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Tanning salon equipment


  1. A short history of solariums

  2. Which tanning bed to install in a beauty salon

  3. Types of sunbeds

  4. Types of tanning bed lamps

  5. Buying used solariums

  6. Conclusions

#1 A short history of solariums

Scientists still argue whether UV light influences the human body negatively. Some agree with the statement. Others think that there is no actual harm from visiting a solarium once per month. There are so many opinions and thoughts. But, anyway, people agree that a tanned body looks healthier, slimmer, and even sexier. That is why so many women all around the globe tend to spend on going to solariums. They want to be the best version of themselves.

The tan beautifies, making the body look better and more seductive, and the face seems healthier and attractive. Nowadays, tanning services are pretty popular. But it wasn't always like this.

Each era has its ideal of beauty. A few centuries ago, a tanned body could tell that you are working under the sun, which means you must be lower class. Bright, porcelain skin was seen to be beautiful and desirable. Beauties spent thousands to whiten the body, choosing cruel methods and dangerous whiteners.

Then the 2000s and our love for tanned bodies. Celebrities used to advertise tanning studios with just their appearance. We are sure you remember a few stars of that epoch who were insane about solariums. Okay, but what about now?

In 2021 balance became synonymous with beauty. A tanned body is still desirable. But, just now, it has to look naturally beautiful. Golden skin tone with a healthy blush that's what we want and need.

New technologies helped beauty salons to get rid of the weird beauty standards. We have come to comprehensive body care treatments where tanning is a part of the healthifying complex. No one wants to be just tanned. People tend to look healthy because it is the first measurement of beauty.

Sure, they are. Tanning salons aren't any dangerous if used correctly. On the contrary, small portions of tanning, obtained in solariums, saturate the human body with such a valuable vitamin D. Plus, they provide a needed dose of UV lights.

Tanning studios are trendy in areas where there is no, or more minor, sunlight. Then this beauty routine not just relaxes and beautifies clients but also makes them healthier.

Sometimes cosmetologists recommend ultraviolet light to improve skin condition. But if you have any skin problems, be sure to consult your doctor before tanning.

Let's take a look at the main reasons for tanning studios popularity:

  • They are safer than the sunlight.

  • There is the ability to get fully tanned without embarrassing strangers.

  • It is convenient and saves time. Especially if a tanning studio offers an online appointment feature, clients can make an appointment anytime they want. No snow or rain can stop you from tanning now.

We have been talking about starting a tanning studio from scratch. It isn't so complicated. It is even fun! You already know that software is essential, but what about the most critical – tanning equipment. This article explains the difference between tanning beds, lamps, and fans. We'll talk about their types, advantages, and minuses. Let's start!

#2 Which tanning bed to install in a beauty salon

First of all, let's find out where we can find the tanning beds. They are available in beauty salons, SPAs, yoga studios, and sure in tanning salons.

There are so many choices in the current market. But which tanning bed should you choose to start making a profit immediately? There are three simple rules to stay popular and profitable:

  1. The tanning bed has to look good. If you are getting a used one, double-check whether there is no damage. If clients notice any issue, they will never come back. We don't want this effect.

  2. The solarium has to be safe for you and your clients. Before working with the equipment, check its warranty card and technical characteristics.

  3. The equipment must be robust and safe. It defines how many clients you can serve per day.

Then sure the size. If you have small premises, think about a vertical solarium. It is a compact solution that works almost the same as a horizontal one but takes less space. Are there only two types? Actually, no. But these kinds of tanning beds are the most popular.

#3 Types of sunbeds

  • Horizontal or Lay-down,

  • Vertical or Stand-up,

  • Turbo,

  • Sitting or chair,

  • Collagen.

Horizontal or Lay-down sunbed

It must be the most famous type of tanning equipment. This tanning bed is popular because of its comfort and design. Clients love to rest and think about their stuff when being in a comfortable position. It is trendy for those who prefer getting tanned after work. Just imagine surviving the whole workday and then coming to stay in a vertical solarium. Not too exciting.

This tanning bed also has a powerful fan, so guests will relax and get tanned with comfort.

Let's take a look at the other benefits of horizontal solariums:

  • the ability to get tanned lying down and even sleep a bit,

  • number of lamps

  • the ability to switch off some particular lamps,

  • some models of horizontal solariums allow aromatherapy and music,

  • additional trifles.

The position of UV lamps in this type of solarium is pretty beneficial. They are installed on all surfaces, so the power is much better than, for example, in vertical solariums. Innovative conditioning systems balance the temperature and provide a comfortable atmosphere inside. Most of the models have a Climatronic function. It is responsible for guests' relaxation when getting tanned. It works pretty simply. Before the procedure, you set up an optimal temperature, and then the system will maintain it. The desired temperature stays the same while the fan is working to cool the bed surface.

Vertical or Stand-Up sunbeds

Vertical tanning beds are usually capsule-shaped. There are also fans inside, but here they are situated in the upper part. The fans cool the body during the service. However, sometimes it cannot be enough because there are usually just 1 or 2 fans placed on the top. Anyway, this type of tanning equipment is also popular. Such solariums are pretty powerful and safe. They are equipped with lamps of 160-220 Vt.

When sunbathing in the vertical solarium, the body is further from the surface. But the stand-up solariums have an advantage for those who are afraid of small spaces. These sunbeds are pretty spacious. You can even dance there when sunbathing. It is one of the main reasons why people still enjoy stand-up variants of tanning equipment. Plus, having fun while tanning is even more comfortable with a few fans. It is a great choice for people who would like to get a light tan. This tanning bed provides a soft golden effect.

Benefits of vertical solariums:

  • the body doesn't touch the surface,

  • to get the desired effect, you'll need 5-7 procedures,

  • the tan is more balanced, soft, and golden.

Turbo solariums

This tanning bed is equipped with extra powerful fans and lamps. The main benefit of such solariums is that they are much safer than any other solution: because of the good ventilation system, there is almost no chance of burning or hurting the human body.

Doctors have also noticed that turbo solariums are scientifically proven to be better for human health. There are two types of turbo solariums:

  • with a turbofan system,

  • with additional UV lamps.

Just choose what you prefer – staying safer or getting tanned faster. Sure, if you find a 2 in 1 tanning bed, it is just perfect.

If the tanning bed is turbo because of extra lamps, there are no fewer than 42 of them. Then the service takes up to 8 minutes.

Solarium chairs or sitting tanning equipment

As it is understandable, these solariums are for those who would like to sit when sunbathing. Such chairs are packed with arm- and footrests. It is pretty comfortable to get tanned using this type of sunbathing equipment.

There are no fans in the chair, but they have to be in the room. Sitting solariums are reasonable solutions for those who cannot use vertical, horizontal, or turbo because of health conditions.

Solarium chairs are suitable for an extra light tan. They are perfect for people who want to refresh their pale winter look. Then sure, the UV light doze is smaller, so it is also an option for those who cannot undergo powerful lamps.

Collagen solariums

Collagenous tanning solutions are made for skin renewal. They don't have UV lamps, but collagenous ones. The device emits visible light with a wavelength of 550-700 nanometers, stimulating skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. A session in a solarium with collagen lamps allows reducing wrinkles, slowing down the aging processes. And it also has a firming effect, ensuring skin elasticity. In addition, regular sessions in collagen solariums provide skin-lifting.

Benefits of collagen solariums:

  • effective inhibition of the aging process,

  • reduction of scars, stretch marks, cellulite,

  • relief of acne symptoms,

  • cleansing and detoxifying the skin,

  • lifting effect,

  • allergy treatment.

#4 Types of tanning bed lamps

Our body is pretty smart to protect itself from extra UV lights by getting darker or changing its color to red. However, lamps have to be professional to avoid all the possible damage. Solarium owners should understand that too powerful lamps can harm.

Low-pressure tanning lamps with a diffusing layer are considered to be the safest type of lamps for tanning beds. They provide maximum protection against burns and pigmentation. And at the same time prolong the tanning session.

If you need high-pressure lamps, make sure that they have a particular protective layer. Anyway, they aren't the best choice, mainly because there are enough eco-friendly solutions.

UV radiation emitted by tanning lamps

Solarium lamps emit different types of waves:

  • UVA (320-400 nm) – rays A

  • UVB (280-320 nm) – rays B

  • UVC (100-280 nm) – the most aggressive spectrum of ultraviolet radiation – C.

All of the lamps have to be equipped with a protective filter that safes from harmful effects for safe tanning.

NB! All types of tanning lamps have to be checked every 6 months, then changed once their service life ends.

#5 Buying used solariums

Purchasing a second-hand solarium is a good idea if you are low-budget. Starting a tanning studio is expensive. So, selecting a nice used item can help to minimize the expenses.

Buying used tanning beds, pay attention to:

  • warranty card,

  • service life,

  • appearance,

  • damages,

  • power,

  • UV lamps.

There are similar rules for selecting new sunbeds. Usually, well-known beauty salons change equipment, so they sell their previous tanning beds. There is nothing terrible about buying second-hand things.

#6 Conclusions

Tanning in a solarium is a controversial topic. Although some agree that it's safe and even healthy, others argue that it's harmful.

Balance is the crucial notion in staying healthy and tanned.

If you choose a good tanning studio equipped with safe UV lamps, it will be fine. Anyway, almost any modern service includes risks. Staying balanced will allow you to enjoy tan all around the year and without any damage. A small dose of vitamin D relieves, beautifies, and makes people feel better. So there is nothing terrible about visiting a tanning studio once per week.

Owners of solariums have to be extra careful about equipment, especially about getting safe UV lamps. After you've got all the stuff, take a look at the rules of effective communication in a beauty salon and start working!

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