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Yoga studio software

The popularity of yoga as a business niche

Do you have any problems with your back, neck, weight, nerve system, or other health issues? And do you still think pills are the only possible solution to relieve the pain? On the one hand, yes, they help. But on the other hand, there are so many better options. There are a few different ways to heal from pain and get healthier. Yoga is one of the best solutions when talking about health problems.

Let's see why yoga is an excellent business to start now. This kind of fitness is in demand – so many clients would be happy to spend an hour or two in a comfortable yoga studio. So an entrepreneur has to offer them this opportunity.

The first thing to do is to analyze the market and determine your target audience. We'll hint – 90% of women who'd like to get fit are the target audience of any yoga classes. The females who enjoy the comfort and high-quality services are your main clients. Nowadays, people have stopped calling to make an appointment – statistics show that yoga centers with online booking win against those with only a phone option.

It happens because clients, who are ready to spend on yoga services, would better exercise and make appointments in the most comfortable ways. Yoga, the same as the beauty industry, depends on satisfied clients. So offering the best quality training isn't enough anymore. A business owner must stay innovative to stand out among the various yoga studios. Appointment scheduling software is an easy way of improving service quality without significant investments.

Yoga helps with relaxing the body and soul. This kind of sport isn't just some fitness. No, yoga helps to feel your inner energy while improving your body shape. That is one of the main reasons why yoga is loved worldwide. It suits clients and business owners who want to open a business to make money and help people.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, keep reading. This article will talk about the main items you have to know when starting any fitness studio and the importance of appointment scheduling software.

The first necessary thing to do – is to understand your target audience and their needs.

Yoga studio as a business

Why do I need customer management software?

You've got the idea that a good CRM allows appointments online and doesn't cost much. But what else? Let's find out the necessary items of CRMs' popularity and importance.

Customer management systems are trendy and always in high demand, mainly because they can automatically cope with tasks. Therefore, business people tend to select and implement the best software quickly.

The first CRM system appeared in the early 2000s. Sure, it wasn't the same system we have now, but it was a massive breakthrough for the services world. Since that time, various programs have been created all around the globe. They help to satisfy clients, increase revenue, optimize business processes, etc.

Modern CRM is a complicated mechanism allowing people to do their main tasks automatically. If you have a friendly CRM, the software will offer a template, then fill in the papers with or without your help.

Online appointments for yoga classes

How do CRMs help yoga businesses?

Modern software simplifies everything possible. However, it doesn't mean your yoga studio will stay with simple software. On the contrary, with a professional CRM, all the yoga studio processes will be automized and optimized.

Users highly appreciate CRMs for their ability of online appointments. Indeed, round-the-clock booking is an extra good and convenient thing. For example, imagine the situation when a mom of 2 kids dreamed about yoga class all day but had no time to grab a phone and call to make an appointment. Then she'll return home and try to book a service outside your work hours. And she failed because the booking was unavailable as the yoga studio only accepts calls during working hours.

Things are much brighter when talking about yoga with CRM connected. A tired mom can make an appointment after returning home and getting a free minute. There is no need to wait till tomorrow so that you won't lose the client, and the woman won't feel sad because she couldn't make an appointment when she wanted.

Online appointment is the first thing to be connected after the studio is ready to welcome guests. It will save your staff time and effort while dealing with calls and messages. Now they won't lose any second, and you won't lose any cent.

What are the other pluses of a good CRM?

Of course, the benefits of connecting an intelligent scheduler continue beyond online appointments. They are essential, but it's just 30% of all the possible pluses you'll get. So let's research all the benefits your yoga studio will receive by connecting a sound CRM system:

  • A detailed customer database helps to work with clients most efficiently. You'll retain your existing clients and attract new ones.

  • Marketing tools. While selecting the software for your yoga studio, make sure it is packed with marketing tools to stand out among the competitors and promote the business.

  • Business analytics. It is essential to see how your business works and what is better to be improved. Choosing software with good business analytics features will save money and nerves.

  • Tools for staff motivation. CRM will be a good helper in staff motivation. By automating many processes, you can reduce the number of low-qualified workers. So you'll work only with professionals.

EasyWeek is a good choice for those who want to improve their business but don't want to spend much on it.

EasyWeek appointment scheduling for yoga classes

EasyWeek appointment scheduling

Why is EasyWeek better than its competitors? – you may think. Here are the top 10 functions for which you'll like the service as our clients and we do:

  1. An appointment is easy to make, edit, or cancel in a few clicks! A client can choose any available slot, find all the data about the team, etc. Always offer your visitors the ability to cancel or edit appointments. Statistics show that it is the only way to reduce no-shows.

  2. A customer can make an appointment via social networks. Don't lose such an excellent tool to "catch" your loyal audience and get better revenue.

  3. An administrator can finally rest a bit. The software will cope with all the reports, notifications, and reminders without his help. Automatically track your business results and control finances.

  4. EasyWeek offers QR codes to advertise your yoga studio by sticking them all around. Print the codes, and offer your clients another way of making appointments – via the code!

  5. The finance module works very well for salary calculations, rewards, or collecting fines.

  6. The yoga studio owner can now do a good loyalty program in a few clicks! Just enter all the bonuses you'd like to offer, so your clients will be tuned in and always remember your yoga studio.

  7. Manage memberships easily.

  8. Enjoy consumable stock management.

  9. All the clients are in one handy customer database. You can use it to create special offers, promotions, and other valuable things.

  10. Get your free website!

Yoga studio management software


This multi-featured yoga studio software supports all financial operations and helps yoga center managers and owners focus on other things.

Set up EasyWeek to track in real-time how your yoga studio is developing. The price of our system is based on the rate plan you choose, which means you only pay for the tools you think are important. To get a closer look at the program, sign up for the 2-week trial.

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Get instant access to all of EasyWeek's features. Increase conversion rate, decrease no-shows and improve customer experience.

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