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Starting a kid's hair salon

Opening a kid's hair salon prospects

Hair salons for kids are among the most popular businesses of the last time. They open all around the globe and grow extremely fast. The niche is relatively new and prosperous as it has almost no competitors. However, be ready to work hard as any business connected to services for children demands meticulous preparations, many licenses and permits, and a lot of time.

So, why is it so popular? The answer is pretty logical – people tend to spend a lot of resources on their children. Almost every mom and dad will definitely do anything to make the child happy and other parents jealous. That is why various services for kids are in trend.

In the USA and Europe, many young entrepreneurs are ready to invest in prosperous businesses. Therefore, investing in a kids' hair salon is good as the industry is in demand. Moreover, there are not too many competitors. Besides, it is very similar to opening an ordinary beauty salon.

Indeed, starting a beauty salon looks very similar to opening a kids' hair salon. There are almost the exact organizational and administrative mechanisms. However, work with children still has peculiarities. Just learn them, and it will be alright.

Children are very emotional and sensitive, so you will need to find an approach to satisfy them. Kids are your clients, and they have to be happy. To meet these young picky customers, be ready to order a set of colorful chairs and tables. You will need unique furniture shaped like flowers, mermaids, cars, etc. And, sure, comfortable chairs and tables for teenagers.

To open a hair salon for children, you will need to invest at least $40 000. The maximum investment varies as many details influence the cost. The average payback period of the business is from 8 to 12 months, and the company can reach its break-even point in 3-5 months.

How does a kid's hair studio work

The kid's beauty salon format appeared in response to a parent's request to provide their children with the best. A unique atmosphere and child-friendly staff distinguish the kids' hair salons from the others. Even though children are your main clients, the target audience is parents – adults 25-50 years old with an average or high income. It means that interior, design, light, and music have to stay pleasant for kids and those who pay for the service.

Kid's hair salon services are usually divided into basic and additional ones.

Basic kids hair salon services:

  • regular and model haircuts,

  • shaving with a machine,

  • hair dying,

  • braiding and styling,

  • haircut for babies.

Additional service to help you with increasing the average check:

  • makeup for kids,

  • manicure and pedicure for children,

  • ear piercing,

  • face painting.

The primary service consumers are children and teenagers of 3 – 13 years old. Older kids are more likely to visit regular beauty salons to feel on par with adults.

Premises for starting a kids hair studio

To open a kid's hair salon, you will have to find premises of at least 40 – 50 sq.m. Therefore, residential areas are among the top locations to open a kid's hair salon.

There are several placement options:

  • ground and basement floors in residential complexes,

  • shopping malls and family entertainment centers.

When selecting premises, pay attention to the location, flow of visitors at different day periods. Think about whether there are any interesting places for your target audience – for example, kindergartens, schools, sports centers, and children's stores.

The main demand will fall on weekday evenings and weekends, due to the work schedule of parents.

Kids hair salon interior and equipment

Beauty salons for kids have a unique atmosphere. They have to be colorful, stylish, and funny. And, of course, comfortable! Children appreciate comfort even more than adults.

Usually, beauty salons for children have the following zones:

  • reception and waiting area in salon for parents,

  • treatment room,

  • play and/or multimedia area,

  • room for staff.

Kids hair salon equipment

Let's look at the kid's beauty salon equipment considering a beauty parlor for four clients without manicure and pedicure services.

The basic set includes:

  • Hairdressing chair – 2 pcs.

  • Car-shaped baby child seat – 2 pcs.

  • Mirror – 4 pcs.

  • Cabinet for inventory – 4 pcs.

  • Sink chair – 2 pcs.

  • Sink for the treatment room – 2 pcs.

  • Reception desk – 1 pc.

  • 2 sofas or 4 armchairs and a coffee table for the waiting area.

  • TVs – 2 pcs.

  • Game Zone.

  • Office furniture.

  • Bathroom.

  • Electric kettle, coffee machine, refrigerator, microwave.

  • Electric shavers, hairdryers, combs.

Plus, remember you will need to order consumables every month. The most common are shampoos, hair dyes, balms, hair masks, etc.

To check which licenses and permits you will need to open a beauty salon, go to this article.

Steps to open a kids hair salon

To open a kid's hair salon from scratch, you will need a few months and the 9 steps.

  1. Create a detailed business plan. Include there all the risks, expenses, and possible profit. Remember that you will have to invest in the new business. Usually, entrepreneurs do it by themselves, find investors, or open a salon using a franchise.

  2. Decide on the legal form of a business organization. To do it, you will have to consult a specialist as the peculiarities of every legal structure varies from state to state. For a beauty salon, it is allowed to get a sole proprietorship or LCC.

  3. Select the location and premises. Once you have chosen the premises, sign an agreement. You can find new premises or buy an already existing beauty parlor.

  4. Renovate the premises. The best idea is to select a designer to do the style for you. Interior is critical when working with kids. Stay cheerful and bright. Renovate the premises with vivid bright colors, add a bit of cartoon, and the style is ready.

  5. Purchase equipment. Equipment is very important as it is your primary tool. Choose comfortable quality furniture. If your salon is low-budget, consider buying second-hand furniture. In this case, check it well.

  6. Hire your dream team. The team is the face of your beauty salon. Hair specialists have to stay optimistic and cheerful, professional, and kids friendly.

  7. Make sure you have finished all the licenses and permits before opening. Getting them takes time, so be ready to wait 2 – 3 months.

  8. Beauty salon promotion. A new beauty salon will need a website, select a handy CRM system and start a promo campaign. Prepare mailings, hand out leaflets, collaborate with other beauty salons. There are many free options! Always research the nearest competitors and the services they provide.

  9. Open your own kid's hair salon! Host a grand opening ceremony to attract local customers.

Financial plan of the kid's hair studio

The initial investment greatly depends on the location, services, and beauty salon class.

The initial investments for opening a kids hair salon include:

  • Rent.

  • Renovation and design.

  • Advertising (including ordering signage and website creation).

  • Kids barber chair.

  • Different baby seats: planes, mermaid, etc.

  • Computer equipment.

  • Mirror + cabinet for inventory.

  • Salon hair washing chairs.

  • TVs.

  • Furniture for the waiting area, including a reception desk and a wardrobe.

  • Multimedia or/and gaming zone.

  • Furniture and equipment for staff.

  • Consumables and tools for the team.

The initial investment depends on the area where you will open a kid's beauty salon. Usually, you will have to invest at least $40 000.

Regular expenses of the kid's hair salon include:

  • Staff commission.

  • Investment in promotion.

  • Ordering consumables.

Remember that financial success depends on the quality of products you use, the services you provide, and the attitude you treat kids with. To avoid many mistakes, including human error, select a handy CRM system. For example, EasyWeek salon scheduling software will help with beauty salon process optimization, making your teamwork more effective.

Kids hair salon promotion

Demand is high, so naturally, many competitors appear. Nowadays, we still have a relatively free market of kids' services, but it is rapidly changing. You don't need much to attract new clients: offer quality services and promote the beauty salon.

Steps to promote a beauty salon:

A marketing plan of a kids beauty salon may include the following hacks:

  • Limited time offers.

  • "Bring a friend" promotions.

  • Accumulative discount cards.

  • Social media promotions.

  • Gifts and souvenirs to guests from children's goods stores (if you collaborate and mutually advertise each other).

We have mentioned that kids' beauty salons are usually located in residential areas, so do not ignore local clients. Think about attraction activities for them as well. It can be:

  • Discount flyers and leaflets.

  • Advertising banner at the entrance or/and on the windows.

  • Advertising posters in local children's institutions.

Start promotion in advance. You can prepare flyers and banners 2-3 weeks before opening, same with internet ads.

The Opening day has to be remarkable. Make a fest! Hire animators, order cakes and drinks, then offer gifts for the first customers. Here you can be creative. Just make sure your budget allows it.

Opening a kids hair salon by franchise

A franchise is a good solution for those who have no idea how and where to start. You will get a ready-made business plan, support from the management company, and a famous name. Sounds good, right?

It works well when you plan well. Before signing an agreement, pay attention to the following:

  • entrance fee,

  • support and advisory system,

  • declared financial characteristics,

  • training.

A reliable franchisor always offers training, an adequate entrance fee, and good support. Once you find the one, check whether it works well in your district and conclude an agreement.

Booking software for salon

Any business has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, hair studios for children are a good niche, but beginners must remember that working with kids requires special preparation, organization, and strong nerves.

The market is relatively empty, so it is a promising start-up. But, the main thing everyone has to remember is that it has to be well-planned. Every trifle matters as later it can cause many problems. And we do not want it.

The main risks are:

  • Low-quality service: pay attention to the previous experience of the specialists, their communicative skills, and child-friendliness.

  • Low demand and a small flow of customers: the niche is free, but you should not wait for many visitors if you do nothing to attract and retain them.

It is possible to minimize the risks if you select a well-working salon booking system such as EasyWeek software.

EasyWeek offers:

  • 24/7 online booking via widget and website.

  • A free website that is created automatically.

  • Financial module to pay salaries, reward and collect fines.

  • Notification for staff and clients: email, SMS, push.

  • QR codes for promotion: stick them all around and get even more attention.

Every beauty salon needs a handy salon booking system and services for kids also. Try EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software for free to see how well it works for your business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team, they will be glad to help you.

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