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Free website for psychology & coaching businesses

Free website for psychology & coaching businesses

Everything about therapy and psychology website creation. Discover how to get a user-friendly website with an online booking widget for your coaching or psychology business.

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The number of psychological consultants and coaches is increasing daily and is constantly growing in big cities and small towns. Competition in this field is relatively high, so the work with clients has a crucial role. A website with an intuitive interface where people can make appointments online is essential in client management.

Today, we will see how to create a free, handy website for coaches and psychologists. Let's start; it may be helpful for your company!

Online appointment software is one of the best solutions for such a business. It covers business management and marketing, which is often more than enough to start.

With the EasyWeek appointment scheduler, you can create a website with an online appointment widget for free in every tariff plan.

Connecting EasyWeek is one of the most efficient options to get online appointments on Facebook and other popular social media.

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Why coaches and psychologists need a website

An online resource is needed to attract new clients and get their feedback. Coaches and psychologists need something to make themselves known. This can be done, for example, by creating a personal blog on the website. Not only media representatives but also employees of educational institutions looking for new lecturers and charismatic speakers for discussion panels and similar events study psychologists' websites.

At the introductory stage, professionals are asked why they chose this therapeutic method and how they learned about it. Usually, the answer is a story about a colleague, a teacher, or a friend who told about the technique and was fascinated and "infected" with the desire to try it.

However, a psychologist who can describe cases from practice captivating is attractive to listen to and read. Many are interested in how the work of a psychologist goes. Psychology students often wonder which method is best for them. Your blog will be helpful. You can also post notes about your methods on social media, but a personal website gives you more respect as a professional. On the website, describe how you can help: what services you offer, what problems you work with. Don't forget to indicate the price per session and its duration.

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How to set up a free website for psychologists and coaches

Developing a website is a long and complex process. First, you need a professional to fill the website with quality content according to your requirements. However, the system integrator should also be able to maintain the website afterward. All this requires high investment and systematic server fees. Start-up entrepreneurs usually cannot afford such costs. Meanwhile, website building can significantly improve a company's ranking and promote its services.

An affordable option is to design your website using Tilda, WordPress, and other free online services. Investing money is unnecessary, but you must be fully involved and decide on the nuances yourself. Another convenient option is to sign up for EasyWeek, an online appointment service. A private psychologist or coach can use the software for free, and you will receive a ready-made website for your business as a bonus.

Company information on the EasyWeek website:

  • Detailed description of services and costs;

  • Photos;

  • Map, contacts;

  • Comment block;

  • Integration with social networks;

  • FAQ;

  • Widget for online customer data.

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Advantages of online appointments for a psychologist

Let's look at the top 5 reasons to set up an online appointment for your services:

  1. The app works 24/7 – clients can book anytime from their phone or computer.

  2. Guests book without distracting you from your appointments.

  3. The system reminds the psychologist and patients of available appointments.

  4. Integration with social networks is also a benefit.

  5. The software allows you to segment your clients and develop individual loyalty programs.

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Psychologists and coaches are professionals who aim to help people with mental health. It is a profitable profession that is always in demand. Providing information on the website that is useful for users will be a great way to enrich your clientele. Talk about:

  • your education, skills, and methods;

  • describe how the sessions will be held;

  • add photos and client reviews.

A website for a coach or psychologist is a perfect tool to inform, attract, and retain clients. A well-designed site will promote the professional doctor online and boost his reputation.

You can easily get it all by connecting EasyWeek online appointment software.

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