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Best start-up ideas for beginners


Many professionals and beginners are looking for profitable business ideas or new opportunities in their industry. In this article, you will find nine ideas for running a start-up.

Set up an appointment booking software that will help you automate all routine processes and improve communication with your customers.

The first step to starting a business with no money is to keep your current job and set up your small business as a sideline at first. Then develop a business plan and analyse your customer base, the market and possible challenges. You can raise this money through crowdfunding platforms and investors. Consider taking out a business loan only as a last resort.

Basic steps to start a business: create a business plan, find the location and the right staff, install an appointment booking software.

List of start-up ideas

Small beauty salon

Beauty salons offer products and services that improve customers' physical appearance and mental relaxation – one of the most trending business ideas in the retail segment.

Tip: If you plan to offer comprehensive services in a beauty salon, the area of the beauty salon should be about 100 square metres.

There will be several working areas:

  • Reception of visitors,

  • display windows with goods,

  • beauty and massage rooms,

  • solarium.

Most must be in the hairdressing salon (50%), 20% in the reception area, 10% in the hair-washing area and 20% in the staff area.


If you are an experienced and professional barber, opening a barbershop is a highly lucrative business. You can open this type of business in small towns and big cities. You can also set up the company as a franchise partner of a renowned brand.

Tip: The business is primarily for men. And because men like clarity and order, the concept of the barbershop should be as simple and transparent as possible. So it would be good to strike a masculine tone right from the start: garage-inspired, revolutionary, brutal, youthful or casual.

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Manicure and pedicure salon

Manicure salons come in many different forms: Islands in shopping centres, salons in city centres, residential areas and even private masters offering their services at home. The most uncomplicated and budget-friendly options are nail bars. These are essentially small businesses with one or two master artisans.

Besides opening a retail shop for professional manicures and pedicures, this can be a mobile and part-time business opportunity.

You will need specific equipment, materials, and training in new nail techniques to start your business. Nail art and bling have become a big (and growing) speciality service in the manicure industry.

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A tanning studio is one of the most profitable business ideas because the market price for services is high. Opening a solarium is a reasonably simple task. The potential owner does not need extensive permits. Visiting a tanning bed is not a medical service, so no permit is required to operate.

However, you will need to invest significantly in tanning bed equipment and effective marketing strategies to start your business.

Tip: When ordering equipment, check what it says on the datasheet: if it says "medical equipment", a permit is required.

Brow Studio

Brow bar is a newfangled term for a mini-brow salon. A minimum of equipment must be purchased: cosmetic tools for eyebrow correction and make-up. Most of the costs are for unique furniture for the Brow Bar: mirrors, comfortable chairs and tables, etc.

Tip: To open a Brow Bar, you will need an area of about 15 m².

Botox and keratin for hair

Hair care services are in high demand, so now is the perfect time to create a business plan and start. Hair reconstruction includes Keratin smoothing, Botox hair treatment, Nanoplastia, Bioplasty, and Semi-permanent straightening. The most significant investments in the business are training, materials and renting premises. However, even considering all costs (training, materials, rent and advertising), a company can pay for itself after about six months of diligent work.

Virtual Reality Business

VR is prevalent in many different areas of our lives: Education, medicine, entertainment, etc. Some people can learn or work with VR, while others consider it an enjoyable and popular pastime. Every day, more and more people are becoming aware of VR technology. They buy products and attend related events. First of all, you need to determine what kind of VR products you want to make. In other words, find your niche in this industry. Then select your target group, write a business plan and consider marketing and optimisation possibilities.

How to name your VR business

Yoga Studio

If you want to open your yoga studio, you probably need to be an expert because this kind of business usually "grows" out of a hobby. However, if you can't call yourself an expert, you must find one who can explain all the intricacies and practice yoga with your clients.

First of all, don't expect super profits in the first month of running the studio. The priority in this yoga business is to have a steady increase in clients, build a loyal audience and expand the number of classes. Like a yoga class, long-term, consistent action will yield results. The most important thing is not to disappear from the market prematurely. Competition in yoga is fierce, but there is always room for new players.

Mobile hair salon

Mobile hair salons are a great way to start a business if you are a highly skilled hair stylist with a steady client base and dream of starting your own business. Instead of renting premises at a fixed location, you can invest in a van or truck and equip it with everything you need to run a salon that suits your vision. You will need a licence and insurance, a water and electricity supply, chairs, mirrors and essential styling equipment.

How to create a business plan efficiently

A business plan summarises how your future salon will operate and generate revenue. In other words, a business plan is profit-oriented with clearly defined goals, potential risks and measures to manage them. It helps you make sense of your tasks, investments, and profits.

The importance of a business plan

A business plan helps you keep track of the venture and identify your company's weaknesses. The business plan is a good argument for why it is necessary to choose your project if you are looking for an investor. People willing to finance start-ups do so only after a thorough business plan examination.

The components of a business plan:

  1. Present your business: list the goals and potential of your future salon.

  2. Make plans to generate revenue: all salon products and services.

  3. Consider all costs.

  4. Determine your target group: customer portrait and market size.

  5. Analyse your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.

  6. Think about marketing: How to attract new customers.

  7. Consider the role of staff and partners in achieving the goals.

Appointment booking software to boost sales

Many salons use a notebook to appoint clients the old-fashioned way. A modern appointment booking system helps automate all business workflows. Potential clients can make an appointment at any time of the day, even from the phone, without queues.

EasyWeek is software that makes the tasks of a modern service business much more manageable. First, you will get online on a social media page and website: customers can select a time, service or a master and sign up anytime. It also serves as a marketing tool and automatically offers additional services and products as soon as the customer makes an appointment.

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Deciding which business idea you want to implement is the first step to running your company. However, you still have a lot of work ahead of you. Please read our blog to find detailed instructions for the start-ups you want.

Good luck with your business! And join EasyWeek to make everything easy.

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