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TOP-10 online appointment scheduling software


CRM automation is an important detail you don't want to miss. Online scheduling attracts clients by offering them the best comfort that is good in high business competition. Every business detail has to be well thought-out. And of course, it all starts with booking an appointment.

Make your clients comfortable booking an appointment, and you'll double sales. According to statistics, customers are ready, and even eager, to pay more for a better experience.

The other point is reputation, and you build your image thanks to CRM's handy tools. Nowadays, it is much easier to stand out by quality online presence, agile marketing and comfortable booking.

Today, we will guide you through the CRM world. There are a lot of choices, so be ready to work hard on selecting the best fit for your business. The good news is that it'll be definitely worth the effort.

In most cases, there is no difference. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is another online scheduling software name. Some experts claim that CRM offers more features. Well, it is true. Or it is better to tell – it was true. Some time ago, CRM software provided more. Now, the world has simplified all this stuff. CRM and online scheduling software today are barely different.

There is not only one ultimate solution. You have to look for the one that fits your request. The most thoughtful way to select CRM software is to write down your needs. Then look for IT solutions that suit them best. Sure, there are some well-known for their quality providers. One is EasyWeek software which offers flexible tariff plans and all the needed features. The solution suits small and midsize businesses, offering easy appointments and other handy tools.

Yes, it can be. Not all appointment solutions are on a budget. Many schedulers offer both budget and premium versions. Don't be afraid to try the software, even if it costs more than you would like to pay. Usually, this software has a free trial so you won't lose anything. Even if the CRM is too expensive, there are many others to choose from.

Top-10 scheduling apps

Online schedulers for your business

Appointment software is popular and affordable, but why do we need it in our business? Many companies still don't completely understand this moment. No worries, here we are to explain it with examples.

So, first and foremost, online appointment scheduling software creates a professional image for your business. Your guests will barely get that you get all the handy tools like website, widget, and booking links from the one system. It'll look like a pretty complex, very professional tool for them. And it is. The only difference is that you don't need to deal with all the complicated details, setups, and other tiny moments of business management.

Let's see how it works in practice. So, there are 2, for example, beauty salons. The first one works without any software. The administrator there treats customers as (s)he can, and that's it. In comparison, the other has a free administrator who manages the software: no more mistakes and misunderstandings, just quality service.

  • Case A: a beauty salon without CRM. The old way of managing appointments includes 1 or 2 administrators, manual paperwork and a lot of effort. There are no notifications or reminders, just oral negotiations. That's how it works.

    A guest calls an administrator. They talk and decide on time and service. It can be challenging to choose a specialist and time without any illustration. Usually, a website or widget helps. But not in this case. After making an appointment, there is no guarantee that the customer or employee won't forget about it. As you remember, there are no notifications at all.

  • Case B: a beauty parlour with a modern scheduling system. This way of beauty salon management is way more innovative. There is no need to involve paperwork and many employees to cover the booking. Notifications and reminders allow convenient appointments and guarantee the best customer experience.

    So, how does it work? A client opens a booking link. It leads him to the widget, where (s)he can choose time and service. It usually takes up to 3 minutes to finish the booking process. After selecting the time and service, a client enters his (her) name and phone/email to close the booking. A guest and an employee will receive notifications about the appointment. The system will also remind all the participants before the event.

Online appointment scheduling software is a handy tool to increase sales and improve customer experience effortlessly. Try it for free!

Online appointment program for your business

We have already mentioned 3 of the most popular online schedulers:

Now, let's see what's the secret to their success. No doubt, it all starts with features.

Popular online schedulers offer:

  • Online appointments. That's the primary CRM feature. 24/7 scheduling is a crucial point of all the 3 CRMs.

  • Website and widget with instant booking. These tools are convenient for business promotion.

  • A booking link. Sure, all the above tools can be easily shareable online. Just copy the link and share it in the messenger you use daily.

  • Notifications and reminders. These handy helpers will guarantee that staff and clients won't skip the appointment accidentally. Notifications are usually instant and notify about any changes in the booking. Also, you can set up reminders to bring to mind an event a day/hour before it starts.

  • Business analytics. It is impossible to track progress if you don't know what's happening. Analytics allow a clear understanding of what's going on in your company.

  • Marketing tools. CRMs also provide their users with essential marketing tools. Sure, it won't work as well as a professional marketer, but it will improve your business performance.

  • Integrations. The 21st century claims that business integration is essential. All the best CRMs are well-integrated with popular social media, messengers and more.

Now, you know the TOP-3 and their features. Next, let us show you other online schedulers worth your attention.

Managing your business

TOP-10 scheduling software in 2022

We have collected our list of TOP-10 scheduling software for the US and Europe. Your business niche doesn't play a significant role as these CRM software cover many businesses.

TOP-10 business schedulers – 2022 edition:

  1. EasyWeek

    This German service covers many niches, offering convenient appointments via widget, website and helpful analytics. EasyWeek is an ultimate solution for small and medium businesses. It all started with beauty salons, while now the service deals with all the industries. Flexible tariffs and instant technical support will guarantee pleasing results no matter the niche.

    Try EasyWeek for free!

    EasyWeek – best appointment scheduling software

  2. Mindbody

    The American solution covers wellness and beauty businesses primarily. Same as the previous software, it deals with online appointments, offers a website and widget, etc. Mindbody is a good choice for those who enjoy simple business optimization and work in the niche of wellness & beauty.

    Mindbody appointment software

  3. Fresha

    This software deals with beauty salons. Before, it was called Schedul. Many users still remember this service under this already ancient name. Fresha is a complex solution for the beauty industry. It works well for beauty salons, offering them basic CRM features and some PRO options.

    Nowadays, the service is way more expensive than its competitors. So consider whether you are ready to pay more for the brand.

    Fresha scheduling software

  4. Calendly

    Another worthy American solution is here. If Mindbody is based in California, Calendly is from Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the most popular free tools for business management. Many business owners like the service for its simple design and handy scheduling.

    The Free Calendly option offers a booking link with simple scheduling for your business. But, of course, the main benefit is that there is no more stuff than that. But, if you want more, Calendly PRO comes to the rescue.

    Calendly for small business

  5. Doodle

    This one is a Swiss IT solution born in Zurich. Doodle is well-known for its easy-scheduling and instant appointments. It is worldwide famous and has a long history. Some time ago, Doodle was one of the most potent CRMs. Nowadays, the service is still satisfactory but hardly comparable to the previous CRMs.

    The main disadvantage is that Doodle now is something like an online calendar well-integrated into the Google ecosystem but doesn't offer all necessary CRM features.

    Doodle online appointment calendar

  6. Groove

    Software from Florida, the US. It is well-known for sales funnels creation. This software has CRM and a wide range of various IT solutions. Groove CRM is a good tool for sellers that want to optimize their performance via business automation. This CRM is less famous as it is more directly aimed. The targeted audience is sellers only.

    Groove software

  7. Zoho

    This CRM comes from India but serves worldwide. Zoho provides its clients with a basic set of useful CRM features. They include online appointments and a personal page.

    The system serves many businesses. However, it is way less popular than the other solutions, primarily because of the country of origin. American and European solutions are still more famous to our targeted audiences.

    Zoho appointment scheduling software

  8. Acuity scheduling

    This software is based in Atlanta, Georgia. It covers America, Europe and Asian countries. Acuity is famous for its instant booking, pleasant pricing and quick support.

    It serves mainly the beauty industry. However, now the solution scales its features.

    Acuity appointment scheduling software

  9. Thryv

    The software is from Bristol, USA. It offers satisfactory services for small businesses. Here you won't find many features, just the basics, which are enough for small businesses.

    Thryv helps find customers via simple but effective online marketing and 24/7 appointments.

    Thryv appointment scheduling software

  10. Setmore software

    Simple scheduling tools (widget & personal page) allow this solution to compare with the other famous ones. Setmore software was created in Portland, Oregon. It is a good choice for beginners or those who are not ready to invest a lot. First, you get the basics to grow, and then you can select a more suitable solution or keep using this one.

    Setmore scheduling software

Free CRM business solutions

Almost all the TOP-10 CRMs offer a free version of their software. Let's take a look at the three most attractive options.

EasyWeek free tariff plan

You will get:

It is an optimal solution for beginners. Later, EasyWeek PRO can guide you with business analytics and the financial module.

Try EasyWeek scheduling software for free right now!

Calendly free version

You get access to:

  • A booking link;

  • Widget;

  • Online booking.

Calendly free plan is a good choice for those who need just a booking feature.

Acuity scheduling free plan

Your business will get:

  • Online appointments;

  • Personal page;

  • A booking link;

  • Widget.

All the options are free for 1 location & 1 user. However, if you are a more significant business, it is better to choose a professional tariff.


Customer Relationship Management software is a modern must-have. Clients are ready to pay the price for comfort. Your task is to offer it to them. Online schedulers help to do it very well.

Modern online appointment scheduling systems are packed with booking, marketing and business tools. Unfortunately, some software programs offer too many features, most of which you'll never use. We advise selecting the solution that covers your business request. There is no point in paying more for brands or useless features.

EasyWeek is a perfect scheduling software for beginners and skilful business owners. The system is fully personalized, so you'll never overpay. In addition, the service offers flexible tariffs. Just enter the number of your users and location to see the final cost. Don't be afraid to get the best quality for the average price. It is possible, so why not?

Check EasyWeek for free!

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