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Salon vaccination check-in


  1. Post-Covid-19 era for beauty salons

  2. Trends for hair and nail studios 2022

  3. Covid-19 risks for beauty

  4. Post-Covid beauty: how to scale

  5. Importance of beauty salon software

#1 Post-Covid-19 era for beauty salons

Humanity has accepted the Covid-19 challenge. Well, we had no other choice. Since early 2020, businesses have to manage their performance according to the strict laws the virus dictates. The beauty business has survived total lockdown and income loss. It has taught entrepreneurs to think in advance. Being flexible and ready to change with time is essential.

2022 seems to be a better time for the niche of beauty services. Half of the US population has understood the importance of vaccination. So 59%, or more than 194 mln people, have been fully vaccinated. However, the number of not completed vaccinations is 70% or more than 230 million US citizens.

The government has forced the country to understand the challenge we've faced. One of the tools is complete vaccination check-in. Starting with 4th November 2021, a client cannot get any hair or nail service without being fully vaccinated. The law also works for restaurants, cinemas, museums, theaters, etc. If people want to continue their life before the pandemic, they have to get a vaccine. That is a modern rule.

Well, clients have to be vaccinated, and beauty salons are obliged to check their vaccination certificates.

Don't worry! There is nothing complicated. Salon managers can quickly and easily check the vaccination via the beauty salon software and Play Market and Apple Store apps. Managing the post-covid Business has become more accessible thanks to the salon schedulers and CRMs. Today, we'll see how the beauty salon online appointment software changed the beauty market and allowed the Business to grow and increase revenue. It'll be an exciting journey!

Yes, you do. The newest restrictions allow beauty salon owners to work only with fully vaccinated customers. It is possible to check the vaccination via scanning the QR-code on the certificate. If a customer has medical restrictions to vaccination, he has to get the paper on it.

At the end of November 2021, the max load is 75% of vaccinated clients.

Yes, beauty salon employees have to be fully vaxxed according to the law of 4th November 2021.

The last two years have slowed down the beauty industry. At the beginning of the pandemic, clients couldn't get the desired services. As a result, a lot of salons were closed. Some of them couldn't survive the crazy 2021 competition.

For a few years, customers have stayed at home. They didn't care about various beauty services as the world slowed down, so they made the demand. Now, at the end of 2021, the beauty demand is crazy. Customers, who sat at home for so long, require creative nail designs, fantasy haircuts, complicated makeup, and much more. Finally, people are ready to pay for the quality service they want to get. So, it is a perfect time to rebrand your salon. Let's see how to adapt it to the current situation.

The post-Covid tendencies 2022

  • The market has left many competitors. Only the most vital players could survive the Covid battle. However, it doesn't mean that succeeding got easier. Clients became too picky, so now they require the best quality service and handy out-of-salon communication.

  • CRMs became popular. Beauty salon software has become pretty attractive for many salon owners. It simplifies the booking process, attracts clients, and helps with marketing.

  • Clients tend to choose conceptual salons. Now clients would like to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere together with getting the service.

  • Fantasy haircuts, nail ideas, and makeup are in demand. Because most of the clients stayed at home for so long, they require something extra. The quality is still essential, but the service has to stand out. Unusual designs and extravagant things have replaced the Classic.

#3 Covid-19 risks for beauty

The beauty has already felt the Covid-19 impact. And, sure, no one wants to handle such pressure again. Anyway, we have what we have. So, the best you can do is to adapt. The main risk of 2022 is being too standard, which means being unable to change. Staying flexible is as vital as never. Make sure you have some ideas in case your beauty business goes down. Plan B could save many competitors who didn't survive the pandemic.

TOP-3 risks of the post-Covid-19 period

  1. Inflexible business planning may lead your salon to failure. Consider preparing one or two options in case something goes wrong.

  2. Absence of online presence. The pandemic is finally close to its ending. However, clients have already got used to consuming the data via various social networks. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have become the best platforms for e-commerce. Make sure you have an attractive account, quality content, and frequent updates. Never ignore such an effective sales channel as social media.

  3. Unautomated routines. Human contact exclusion time is the best to implement salon software.

#4 Post-Covid beauty: how to scale

Boosting sales and growing during Covid may sound like a fairytale. But there are some tips to scale any beauty business in 2022. Let's look at the main ones to see whether you are ready to scale right now.

Life hacks to scale Business in 2022

  1. Minimize risks. Online appointments will save your visitors and staff from many issues concerning the pandemic.

  2. Retail online. If you've sold some stuff before, continue doing it via the Internet. Many salons have doubled their profit using this hack. One of the most famous examples is "Tenoverten," a beauty salon based in New York.

  3. Rely on pre-booking. If you have to close for some time, offer your guests the pre-booking feature to develop the Business.

  4. Reduce the number of services & maximize their quality. During the pandemic, it is better to lean on only the most popular services you offer. Improve their quality, and make sure the clients are satisfied.

  5. Allow cancellation. Well, you have to do it to avoid no-shows. Guests will be calmer, knowing that they can cancel the appointment any time if they feel bad. Usually, visitors do not overuse this feature, and the trust in the place rises.

  6. Empower employees to stay home in case they feel sick. A lot of salons neglect this detail and lose. Motivate staff to be responsible for the space and clients they serve.

  7. Keep the premises clean and safe. It is one of the main Covid requirements. We are sure you've already cleaned the salon well but do it a bit more thoroughly to satisfy guests in this challenging time.

#5 Importance of beauty salon software

One of the most effective ways to stay profitable and grow is by connecting salon booking software. It'll automate the processes, save time, and optimize human resources.

EasyWeek salon appointment software offers:

  • QR-code check-in via the Attributes Module. It'll optimize vaccination check-ins.

  • Online appointments via the site, widget, and a booking link.

  • A free landing.

  • Financial and Business analytics.

  • Handy online calendar to schedule staff timetables.

  • The ability to work with assets. In case you offer not only employee services but also massage rooms or SPAs for booking.

  • Integration with all the most popular systems.

  • Fast, professional support.

EasyWeek would be happy to scale together. Would you like to try the software right now? We've got many special offers and pleasant discounts in case you do.

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