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How to prepare a beauty salon for wedding season

High season in a beauty salon

Wedding season is one of the most profitable seasons for many beauty salons. This is the time when brides seek the perfect hair and make-up for their special day. For salons, the wedding season is an opportunity to increase revenue, attract new customers and improve their credibility among loyal audiences.

This article aims to help beauty salons prepare for the wedding season and optimize their services to meet customer demand. We will show you how to train staff to work with brides, expand the beauty salon's range of services, find additional revenue resources, and improve customer experience to maximize the satisfaction of brides, grooms and bridesmaids. In addition, we have prepared a checklist of recommendations for optimizing the booking process, a list of essential questions to ask yourself before the wedding season, and tips for creating perfect photos for the salon's portfolio. After reading this article, your salon will be well-prepared for the high wedding season.

The wedding season varies from country to country but usually lasts from late spring to early autumn: most weddings occur between May and September.

Wedding makeup, hairstyling, manicure, and pedicure are on top. As well as massage and facials are also often in demand among brides.

Сreating special offers for brides is advisable to stand out from the competition and attract more customers. These can be discounts for group bookings, free consultations, or a nice bonus such as a glass of champagne.

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Beauty salon performance analysis

Analyzing your work is the first step in preparing for the wedding season.

Here are some crucial aspects to pay attention to:

  1. Analyze previous clients' experiences to understand what services were in demand, see emerging trends, and when clients were delighted. This information will help you tailor your offer to your customers' needs.

  2. Review your current offer to see if it suits the wedding season. Then, ensure you offer exceptional services that brides and their circle will especially appreciate, such as bridal make-up, hairstyling and manicure.

  3. Check available resources, such as staff, equipment and supplies, to ensure you are ready for the wedding season. Consider whether you need additional staff to handle the demand during the wedding season or other equipment or supplies to provide specialized services.

A thorough inventory of your salon will help to use resources more efficiently according to the needs of your clientele.

Tools for wedding makeup

Wedding season preparation in a beauty salon

There are some simple but effective steps to prepare a salon for the wedding season and stand out from the competition:

  1. Offer special services for brides, such as group discounts for manicures, pedicures, or massages. This offer will motivate brides and their circle to gather in your salon and recommend your services to friends.

  2. Offer bonuses for group bookings, for example, complimentary drinks or a small gift. These extras will help brides and their closest feel special.

  3. Remember that the wedding season is not just about the bride. Offer pleasant trifles to the bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom so that all guests feel that you care.

  4. Create a pleasant atmosphere in your salon to provide customers with an unforgettable experience. For example, offer champagne, snacks, or magazines to make the wait more enjoyable. Optimize decor, light, and music to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Beauty salon team, illustration by Midjourney

Marketing for brides

  1. Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. To reach your target audience, use Facebook ads or Instagram posts with photos of bridal makeup and Twitter to promote offers and discounts. Remember to create content for several months to get more views, so clients.

  2. Collaborate with a network of wedding professionals, such as wedding planners and caterers. Promote your wedding packages through them. Offer a sample pre-wedding package to attract customers.

  3. Ensure the salon is easy to find online. Promoting your business doesn't have to be stressful. Use scheduling software to offer online appointments 24/7. This way, brides can book a service whenever it is convenient for you and them.

  4. Use scheduling software. EasyWeek can help you make the most of the wedding season by allowing appointment management and saving time. This will allow your salon to run better, save time, and focus on what matters. EasyWeek also enables Google Reserve, increasing your visibility in Google search results and making it easier for clients to make appointments.

Bridal makeup in a beauty salon

After-wedding marketing

Your well-thought-out and effective marketing strategy has worked, and this season you've had more brides come to you than ever before. They have visited you for haircuts, colouring, styling, makeup trials and many other services. The momentous day for the client is over, and you have beautiful photos for your portfolio and positive feedback from the satisfied customer. Why not email clients to remind about other services and motivate to return later? It often happens that clients discovered your salon just for the wedding and then stayed forever because they liked it.

Brides, illustration from the Midjourney app


The wedding season is a fruitful time for beauty salons. It requires good preparation and optimisation of the customer experience, but it is worth the effort. You will win the competition by leveraging your knowledge, offering unique services with discounts for group bookings, and creating a pleasant atmosphere in the salon. Analysing previous clients' experience, evaluating your offer before the wedding season, and reviewing available resources will help your beauty salon prepare for the high wedding season in the best possible way. With careful preparation and the right strategy, the wedding season may be your beauty salon's most prosperous time.

Remember to set up your beauty salon appointment software before the high season starts. This will help you manage time more efficiently and quickly handle customer flow. Try all the EasyWeek features for free.

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