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Go-Kart appointment software


An online appointment booking system is a fundamental tool for a go-kart business these days. It has many advantages and allows 24/7 appointment booking for your customers. Save yourself the hassle of answering booking calls, checking emails, using Whatsapp etc. Your staff and you will have your heads free for these tasks and can concentrate on other essential things. Scheduling software gets you to access all booking lists and details at any time as they are all cloud-based. You can access the data anytime, anywhere. There are no overbooking issues as the system blocks sessions when they are full.

This article will teach you how to choose a good go-kart scheduling software for your business.

You can increase your profitability through advertising and business automation. For example, using dedicated software for booking services will increase the number of customers and hence orders.

Analyse the features, prices and user reviews. Test different software, for example EasyWeek, to find out which one is best for your business.

Online appointment booking is: easy, fast, convenient, innovative, stress-free.

Read the article about the go-kart start-up on EasyWeek's business blog.

How to choose a suitable kart track software

The basic features that a good karting track software must offer include:

  • Online appointment booking;

  • Scheduling for staff;

  • Business analytics;

  • Financial calculations;

  • Reminders & mailings.

All other functions are add-ons depending on the tasks you set.

And last but not least – reviews. Real user experiences are your first aid in choosing a CRM. Customers like to share their positive and negative experiences and save you from various problems. So spend some time researching the company's reputation and reviews to avoid pitfalls.

Go-Kart Software for Your Marketing

Appointment software is an excellent tool for marketing issues. It helps to minimise the amount of money spent on go-kart marketing.

How does it work?

40% of CRM clients say they have managed to stand out from the competition using the software. The main benefits they cite include:

  • Increase in customer base due to proper client segmentation;

  • Increase in sales;

  • Retaining the attention of customers.

The most attractive marketing benefit of the CRM connection is the improvement of customer relations. A customer base allows for quick interaction with loyal audiences via reminders and special offers. You can even create a loyalty program based on the EasyWeek customer base.

TOP-3 marketing benefits of EasyWeek signing up

  • QR codes. Generate the code in the system. Print it out on adhesive paper and attach to the places your customers' visit. In the case of the karting business, we recommend putting them in VR clubs, Escape Rooms and bowling alleys as a partnership.

  • Instant search in the customer base. The customer base is a great way to connect with your loyal customers. You can remind them of their appointments, prepare special offers and much more!

  • Notifications. EasyWeek is equipped with email, SMS and push reminders for employees and customers. Now there's no chance of forgetting about karting!

QR code for online appointment booking

Possibilities of EasyWeek Appointment Software

EasyWeek software offers several valuable tools for business optimisation:

  • Detailed database and customer segmentation: date of birth to offer discounts, preferences, services booked and more.

  • A stylish, customisable widget for online appointments and a booking link for social media.

  • Free landing. No need to create one if you don't already have it!

  • The ability to send commission payments, rewards and fees to staff.

  • Administration and stock accounting.

  • Multiple reports.

  • Business analysis of marketing campaigns.

EasyWeek asks for your company data to create a website when signing up. You don't have to hire an IT specialist cause all processes are elementary. You also get fast technical support, can choose the personal tariff and much more. And most importantly, no hidden payments!

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Nowadays, customers prefer convenient online appointments. Therefore, connecting to the CRM is the most efficient and easiest way to attract new customers.

There is too much choice in the software market. If you don't know what you are looking for, it can lead you in the wrong direction. For this reason, it is crucial that you first ask yourself why exactly you need a CRM. You can then compare the available solutions and choose the best one.

A convenient option for innovative karting software is the EasyWeek appointment booking system. Visit our website to learn more about the valuable features your business can get by connecting with EasyWeek CRM.

Contact our support team if you have any questions. We look forward to your feedback!

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