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How to choose service management software

How to choose service management software

Guide on choosing the best service management software. Tips on selecting online scheduler to attract more clients and organize business more effectively.


Today, most successful business owners use an online appointment system and actively add an online appointment feature to their websites. We are constantly pressed for time, and online booking saves much of it. One can now do almost everything from the comfort of their home, from buying tickets and ordering cabs to making medical appointments and buying groceries.

Statistically, with the development of various internet services, about 70% of people prefer not to call but to make an appointment online. If you do not use online booking, you neglect many potential clients and leave existing customers less satisfied.

The easiest solution is to choose an online scheduler and do it with its help. EasyWeek, for example, offers handy online appointments via a widget and website.

Yes, you can do it easily. Just sign your business into Google Business and sync the EasyWeek appointment system. Reserve with Google is also handy for connecting your business to the Google ecosystem.

EasyWeek online appointment software is a handy budget option. It offers new users a 14-day free trial. During this, you can try out all the features and decide whether to purchase a subscription. EasyWeek also has a free online subscription option for users with 1 employee and 1 location.

Online appointments for business

Online Appointments vs old-school booking

Many companies have moved completely to online booking and offer services mostly via online appointments. Forgoing online appointment booking, i.e., forcing the client to call to come to your facility, has several negative consequences.

3 reasons why you should move to online appointments

1. Economy of effort

The main reason is that it is so much easier. It excludes many potential issues; for example, the client did not answer in time, or the line was busy.

2. Economy of time

The statistics show that the number of visitors who still books offline is less than 10 percent. This means that every time the customer has to book offline, there is a chance of losing him. In today's pace of life, especially when you want to do everything quickly, the slightest disturbance makes customers not feel like doing anything. Besides, it's not always convenient to call.

3. Covering more audiences

Young people today live with their smartphones in their hands. They are used to spending a lot of time on the Internet, so they certainly will vote for online appointments. Businesses with online booking wins the ones without.

Business management

Advantages of online appointments

Seven advantages of businesses that offer online booking:

  • A customer feels safe. He can choose freely, does not wait for calls, and does not need to call himself.

  • Appointments can be made around the clock. A client can click on a link and choose a date, time with service at any time.

  • There are no misunderstandings. All appointments are automatically entered into an electronic calendar and accessible to the manager and administrator.

  • An appointment widget can be added to the company's website, and the link can be placed on social media profiles.

  • Once an online appointment is made, a client and employee are notified of all visit parameters.

  • Appointments can be easily canceled or rescheduled.

The online booking service relieves the manager of the responsibility of making an appointment with clients. The manager now has more time to take care of other important tasks.

Booking via the Internet

CRM for business

Are you about to start your own business? When creating your business plan, determine the tasks you will delegate to your CRM software.

Here are 8 features that will make your work easier:

  1. A customer database with all relevant information (contacts, social media profiles, date of birth, number of visits, personal preferences).

  2. A clear employee schedule.

  3. Financial module for calculating salaries, vacations, and bonuses of employees. A system for staff motivation can also be used here.

  4. Integration with social networks to set up effective targeting.

  5. A set of marketing tools, such as promotional notifications and holiday greetings.

  6. Inventory, stock control, and delivery processing.

  7. Detailed analytics on the salon's customers, employees, and stores + multiple required reports on various inquiries.

  8. And, of course, online appointments.

This is only a small part of the benefits of CRM software for the service industry.

How to make an online appointment

Online appointments can be made via social networks and maps, which makes it possible to make an appointment directly from Instagram, Facebook, and Google Maps. If the company holds online meetings (consultations, classes), you can connect the integration with Google Meet, and then the customer will immediately receive a link to the online meeting, notifications to customers about the appointments, and more. Some services offer online appointment and client management and a free website for the company (for example, EasyWeek).

Client management

How to choose software for online appointments

There are several criteria for selecting a CRM software and online registration service for the service sector:

  1. Features. Make sure the system meets your needs.

  2. Price. Analyze the cost with your company's growth plans in mind. Inquire if there are any hidden fees or transaction costs.

  3. Reviews. Research the reviews and history of the service.

EasyWeek offers an excellent balance between price, performance, and reliability. The European developer's service suits businesses of all sizes, from small beauty salons to large luxury spa chains.

EasyWeek offers:

  • A customizable widget for online appointments.

  • A free website and a domain.

  • Integrated e-marketing tools and a loyalty program.

  • Easy interaction with 3rd-party services, including Google and Meta services.

  • An online calendar.

  • Financial management.

  • Customer database with service data.

  • Automatic free updates and technical support around the clock.

  • Access via smartphones, tabs, and laptops.

  • Flexible plans and no hidden fees.

  • A 14-day free trial.

Online appointments for business


It is barely possible to run businesses offline; resisting technology is unreasonable and can even spoil your reputation. A client-oriented business must be beautifully set up and remain customer-friendly. Simply replace manual management with online appointments; business results will greatly improve.

Choosing a service that meets your goals without straining your company's budget is the best you can do. EasyWeek is a practical solution that offers online appointments and many other handy features. The service offers a 14-day trial and a free tariff for businesses with 1 location and 1 user. Time is money, do not lose it, and test the software for free right now.

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