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Fitness management software


Fitness and gym businesses are among the most popular because customers enjoy self-care. Therefore, they look for quality sports services and professional coaches.

Starting a gym may be a challenging task. There are a lot of pitfalls. So why not if you prefer a healthy life and want to make your hobby a profession? Many entrepreneurs wonder whether they must obtain a special license to run a gym, whether it's expensive, worth it, etc. So, check this article to see how to start a fitness. Remember that opening a business is half the way, but maintaining it well is what matters.

There is no requirement to get any special gym license. The main thing is registering the business with the local authorities and forming a legal entity. That's all you have to do to open a fitness club legally.

They are both okay. Start a fitness center under sole proprietorship if it is a small local business without many risks. However, if you'd like to protect your assets, choose LCC if there are some risks. You should consult local authorities to see what'll be better in your case.

It depends on its size, location, and premises. There are, actually, many factors that influence the initial expenses. Usually, a small gym will cost you about $10 000. The bigger one can cost up to $50 000. You can minimize the initial investment by negotiating the rent, choosing second-hand equipment, and marketing yourself.

Fitness business management

A prosperous business requires effective management. Unfortunately, there are numerous trifles to pay attention to when starting and managing this business. Let's see the common issues and how to minimize their damage.

TOP-5 common issues when managing a gym:

  • Bad time management. Different fitness classes often mix, causing trouble for coaches and clients. Customers may need to understand the time and come to a suitable event. At the same time, the coach can waste his time or have too much load.

  • Poorly motivated team. The second place goes to the staff, who must figure out why they are working and their role in the project.

  • Low-quality sports services. Wrong motivation or its absence leads to low-quality services. It is one of the worst disadvantages of not motivated personnel.

  • No online presence. If you don't present a gym online, your target audience won't find it. That's why SMM and SEO optimization is a must. But, first of all, you have to create accounts and a website to work.

  • Ignoring traditional marketing. There are two sides to a medal. Some companies neglect online presence and use a lot of classic hacks of conventional marketing (leaflets, ads, etc.). Others ignore traditional marketing, working on the Internet presence only. Both of these ways are wrong. The most effective will be combining online marketing and traditional one. This way, you'll engage more clients.

Would you like to see how to optimize a gym and avoid all the issues we've just mentioned? Then, keep reading.

Benefits and pitfalls of fitness software

The ultimate solution for fitness center optimization is CRM. Customer Relationship Management software helps maintain business affordably and effortlessly. It covers all the common problems a fitness can face, solving them even before the actual issue. That's one of the best options to maintain a gym well.

Another point is that it's only possible to improve gym performance by being fully aware of what's happening. CRM connection allows full business analytics, including staff and financial reports. You can track every appointment to check whether everything is going right. The leading CRM advantage is flawless business automation.

Management software optimizes all business processes, allowing your team to work more effectively. Usually, the software increases the income primarily because it optimizes all the manual routines. So the less time you spend doing useless stuff machines can do, the better your income and nerves are.

Benefits of CRM connection

  • Routines optimization. A lot of manual processes software can make automatically.

  • A time-saving advantage. Less time to deal with daily stuff.

  • Clear performance. You can see who does what and what the results are.

  • Smart staff motivation. Since you know what's happening, you can reward the best workers or even fine the worst ones.

  • Expenses minimization. Connecting the software gives you access to many pro-business tools, such as 24/7 online appointments, the widget, website, staff scheduling, etc.

In most cases, you'll benefit from a CRM connection. However, there is a danger of getting the wrong solution and facing some issues.

Disadvantages of CRM (in case of wrong CRM choice)

  • Time-consuming setup. Try to use solutions that look simple enough. They usually do not offer handy stuff and look like they do.

  • Budget waste. The second problem is that the useless solution may cost a lot. We advise choosing affordable options. They often offer just the same as the big famous ones.

CRM is a good idea. But make sure you know how to choose the right one.

Guidelines on the best fitness software selection

There are some basic steps to choose the software; you won't regret it. But first, let's see the dos and don'ts of CRM selection.

Dos of gym CRM selection

  • Study the market and its choice. The main thing is to see the offer and its average price.

  • Select several clear options to choose from. Feel free to spend some time and compare the solutions, their features, etc.

  • Ask for advice. The best is to consult colleagues and friends. CRMs are in demand. So, the chance some of your friends know the good one is high.

  • Use a free trial. Most trustworthy CRMs offer this feature. Try before buying to avoid issues later.

Don'ts of gym CRM selection

  • Don't rush. Take some time to compare the software.

  • Pay attention to reviews. Reading them is a good idea to avoid similar struggles.

  • Never choose complex unclear solutions. Being difficult to understand doesn't mean being handy. Consider choosing from the software you are fully aware of.

How to level up a fitness center through CRM marketing

Marketing is essential for a new sports center. Once you are starting, invest in SMM and targeted ads. Your audience has to see that you are here and ready to work.

CRM can help you to minimize expenses when starting gym marketing. It usually requires a website creation, a widget for online appointment connection, and accounts on social media to communicate with clients. Just create a profile on Instagram or FB (or both) to share the latest news.

Website and widget creation may sound complicated. But it isn't. EasyWeek fitness software helps create a landing and a booking widget for free. The main benefit is that EasyWeek provides all the mentioned features in each plan.

Another EasyWeek marketing hacks

  • Gym advertising with QR codes. The system generates the codes automatically to stick them in the places of your client's interest. Usually, we advise placing stickers in beauty salons you collaborate with.

  • Customer base segmentation to communicate with your audience. EasyWeek offers an instant search client base to connect with customers 24/7. It is a good thing to create a loyalty program.

  • Upcoming events notifications. EasyWeek offers a pack of handy reminders for staff and customers. They are suitable for notifying about upcoming appointments and events, etc.

Fitness studio management software

EasyWeek software is a handy solution for small and midsize gyms. It offers a pack of useful features you'll use daily. Developers work to satisfy clients and grow together. It means your success means EasyWeek win. The company offers customizable plans, including a free one, for every business. In addition, EasyWeek is very easy to use. That's why it is so popular worldwide.


Starting a brand-new fitness is a promising business idea. CRM connection helps to minimize risks and expenses. It plans a timetable, notifies clients, and optimizes your business.

EasyWeek is trustworthy software to use daily. We offer only functional solutions without any hidden payments. Try now to see how it works. We have a free trial to test the system. Good luck in opening a startup you plan! Please, contact us in case of any queries. We are waiting for your message.

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