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How to run your business more effective


In any business, regardless of size, management and administrative tasks occur daily and are a significant burden on both the owner and the staff. For those who want to focus on improving their services, routine performing is an unpleasant nuisance and a waste of valuable time.

In this article, we'll show you how appointment booking software can help you streamline most of your work processes, making your business more efficient and seamless.

Customer Relationship Management software is a system that allows you to manage customer data by recording, segmentation and analysing all customer interactions. As a result, the software improves customer loyalty and increases CLV.

CRMs can be divided into several groups according to different parameters.

A booking widget is a built-in element on your website that works like a web application. It takes your prospects and customers directly to a booking form that contains information about your services, prices and available dates. The EasyWeek software offers a widget that can be integrated into almost all social media channels, including your Instagram profile and Facebook page.

Appointment calendar

Customer care without appointment booking systems is hard to imagine today. So let's take a look at some of the key benefits of booking software for business optimisation, starting with the online appointment calendar.

In today's world, finding a balance between personal life and work is becoming increasingly complex, so convenience is an important consideration when choosing a service. The ability to schedule an appointment at a convenient time for the client is one factor that makes up for this convenience.

Your accessibility contributes to successful customer acquisition and retention because when your customers do not waste time in the waiting area, it increases their satisfaction.

Moreover, although it would be better never to have to postpone and cancel appointments, there are always unexpected situations for which you need to be prepared. With a digital calendar, no sudden appointment cancellation degenerates into a time-consuming task because you can change everything with one click in your appointment calendar instead of calling your visitors individually. Of course, your customers will receive automated notifications immediately.

If they also link your appointment planner with other calendars (e.g. with a Google calendar), you get an overview of your holidays and feasts days. The work processes are also made easier for your employees because they receive a clear duty roster in which all double bookings, empty times and working hours are saved.

Customer database

For successful business development, it is vital to use different marketing strategies. Whichever strategy you choose, they are all based on your customer data. Appointment booking systems have handy customer data management tools (also with booking history). They help you collect all the information from different data sources in one place.

Collected data can be easily synchronised in the system, giving you a total picture of your business.

With a well-designed customer database, especially with a tagging system and access to booking history, you can identify your target group more easily. In addition, different customer records are of great use for generating statistics and designing advertising, loyalty programmes, discounts and vouchers.

For example, you can create loyalty cards and link them to internal accounts where your customers can see cashback/bonuses and other privileges. Your guests can add these cards to Apple or Google Wallet for more convenience. Loyalty cards allow you to track customers' activities, get more information about their buying behaviour and optimise your work to meet their needs.

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Bulk messaging and reminders

Automated notifications serve several purposes at once:

  • They save you time

  • They reduce no-shows and cancellations

  • You make a good impression, look organised and professional

  • Improve your customer interaction

  • You increase customer satisfaction

When we talk about automated notifications, we primarily mean customised confirmations that are well suited for regularly occurring events:

  • Appointment confirmations are sent immediately after booking

  • Notifications of appointment postponements or cancellations

  • Reminders

They are easy to set up and send via SMS, email, or messengers (e.g. Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp).

Usually, different sending methods are combined, one adjusts both the sending time and the message texts, but time zone detection is automatic.

This section also includes newsletters and email routes, which can be individualised according to customer interests and regularly sent to specific groups. They are designed not only manually but also automatically. Typical use cases for newsletter mailings include customer registrations, additional confirmations and calendar entries such as holidays or birthdays. You only need to create an automation chain once to repeatedly send it to your new customers.

Built-in marketing tools

High-quality analytics play a significant role in business development. The leading online marketing tools include web analytics, conversion optimisation, content and email marketing, and SEO. Most of these tools are available in one form or another in online appointment booking systems and are based on data collection and analysis.

Analytic tools allow you to identify your top services and weak points, better manage your service offering, take adequate measures to improve performance and calculate future sales. If you know your lead sources, for example, you are in a position to design your company's online presence in a customer-oriented way.


So, appointment systems offer several features that are hard to turn down once you've experienced their benefits. Above all, with a powerful booking tool, various businesses can save time on daily business operations and streamline routine processes.

To make your business effective, install EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software. EasyWeek is a user-friendly booking system suitable for sole traders, beginners, and large companies.

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