first is quality. Sure, expert car tuning will help you build trust and attract clients. So invest in equipment and new techniques and look for the best professionals to create your dream team.

After that, think about comfort. Both staff and customers require the best comfort. You have no choice anymore. The company that offers the best convenience and quality services will win over the one that works fine.

That is another reason to invest in efficient car tuning software. Its main benefit is online booking. Appointments made via CRM are effortless and still quality.

Interesting fact! Online appointments drive sales as clients prefer booking online over standard manual solutions.

Business pros of car tuning software

  • Analytics. You should understand what to change to do it. In the end, it all starts with an audit. CRM offers fast and transparent business analytics to see what to do next.

  • Marketing. Car tuning software requires smart PR. You may offer the best service, but you lose if none knows about it. Customer relationship software deals with client base creation and new customer attraction. It usually provides a loyalty program to set up and reminders to notify guests.

  • Staff motivation. Yes, it is also crucial. Personnel has to do their job well. It is an essential requirement to prosper. That's why you need to motivate and control the performance of your employees. Car tuning software allows a clear understanding of the salon's processes. You can see them all in one tab via laptop, PC or even smartphone. Then, you can reward or fine those who do better or break the rules.

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Online appointments for car tuning salon

Every service starts with an appointment. Customers have to cope with this 1 step to come to your salon. Your task is to make this process as easy and convenient as possible. That is why you need CRM.

Why does my car tuning salon need online appointments?

  • Time-saving. They save time both for your staff and your clients. Customers can make the appointment within a few clicks, so you don't have to deal with calls.

  • Cost-effective. Online appointments are simply cheaper! Imagine how much you'd have to pay to a person to deal with customer calls. Now, you can get software that excludes human error for less.

    NB! Car tuning software doesn't try to exchange humans. Instead, the aim is to help professional employees with better performance.

  • Effortless. Online appointments do not require any additional skills or expertise. Everyone will be able to book you in a few clicks. You will get more appointments as customers prefer easier and faster service even over the better quality one.

Online appointments are a perfect chance to scale without any effort. Just select the suitable software and start!

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EasyWeek car tuning software

EasyWeek is a German IT company that offers innovative solutions for car tuning salons. Working with over 10 000 businesses worldwide, we understand how to create the personalised offer your business needs. Our basis is expert online appointments and quality business analytics.

We offer more than the nearest competitors, asking less for our services. How does it work? It is elementary! Our name claims the service to be effortless.

We charge you according to the number of users and locations. So, you can be sure to pay only for the service you use.

Talking about functionality, the EasyWeek CRM provides its customers with online appointments, widgets, a website, business analytics and much more.

EasyWeek online appointments for car tuning salon provides its users with:

  • 24/7 online booking. Your clients will be able to reach you even out of your working hours.

  • Business & Financial control. EasyWeek offers an analytical tool to track progress and correct performance when needed. Also, you can sync the EasyWeek booking program with Google Analytics or Roistat.

  • Website & Widget. Each EasyWeek tariff (even the free one) includes a website and widget. These tools are done for you automatically after you enter the required company's data.

  • Packets of customisable reminders & notifications. You can send them to staff and clients.

  • Digital marketing tools, such as QR codes for booking, the client base for loyalty program creation, email marketing and much more. Just choose what you want to use this time, and start doing it!

EasyWeek scheduling system for your business

Free & PRO EasyWeek plans for car tuning salons

We offer free and paid solutions for small and big businesses.

Can I use the EasyWeek software for free?

You can use the solution without charge if you have 1 location and 1 user. The free plan opens access to:

It offers all the basic stuff to lead a car tuning salon well.

If you own a more significant business, proceed to the professional EasyWeek plans.

EasyWeek PRO tariff plans

It works pretty simply. Just enter the number of users you have and the number of locations. The system will calculate the final price, so you will see what's the monthly payment. Later you can add or delete users and branches. So the EasyWeek system is pretty flexible.

What does a professional EasyWeek tariff include?

  • Business analytics. Track and audit to scale your car tuning salon.

  • Online appointments. Website, widget and marketing tools. Use the CRM at its full power to get the best results.

Try EasyWeek software for free.

How much does a car tuning business cost

EasyWeek & competitors

We offer more than the nearest competitors to get more loyal customers. Your trust is what we appreciate much more. EasyWeek team researches every competitor to see what you may need. We use the competition for our benefit and your success.

We were launching a free tariff plan while our competitors increased their pricing. Also, we have added new helpful features.

EasyWeek CRM is an innovative tool for many businesses that want to grow. Each day, we are looking for new opportunities, offering you the best expertise and the most quality CRM.

Feel free to test us! If you want more, check our PRO tariffs. We guarantee that you'll find your perfect solution with the successful EasyWeek family.

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