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Salon business: how to make it better

Beauty business in the post-Covid-19 era

Last few years, the world survived global lockdowns, plenty of restrictions, and numerous business bankruptcies. Yet, the strongest players have stayed in the field, demanding the best solutions.

Indeed, modern business has changed. Entrepreneurs require stability, which is usually impossible in the world of pandemic restrictions. Therefore, the beauty salon niche has to be as flexible as possible. It is the only way to stand out and keep the reputation clean.

Among the most popular solutions for your beauty salon is EasyWeek appointment scheduling software.

It depends on the state. Mostly, employees have to be fully vaccinated to work with clients. Click here to read the article about vaccinations and the beauty salon industry.

The pandemic challenge for a beauty salon and its solution

You may already get that there are several issues to avoid concerning the pandemic. However, the best way to succeed is to know about every problem and the tendencies, keeping your salon prepared.

Beauty business trends for 2022

  • Salons have to be flexible. Many things can hurt your business if you have no plan B. The pandemic has shown that being overprepared is the thing to do for everyone, mainly because the beauty and entertainment industries always lose the most when the quarantine happens.

  • Online presence is a must to do. The world has gone to the Internet, selling products and offering services. Amazon has scaled during the lockdowns. Do you know why? Because they sell online. Copy them smartly! Create a few products that you can present online. Offer your clients to follow your steps and beautify your visitors online.

  • Think about additional income. Offer not only services but also cosmetics. Why not? It is the easiest way to scale and boost sales even during a crisis.

  • Motivate the team to keep working well. Our mood depends on many factors. And the pandemic isn't the most positive thing to happen. Get your staff a dash of daily motivation by offering tiny treats, pleasant bonuses, etc.

  • Make guests write reviews. Researches claim that salons with many reviews are more popular than empty pages without any feedback. So offer your clients a discount for a review. It won't ruin your budget, but you'll get more popular.

  • Allow your clients to book online. EasyWeek salon software will help you with this deal.

How to boost sales during Covid-19

Extraordinary situations demand the same original response. We have already mentioned five ways of keeping your salon well during the Covid-19 catastrophe. Now, let's see what else you can do to prosper today.

Salon marketing life hacks

  1. Go to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and post more quality visual content. A part of your audience enjoys visual content the most. Post daily, communicate to the people you want to sell, and it will be alright.

  2. Create a handy loyalty program. Providing loyal clients with discounts may benefit both sides. Think well about the strategy, then follow it.

  3. Pay attention to the most popular beauty trends. The tendencies decide what your audience will like tomorrow. Use it for your salon's benefit.

  4. Collaborate with reliable influencers. The most important is to choose the blogger wisely, so explore his works, reputation, and, sure, pricing.

  5. Storytelling is maybe one of the most challenging points, but it is worth doing. Post your materials the way it creates a unique story. Make followers see that the story is real. Be honest and open. It takes time, but skillful storytelling can boost any account.

Beauty salon online appointment software

Now, let's see how to maintain business using the software. CRM is one of the most popular ways as it:

There are two types of software beauty parlor owners usually choose – local or on-premises solutions to store the data on their servers and global CRM with open code. You can access this salon software via the Internet without additional equipment.

How to choose beauty salon software?

There is no one way but let's see the most common algorithm of its selection.

  1. Look at the existing software. Analyze its features.

  2. Understand the functions you would like to use.

  3. Compare the providers that offer the options you need.

  4. Consult with colleagues and read users' reviews.

  5. Decide on the most attractive solution.

EasyWeek: the best solution for small and medium businesses

EasyWeek is a trustworthy beauty salon software provider that works all around the globe. We serve more than a thousand clients, offering affordable solutions since 2018.

We launched the startup right before the lockdown, so we 100% know how automation scales businesses.

Among the benefits a salon gets after the EasyWeek connection are:

  • 24/7 online appointments.

  • Free widget and website creation.

  • Business and financial analytics.

  • Staff motivation via convenient scheduling and understandable booking.

  • A pack of marketing helpers: QR-codes, emails, SMS, push notifications, etc.

There is no wrong time to improve the performance. EasyWeek offers the two weeks free trial. So, make your salon business more effective, and feel free to write us in case of any queries or feedback.

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