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How to get more Google reviews for your business

Google as a robust marketing tool

Search engines have entered our lives, changing them for the better. According to statistics, more than 90% of people search for services and products they want to buy online. It means that almost every purchase nowadays starts from a search engine.

Google is the most popular and developed search tool, so Google reviews can significantly benefit your business. However, many experts claim that customers pay attention to reviews and their quantity rather than quality. For example, if a company has 1 000 reviews and its average rate is 4.5 stars, people will trust it much more than a business with 100 reviews with an average rate of 5 stars. That is why working on quality and quantity, in this case, is almost the same important.

Imagine that you start a business without presenting it online. Then you cover only a tiny piece of a possible audience, losing much income. Good if customers share about your business by word-of-mouth, but better if they promote your company online. It is elementary. All you need to do is to add Reserve with Google feature to your website and connect your business to other Google products, such as Google Maps.

In this article, we will talk about Reserve with Google feature, its benefits and how it helps to collect more customer reviews. The material will be helpful both for experienced entrepreneurs and those who begin. Here we go!

It is an inbuilt booking feature offered by Google. When clients look for places to cut hair, for example, they can immediately book the one they like via Google. Reserve with Google adds a booking button to Google Maps, other Google products or your business website.

It simplifies the process, and clients love simple but handy things. From booking to leaving a review, it is all covered by Reserve with Google. The additional benefit is that this feature is 100% free of charge.

The best way is to connect CRM, which offers an easy Google Reserve connection. EasyWeek, for instance, covers a business with this and many other handy options.

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How to motivate clients to leave Google reviews

There are many ways how businesses can encourage their clients to share their positive and not only experiences. It all starts with essential planning and communication. Many businessmen do not bother to cover marketing, including reviews, in their business plans. Here is where mistakes start. A company needs to plan a way of interaction and feedback to maintain attention and, in the end, a client. The good news is that collecting feedback and interacting with audiences now is much easier than ever. A business can simply start with social media and continue with Google integrations.

EasyWeek helps set up Reserve with Google and organize your business how clients want to share about it with their friends and online.

Best ways to encourage clients to leave reviews:

  1. Ask clients to leave a review. The best and the easiest way. Just ask customers to write a review. No matter negative or positive. You can include a review link to the email you send after a visit or just post the link on your Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

  2. Place a review link on your website. It is the second smart thing to do to get more reviews. The easier it is to write a review, the better, so make sure to place a link on your website.

  3. Ensure effortless service. Sometimes, all you need to get a review is to make a client happy. Flawless service quality will help. Just do your job well, and clients will thank you.

  4. Communicate with reviewers. Responding to both positive and negative comments is crucial. It gives people a vibe that you care. Many businesses ignore negative reviews; that's wrong and spoils their reputation, don't make the same mistake.

  5. Highlight positive reviews. Embrace your clients in all possible ways, including placing positive reviews on your social media and website. It is a free and effective method of building a more trustworthy relationship with your loyal audience.

  6. Keep your Google profile fresh. Updating your online presence from time to time is essential. Clients are better motivated to leave a good review when they see an up-to-date handy page, not an old forgotten link.

  7. Use automatic reviews. This is the last option if you fail to gather real-client reviews. There are a lot of review tools that generate "real" reviews from "real" clients. At least, it'll look like this at the end.

Happy beauty salon clients

Pro Google reviews data

We've collected some extra information that may be useful for businesses that use Google reviews.

More about Google Reviews:

  • Google reviews are shown at once when googling any business that has them.

  • It is impossible to buy Google reviews, so clients still rely on them.

  • It is forbidden to ask for 5-star reviews, but you can ask for Google reviews in general.

  • More than 70% of customers trust Google reviews.

  • You can delete a Google review if it violates Google policy. It happens when the review is fake or offensive.

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Reserve with Google & EasyWeek booking software

EasyWeek offers integration with Google Reserve for beauty and related businesses. It means your beauty salon can easily add a Google Reserve feature to its website and even get a free website if needed.

Connecting EasyWeek offers more online appointments via the system and Google search, as well as more reviews, better income and an improved reputation for your brand. So, why not try EasyWeek right now? It is free and does not require any card details.

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