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Google maps: hair and beauty salon


  1. Introduction

  2. Google for business

  3. Google Maps & client attraction

  4. How to ask and receive positive reviews?

  5. Google Maps online appointment

  6. How to Integrate EasyWeek and Google Maps?

#1 Introduction

Google is one of the best tools in business promotion. But are you sure you use the browser at its full power? Let's see!

It is 99% you are reading this article via Google. According to this year's calculations, the service has more than a billion users worldwide. We are sure any business owner doesn't want to miss such a handy option to promote a salon.

#2 Google for business

The browser has developed a flexible system that allows advertising services and products worldwide. The section "My business" may be pretty helpful for many entrepreneurs. Sure, if they know how to work with it.

First of all, your studio has to have an account. There is nothing complicated about getting one. Just go to the "Sign-in" page and select the "Create account" option. Then, you'll be required to fill in the application, and here we are. Your brand-new Google My Business profile is ready!

Now, let's see what it offers. The main thing is handy online presence management. You know, if you don't introduce a salon online, someone else will. Are you sure you want to have an uncontrolled business promotion? In any case, clients will look for a beauty studio on the Internet. Good, if they find any data. Best if the information will look as catchy as possible. After all, online appointments via Google Maps stay one of the most beneficial income ways for any business.

It is preferable as customers who look for any beauty, or related services will see your studio. The coverage may be fantastic! An attractive beauty salon profile on Google guarantees customer flow rise and income growth.

We have provided our readers with detailed instructions below. Continue reading to get a step-by-step guide. Talking shortly, you'll have to create a business account on Google, then go to "Manage now" and apply for business creation. After the system will ask you to fill in the essential data like location, owners, work hours, etc. That's it.

Yes, it is. You aren't required to pay any fee for Google business account creation, then managing the business itself. You may use all the tools without charge. However, there are some paid marketing options like Google Ads.

#3 Google Maps & client attraction

Considering the fact any person sooner or later will google for a place to breakfast, do makeup, or try some new experience, online maps are extra beneficial. The service from Google seems to be one of the trustworthy solutions to reach from point A to point B. Would you like the B point to be your beauty salon? Then, add it to Google Maps.

Among the main advantages of connecting a salon to Google Maps are:

  1. Clients will find a salon easily. Thanks to the browser algorithm, users will be offered your beauty parlor according to their interests. It means there is a high chance to attract your target audience.

  2. Customers will be able to contact a beauty studio with a click. Just provide a phone number for people to reach you.

  3. The service encourages clients to visit a salon or its website. Except for the phone, it also shows other contacts. If you have a handy website, it'll double the chances to attract customers.

  4. The system will show your salon's photos. Since people are visual creatures, it'll motivate them to visit a studio. This feature is trendy in the Instagram era especially.

  5. Clients can write reviews. It is one of the most effective ways to convince a person that the service is good. Or not really. But, don't worry, the good work with client reviews will benefit a salon. Check what customers think about the service you offer, provide in-time feedback, and it'll be outstanding.

#4 How to ask and receive positive reviews?

The interesting fact is that clients are more eager to get a service at a place with 1000 4.5 reviews than its 5-star analog with less than 100 rates. We trust quantity, so you, as the business owner, have to motivate guests to leave reviews. The question is "how." Let's see the ways of encouraging visitors to write positive reviews.

To get good feedback, a salon has to:

  • Offer quality service. Simple, isn't it? But without good beauty service, it's pretty hard to get any satisfactory reviews. Reputation starts with good service.

  • Be aware of the rules of effective communication in a beauty salon. What we do is essential. What we tell while doing it is even more crucial. Remember to choose the employees who understand how to speak with guests. Offering too many expensive services or talking about other customers is taboo.

  • Provide a present or a discount for every review. It will automatically boost your popularity rating. Make sure you can afford the option. Why not offer a 5% discount for every review from a new client? It'll barely hurt your budget but will definitely help create a positive image.

  • Establish a cozy Insta corner for photos. Guests will take beautiful pictures and motivate others to visit you and do the same. Sure, after a friendly service.

Adding a salon to Google Maps

  1. Log into your salon's business account.

  2. Go to "Add new location."

  3. Fill in the business name & location fields.

  4. Select the exact place by dropping a pin on the online map.

  5. Answer a few questions about your studio.

  6. Verify the business via SMS or by mail.

#5 Google Maps online appointment

The basic options the service work very well. However, adding a handy booking feature will increase conversion. Just compare when a guest has to call an administrator to when (s)he is offered a convenient booking.

Let users make appointments in a few clicks, and they'll flow to your salon.

How to connect online appointments to Google Maps?

The easiest way is to connect a handy booking software. It has to be integrated with Google Maps to work correctly. Beauty appointment software is also called CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Its connection is among the most effective ways of getting online appointments via online maps.

How to choose the best CRM to connect to?

The choice depends on your salon's needs, size, and budget. It is preferable to look for precise solutions that have helpful features. Yes, it's possible. However, if you have no idea how the software performs, it is better to choose another one. The chance that your team will master it is pretty low.

EasyWeek offers an understandable user-friendly interface. Its users are satisfied with the CRM as it:

  • is integrated with online maps, including Google Maps;

  • offers 24/7 online appointments;

  • creates a website for free;

  • offers a booking link and a widget;

  • allows client base creation;

  • provides detailed business analytics;

  • allows financial calculation for salaries and related payments;

  • has handy consumable stock management.

EasyWeek team keeps the system in touch with innovations. As you could already guess, it is essential at the Internet time.

#6 How to Integrate EasyWeek and Google Maps?

We have prepared an ultimate checklist on the EasyWeek and Google Maps Integration. Please take a look at this article to see how to do it.

EasyWeek will gladly help you scale by offering only the best software solutions. In addition, we've got many Christmas special offers. Make sure to check them to get one for your beauty salon.

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