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How to automate discounts on services

Discount and sales season

Sooner or later, every company needs to set a discount on services, especially on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Crossed-out prices on the website attract customers' attention, encouraging them to add anything to a cart or make an appointment. In addition, discounts allow you to regulate demand and increase the number of visits during periods of decline.

Unfortunately, promotions and discounts are not a guarantee of appointments but an advance in the form of a few seconds of the guest's attention. Therefore, it is crucial to take every opportunity to attract customers at a time when almost everyone is willing to spend money.

In this article, we will show how to set up a service discount, using the features from EasyWeek business software as an example.

Start by segmenting your customers and designing a unique selling proposition for each group. Then export data and use an automated newsletter service. Read more on the EasyWeek blog.

Previously, receptionists could ask guests in person how they found out about the company. With the advent of the online appointment function, all data can be obtained automatically through the software. Connect the EasyWeek software to add sources you need: website, Instagram, Google Maps, and influencers' accounts. Then, when a customer makes an appointment, the system automatically recognises the reference.

You can even create a website for free. For example, when you sign up with EasyWeek, you can get a free website with an online appointment. Read more in the blog.

Discounts for customers

Special price

The same service can cost differently on different days and periods. This is why EasyWeek has a "special price" function. What it can be helpful for:

  • Create a discount for Black Friday or New Year holidays.

  • Set a lower price for unpopular days of the week, such as Mondays or empty morning hours.

Special price in EasyWeek software

To highlight a discount, select the relevant item in the settings. In this case, the system will cross out the old price and highlight the current price in a different colour.

Not only in the run-up to the holidays but also on any given day, so-called combo services are popular among clients, e.g.:

  • manicure + pedicure, colouring + haircut – for beauty salons;

  • session in the gym + consultation with a trainer – for yoga classes and gyms;

  • ultrasound research + consultation – for healthcare.

As a rule, a package of services is always more profitable than ordering each service separately. Moreover, it is convenient to advertise such campaigns on social networks, and it is possible to prepare newsletters and print an offer on leaflets and posters.

Setting up cross sell

EasyWeek allows you to fix a discount for related services in the settings. Manage your sales and increase customer loyalty with promotional offers.

Promotion codes and discount coupons

Very soon, EasyWeek will offer a new function, such as online payment. Moreover, your customers will be able to activate promo codes or discount certificates. At this point, your business gets a new tool to attract guests.

Explore your customer database, unload the list of those visiting you for more than 30 days and prepare a newsletter for them with a promo code for a discount. Be sure to analyse the newsletter results to see if it's worth repeating in the future.

Managing promotions and discounts


Discounts are a valuable tool for demand management. For example, you can lower the price for a customer who has written a complaint or, conversely, for a guest who has been visiting you regularly. You can set a special price for holidays and notify them with a newsletter.

The EasyWeek online appointment software is there to help you with whichever option you choose. Try out EasyWeek for free right now and if you have any questions, contact our support chat.

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