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Best real estate software


The real estate business is a profitable niche, as it always was. Buying a house is a dream for many, and realtors help it come true. Setting up a real estate firm may need patience and knowledge, but it is worth it.

Real estate agents are in demand all year round. Isn't it a sign to plan the startup and finally start? If you think so, keep reading this article. Today, we will cover real estate software, its advantages, and the best options to use in 2023. Let's start!

Those agents help clients to choose premises and after to purchase or rent them. The profession is popular all year round and highly profitable. In addition, a realtor offers a full range of services related to paperwork, house selection, etc.

Plan it, then do it! Any agency starts with a skilful staff, and the next component is thoughtful planning. Make sure that you succeed in both options and keep going with business development. Online appointment scheduling system is also essential in real estate business.

Real estate software is an IT-solution that optimizes your business by automatization. For example, you have 10 clients. Sure, it may be hard to cope with all of them manually. However, the software will automatically schedule appointments and notify real estate agents and clients. It will save time and budget as customers enjoy comfort, so they are ready to pay more for it. While your agency will save time, it will exclude human error and related issues.

Real estate agency as a business idea

So, you may know what realtors do. Real estate agencies are pretty profitable and extremely respectful as a business. So, the main idea is to start.

How to create a real estate agency business plan

The business plan starts with the budget. Next, it defines your possibilities, so the business in general. The next part is skills and knowledge. The more you know, the more you gain. Now, let us show you how to create a business plan and open a real estate agency.

Real estate agency business plan with money:

  1. Find spacious premises and renovate them.

  2. Look for skilful real estate agents and hire a few to start working.

  3. Invest in ads and marketing. We advise presenting the business online. It covers more audiences.

  4. Connect real estate agency software to automate daily routines.

Real estate agency business plan when you are on a budget:

  1. Rent premises, and negotiate renovation details with a landlord. Ask for a discount and/or help with the renovation.

  2. Start with your skills. You can scale and hire more employees later.

  3. Advertise on social media. Use Instagram and Facebook to present the agency. First, you can be your SMM. Then it is always good to hire a professional.

  4. Connect free appointment system. This software will optimize your company effortlessly. It does not cost much but brings many benefits.

Realtor software: why do I need it?

Real estate software solves several issues any business faces at the beginning. It deals with client and staff scheduling, online appointments, and business analytics. It is a solution for a business organization that covers all the company's basic needs. But, sure, it can offer more than the basis, depending on its price and features.

How to choose realtor software?

  1. Start with your company's needs. Ask yourself about the features you'll use daily.

  2. Research the available options to compare their offers to the functions you need.

  3. Select 3-5 solutions and show them to your colleagues and friends. Ask for their advice.

  4. Choose the best option or come back to the previous step.

What is the best realtor software in 2022?

The demand is enormous, and so is the offer. The best solution depends only on your needs. Among the most popular CRMs are:

Benefits of real estate software

Online scheduling programs and applications are popular, and there is a reason why. They save time and money! This huge reason includes a wide range of smaller components essential for business development.

Advantages of online scheduling program for realtors

  • Staff scheduling. No more overlaps. The system arranges your schedule for you.

  • 24/7 online appointments. Do not lose any clients. CRM is available round the clock, so any time your audience wants to book.

  • Notifications. The service will remind both customers and agents about the upcoming events. It is a convenient feature for staff and guests.

  • Improved online presence. CRM offers tools to present your company on the Internet. For example, a website. It also deals with social media presence. For instance, a booking link to place in your bio.

  • Business analytics. It is tough to improve the performance if you don't know its current position. CRMs provide financial and general business analytics to track progress and improve performance when needed.

EasyWeek online scheduling program offers a free and professional option for the real estate business. Would you like to know more? Then keep reading!

Real estate software: EasyWeek free plan

We offer a free option for small businesses. So, for example, if you are starting a real estate startup, you can use the EasyWeek basis plan for free with no hidden payments or extra expenses.

What do you get for free?

  • Online appointments.

  • Integrations with all the most popular services: Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • Website to present the real estate company online.

  • Booking link and widget, etc.

Who can get the free EasyWeek plan?

We offer the free plan to real estate agents who work individually. You can use our service for free if you are working by yourself. Teams can choose the EasyWeek PRO plan.

EasyWeek PRO plans for real estate management

EasyWeek PRO plans are helpful for real estate agencies that would like to optimize their performance.

How does the EasyWeek PRO plan work?

Your payment depends on the number of users and locations in your company.

PRO plans have all the free EasyWeek features and also:

  • Business analytics. It is essential to scale as you will see what to improve. It is also crucial to see who does what as a team so the command result looks better.

  • Reports. We know that paperwork is always tricky. EasyWeek tried to simplify the work of a real estate agency by adding a dozen of various reports. Just choose the one you need and fill in the template. After, you can upload or download the ready paper. It is much faster and easier than manual paperwork.

  • Multi branches – add as many as possible. There are no limits! Just fill in the data and control it in the EasyWeek system.


The real estate agency business is a fantastic start for a real estate agent. It is challenging but possible. The main is to plan the startup well.

Start with a good business plan. There are many trifles in creating one, but it is worth it. Then, connect EasyWeek software to track progress and change business performance. EasyWeek offers a free plan for one user and PRO plans for companies. We are working for your comfort and gladly accept any feedback. Sign in for free right now!

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