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Online appointment scheduling system for a personal trainer


Sport and healthcare are among the profitable niches to start in 2022. Many entrepreneurs have already invested in yoga clubs or sports centres. Would you like to join them?

Personal coaching is a good start for beginners wondering where to enter the vast sports niche. It may look rather challenging, but it is definitely worth the risk.

Personal coaching is the sports activities you do with 1 or 2 clients in a gym or online. Personal trainers can offer different sport-related services.

It is possible to cope without any software, but it will take more time. Since your time is pretty expensive, you better think about getting a personal coach online appointment system before starting the project.

The choice is impressive. Usually, it is pretty hard to cope with software selection when you have no idea what it is. That is why you had better research before. One of the most popular personal coaching software solutions is EasyWeek. The software deals with the main tasks you need to cope with while starting a new business, for example, staff scheduling, business analytics, marketing part, etc.

Personal coaching as a business idea

Every business starts with planning. Personal coaching isn't an exception. It may look like a relatively easy thing to start for many. While in reality, you may face a lot of pitfalls. Especially at the beginning. Let's see the best way to start working as a personal trainer in 2022. We will also share some common issues and solutions you better know before starting the business.

How to start a personal coaching business?

  1. Write down a business plan. We will talk about it later as this step is essential. In theory, you can create a strong business plan based on the location, premises, and skilful team. While in practice, it requires way more patience and resources. Keep reading to see how you can create your perfect business plan.

  2. Register the startup. This type of business usually needs LCC or sole proprietorship. Research your local requirements to see what suits your business better. We also advise consulting local experts in the field. It saves time, energy, and budget.

  3. Understand your budget. Before opening, the initial investments and the monthly payments are the primary data you have to know. The better you understand these numbers, the easier you'll cope with the main business aims. Just look at your forecasted expenses to see how much you'll spend. We advise adding some additional costs, just in case.

  4. Name the startup. It may look odd as you are a personal coach, but the business still needs a name. You can name it by yourself or create something more original, unique and catchy.

  5. Register the name and open financial accounts. It is a crucial step to avoid copying and related problems.

  6. Order equipment and consumables. You better think about this step in advance. The earlier you order stuff, the better the price will be. You may also look for some second-hand solutions to save money.

  7. Invest in marketing and connect personal coaching software. Last but not least. Talking about marketing, you better concentrate on a few platforms to promote. For example, create Instagram and Facebook business accounts and post there 2-3 times per week.

How to create a flawless business plan for a personal trainer

Let's make it short:

  • Decide on a location. In case you are working online, skip the first two steps. If you are going to work in a gym, look for the one in the centre or neighbourhood: the gym business is necessary everywhere.

  • Rent premises. You can go to rent your own gym space to offer a better experience to your clients. It is beneficial, but it isn't a must.

  • Hire staff (if needed). Personal coaching requires 1-2 coaches, an accountant, and a cleaning team. Coaches can do marketing and organization by themselves.

  • Proceed to digital marketing. Online and offline presentation plays a crucial role. We advise starting with digital marketing to cover more audiences. However, some leaflets and other handouts may be handy as well.

  • Connect personal coaching software. It will optimize gym organization and save time and money. Usually, fitness centres and gyms with online appointment system attract more people and get better revenue. It happens because customers are ready to pay for comfort even if it costs much more.

Online appointment software for personal trainers

CRM or online appointment software for personal coaches has a lot of handy tools to use daily. But, first, you have to understand that its primary benefit is online appointments.

Why do online appointments matter?

According to statistics, a gym that offers online booking attracts more visitors and the effect doubles, talking about private coaches.

Advantages of CRM:

Benefits of EasyWeek online appointment system

We offer a flexible tariff system with the free option for personal coaches who work independently.

How can I get a free EasyWeek tariff?

We divide our tariff plans into Pro and basic. Pro tariffs include the ones where you work as a team. For example, the most significant consists of 50 slots and can be customized if needed.

While the basic free EasyWeek plan includes one slot, so one coach in our case. It allows free online appointments, and also, you will get a complimentary website and many integrations.

EasyWeek offers:

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