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Create a nail studio website


The nail industry is among the fast-growing ones. Even the latest pandemic couldn't stop the nail business's prosperity. Women want to stay beautiful, no matter what.

Females worldwide are ready to pay for flawless nail services. It seems that the nail salon is an excellent startup to launch in 2022. Indeed, but only when you know how to stand out from the highly active competition.

Let's talk about nail salon websites, ways of their creation and handy software to get the website of your dreams.

There are several ways to create a website. First, you can create a webpage by using website constructors. The most popular website builders are Wix, WordPress and Tilda. If you feel like doing it yourself, consider learning some basics of these platforms. If you would like to hire a specialist, there are plenty of IT experts to do it for you. Finally, nail salon software with a website feature is the most effective way.

The market is pretty big. Among the quality solutions is EasyWeek software that offers landing without any additional payments.

It depends on many factors. You can find a freelancer to do it for a fixed price. Usually, it will cost you about $300. You may also look for an agency to help you with website creation and SEO optimization. Then, the price will grow together with the quality. Such services will cost you up to $1000.

If you'd like to get a mini-website with online appointment feature, you can use CRM. It will save you from expenses as the software costs less than any professional IT help. We'd recommend you try the EasyWeek software. It offers a landing and has a free tariff for 1 user & 1 location, together with many professional tariff plans.

How to create the best nail salon website

In case of the website creation, you have the 3 basic choices:

  1. Website templates & creators. These services can be found both free and paid. They are effective if you are in love with IT. In any other case, consider moving to the next steps.

  2. IT expert or agency help. If you are not sure that you can create a website yourself, ask for help. Yes, it will cost you some money, but it will save a lot of time and effort, so it is worth trying.

  3. CRM appointment software for a nail studio. It is the ultimate solution that combines pleasant pricing and high convenience. Choose EasyWeek nail salon software if you want to get a website but you have no significant investments to spend on it. You will obtain a salon website with an online appointment feature!

Nail salon website builders

Now, we are moving to more efficient ways of website creation. For example, website builders like Wix, Tilda or WordPress offer convenient website creation and handy customization.

How to create a nail salon website with a website constructor?

  • Select the service. Make sure to check its features and read users' reviews well before the final decision.

  • Fill in the data. Follow the website builder instructions till you get the website. You can also add or delete some elements if needed.

  • Enjoy the final result. And be sure to set up an online appointment feature for more customers. EasyWeek salon booking software will help you with this integration.

WordPress appointment plugin

Wix appointment plugin

Tilda appointment plugin

CRM software for a nail salon

Nail salon software allows convenient website creation and a list of handy tools to use daily. CRMs are in demand for many businesses. Any client-oriented startup needs good software. Let's see why.

Benefits of CRM salon software:

  • Online appointments. Be available 24/7. With online bookings, it's so easy!

  • Business analytics. Analyze your business performance in a snap. Good CRM allows business analytics even from your phone.

  • Mini-marketing agency in 1 system. Usually, CRM allows a set of handy marketing tools to optimize your business performance. It is pretty convenient for beginners.

Nail salon will benefit from CRM connection as this business is highly client-oriented. And your clients require the best, agree?

EasyWeek nail studio website

We do offer not only just mentioned CRM benefits but also a customizable website. EasyWeek is the leading salon software that provides many handy features for highly affordable pricing.

EasyWeek salon software advantages include:

  • All the essential CRM benefits.

  • Free website with online appointments and payment feature.

  • Integrations with all the most popular social media and online services.

We scale while our competitors lose. We offer a free tariff plan, while they ask you to pay more. High-quality is open for you. Dare to choose it?

beauty salon website template


Any client-oriented business requires a website. Customers appreciate comfort, and it shows. So they choose nail salons that offer better service, even if they cost more. Are you ready to upgrade your nail studio? Great! Then sign up, and get your free nail salon website.

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