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Choosing the best massage table


Massage business is a profitable niche, which is in constant demand. People want to get different massage types, so they have many reasons to visit a massage salon. Some want to get fit, and others would like to cure some pains or health problems. And, of course, massage is just an ideal way to relax. The business is popular, so more and more various massage parlors appear every year. We have already written about starting a massage studio. This article explains how to choose the best equipment for a massage studio.

Massage parlors are in trend as they serve many different audiences. The demand is incredible! It is possible to get a massage in a beauty salon, SPA salon, tanning studio, etc. Many clients would also like to get massage services at a professional massage studio as this kind of beauty salon is trusted way more. It happens mainly because the staff is highly qualified as employees are required to have higher medical education.

Massage is important, but comfort and convenience when getting service are even more valuable. There is both affordable and expensive massage equipment. Let's see what is the best choice in your case.

Criteria to choose a massage table

The current massage market is full of innovative equipment: many offers of different quality, styles, and materials. You can purchase a massage table, couch, or chair. Let's start our journey to the world of massage furniture with the key aspects you have to know when selecting a massage table.

To choose a massage table, pay attention to its:

  • price,

  • ergonomics and functionality,

  • mobility,

  • weight and dimensions,

  • maximum permissible load,

  • warranty and service life,

  • manufacturer.

Types and prices of massage tables

  • stationary massage tables,

  • portable massage tables,

  • massage couches,

  • massage chairs.

A stationary massage table is a large piece of heavy equipment that is basically used in hospitals, medical centers, and sanatoriums. The following features characterize this type of massage furniture:

  • It can be mechanical or electric.

  • It can consist of one-piece construction or several sections.

  • It can have many variants of coating.

  • Tables can be made of various frame materials.

  • Tables can be equipped with thermoregulation.

  • The massage furniture can be supplemented with a cabinet for storing consumables or delivered without it.

Usually, stationary massage tables are pretty expensive. They are made of hard-strength metals and hardwoods, so the price is understandable. There are many choices, so research the variants if you want to purchase this type of massage table. You can get it starting from $1000 and up to a few thousand. The tables with additional features can cost even more. However, not every massage parlor needs them.

Portable massage tables are more popular as they are pretty handy because of the ability to place the table where it is needed. Such tables aren't heavy, and they usually don't weigh more than 20 kgs. In folded type, the owner can transport the table pretty well. That is the main reason masseurs who work for themselves appreciate this type of massage furniture.

By buying a portable table, you can easily transport it, working at the clients' place. The table legs are also adjustable, so you won't even notice if there is any problem with the surface.

The price of portable massage tables is way more affordable compared to stationary ones. To get a good solution, you'll need at least $100. Then same, the more functions you want, the more you need to pay.

Massage couches are somehow similar to portable ones. However, this massage equipment is less comfortable for the client and masseuse as it isn't so adjustable. The furniture has to be selected carefully, concerning the height of the masseur and its material. The main benefit is that they are not too expensive. You can get one for $50 or even less.

A massage chair is portable massage equipment used to treat pains in the neck and collar area and the upper part of the spine. This kind of massage furniture is affordable, not heavy, and easily transportable. Usually, massage chairs are folding, so you can put them in the car and drive to the client. Their price is about $150.

Where to purchase the best massage table

There are a few ways of purchasing massage studio equipment. The best sources of getting massage furniture are:

  • online stores,

  • specialized salons of massage equipment,

  • suppliers of medical equipment.

As statistics show, most entrepreneurs buy massage tables via the Internet. But internet shopping has a complete list of minuses. So, be ready to check the store and the table or chair you chose twice. In order not to buy "a pig in a poke," ask whether they can show you the furniture to try before you buy, test, and evaluate its quality. Never be afraid to ask, because internet stores are interested in getting a loyal audience, so they often open showrooms, where you can check the equipment.

Talking about specialized massage equipment stores, they often offer the ability to order and test the equipment. Just ask for it.

Never underestimate the power of a manager and massage equipment store staff. They know how to help and what to do. Do not be afraid of questions. Make sure there are no more affordable analogs and test them. Then, it'll be fine. Sometimes asking for a discount is a good idea as well.

When selecting a store, it is good to pay attention to its clients' reviews online. Use Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network to see what people think about the company. Also, fix in mind the delivery time of the selected equipment – when ordering a massage table just before opening a salon, the timing can be crucial.

You can also buy a second-hand solution. Why not? Usually, they are of pretty good quality and affordable. Now, let's see how to choose a quality second-hand massage table.

How to minimize the expenses when opening a massage parlor

Passion for the profession is essential, but every business has to stay profitable. Starting a massage studio, a business person will face several issues:

  • rent,

  • renovation,

  • equipment,

  • promotion.

And, as you could guess, they all cost money. Investments are essential. However, there are a few methods of minimizing the expenses. Starting a massage parlor, you never know whether the salon will have a quick ROI. So, firstly, there is a point to choose budget equipment, affordable booking software, and advertise the massage studio online.

You don't know whether you'll attract many clients at the beginning – there are many hidden rocks in the beauty industry. Let's hope for the best, but spending a fortune on massage salon equipment is just useless. Instead, start with affordable furniture, then you can get something fancier.

Here is a short checklist on minimizing the expenses when opening a massage salon:

  1. To choose the desired massage table in a showroom, check it, try and test. Then go to the company's website and look for promotions and special offers. Stores run promotions pretty often, so sometimes, this way can be extra beneficial. You can save up to 40% just by checking for the massage table online. Plus, online shopping, in this case, is helpful as, usually, stores offer cashback for paying online together with various extra bonuses.

  2. Second-hand massage tables are also handy. Some big massage parlors just change their equipment, so they sell it much cheaper. There are many local websites where you can purchase a massage table. The rules stay the same: try it, test it, and only, after that, buy the piece of furniture. There is no need to spend a fortune. Better save and invest the funds in targeted ads to get more clients.

  3. Do you like taking risks? Well, actually, not many people like it, but sometimes it is worth it. Talking about massage furniture, Aliexpress is a risky but exciting solution. There is no guarantee that the table will be of the best quality, but if you check its reviews carefully, read about the seller, and make sure he is reliable, it can work very well.

    If risky solutions aren't for you, don't lose the opportunity to order consumables from Aliexpress. You often buy the same things in your area, paying more for just the same products. Disposable sheets, gloves, massage oils are pretty good on Aliexpress, read the reviews and select a good seller, and it will be a perfect option.

  4. Rent a massage table. Why not rent and try the furniture you'd like to buy. This way, you'll omit many risks. There is no point in renting it forever, but renting to test it for a more extended period is a good idea. Then you can buy the piece of massage furniture or leave the idea of getting it as you've seen that it isn't what you need.

  5. Renting a massage cabinet in a beauty salon, SPA, or medical center can be a good solution. Usually, the place will be equipped with all the needed massage stuff. There is also an option to negotiate a purchase of some additional massage equipment with beauty salon owners. They often agree as later the salon will get a better profit, so do you!

When purchasing any massage salon equipment, pay attention to:

  • A warranty card guarantees that if anything happens, you are safe, and all the funds will be refunded.

  • Manufacturers mention the specified service life. Usually, this is pretty reliable data, but anyway, if the massage table has to survive for 10 years and producers prove it by the warranty, it will be even better.

  • The opportunity to return or exchange the furniture if anything doesn't work, not because of your fault.


Starting a massage studio from scratch is hard responsible work. Selecting the right professional equipment is among the first things that the entrepreneur has to do to succeed. Usually, those who work in similar salons know many trifles and hidden rocks when choosing all the massage tables, chairs, and couches.

If you never dealt with the massage itself but would like to start a massage parlor, ask for advice. It is the best solution as the only experience and professional knowledge minimize expenses, but not the quality.

You can get second-hand furniture, buy it online or in the store. It doesn't matter. The main is how you will cope with the equipment later.

Quality services, professional equipment, and effective communication, and you won this battle!

And remember that even the best, the most fantastic massage table will never attract and retain customers. If a client doesn't like the masseur, he'll never come back. EasyWeek will be glad to simplify the work-life of your staff, taking care of all the complaints, preferences, and conflict situations.

A client base is that practical detail that will get your massage parlor to the new level of quality. Just try it! The service has a set of marketing tools to get you even more attention, it also offers 24/7 online booking via widget or a personal page that works like a mini-website.

Try EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software to check how well it works for your company. We offer you a free 14-day trial to set everything up, test it and decide whether the solution works as you need. From our side, we guarantee 24/7 quick, professional support and the best quality of service. If you have any questions concerning the software, feel free to contact our support team. They will be glad to help you!

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