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Massage therapy business website: why do you need it?


Taking care of your health is now trendy. Health is not only the disease's absence but holistic well-being, so everything, including massage, is essential. The services offered vary, and the market is vast and colourful because the number of masseurs has doubled in the last 10 years.

In such a competitive environment, it's good to make sure you have the best possible online presence. This article looks at the benefits of creating your massage studio website.

Pay attention to the following aspects when creating your business plan: creative name, professional outdoor advertising, high-quality interior decoration, online appointment booking system.

Many health apps and appointment-making software are on the market, so it is sometimes difficult to understand what to focus on when choosing. You can read an article on this topic on our blog.

You can integrate different services via widgets. For example, EasyWeek salon software provides a free website where you can add icons with links to your social networks, allowing a two-way flow of users.

Website for masseurs

Advantages of a website for massage studios

There are two types of massages: wellness massages and therapeutic massages. Unlike commercial masseurs, who enhance general well-being, therapeutic masseurs treat specific illnesses.

People are very interested in getting a prescription from the doctor because then the costs are covered by insurance. Therefore, one might assume that healing masseurs have no shortage of clients under these circumstances and that the website is not that important to them. However, even if one disregards the obvious (e.g. that it is not profitable to limit potential clients to people with medical diagnoses), this view remains wrong for several reasons:

  • Salon search

    Your potential clients do their research on the internet before contacting your massage studio. Therefore, your findability on the internet plays a crucial role in your business development. If your website is more clickable, customers will easily find it via Google. However, you can only increase findability effectively and precisely through SEO measures, which is not the case with social networks.

  • Stand out from competitors

    Every studio needs to highlight its unique features. Otherwise, you can get lost among the more successful competitors. One of the advantages of having your homepage is that a masseur can present himself more individually.

  • Not bound by specific rules

    Every social network involves a specific format of interaction with users. Sometimes it is an advantage, but if you can't get enough of Facebook or Instagram, the website is exactly what you need. If a user is looking for a specific treatment or detailed information, he is usually not interested in the entertainment available on social media. Instead, you could offer him more comprehensive blog posts with various tips, facts and advice.

Massage therapy business

Massage Therapy Website by EasyWeek

Although there are significant benefits to having your website, many massage therapists don't bother. One possible reason may be that website development is complicated, lengthy, and not cheap. Besides setting up the website, you also pay for the webspace and all the necessary features.

A masseur who wants to start his own business has the following options:

  • First, you can find a professional who will design your website nicely and clearly and maintain it in the future. It is a reliable but quite expensive option.

  • One creates his website with the help of website builders (e.g. WordPress or Tilda). This option is free but very time-consuming because if you don't have the necessary experience, it will take a very long time to create a perfect homepage.

  • You set up an EasyWeek account, install the software and get a website for free. It looks like a landing page and contains your activity description, services and prices, links to social media, photos, reviews, opening hours, etc. All the information is arranged and easy to find.

Most importantly, you can establish your website as a one-stop-shop by linking it to Instagram, Facebook or even your messengers.

On top of that, they still get to make appointments online, making your job a lot easier. Usually, a masseur spends all his working time with the client. In practice, he is generally not available for potential clients by phone. Of course, one could indicate an exact time on the homepage if one can take calls. However, many people are used to solving such problems quickly and are not willing to wait.

A booking widget is convenient because your customers can choose and book appointments. Moreover, they don't need to wait for the confirmation: the system sends all notifications automatically. This way, you don't lose potential clients and build effective communication with them.

Beauty salon website template


If people can't find you on the internet, you don't exist in reality. The website is a business card that positively highlights your massage studio from competitors.

EasyWeek salon software offers a free plan for independent masseurs and paid PRO plans with flexible pricing for massage studios and even studio chains. No matter what option you choose, you will get a free website for your business.

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