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Commercial display on reception

Content on connected screens and TV

Modern technologies positively influence services and products. For example, you can place a TV at the reception, so your guests will see all the actual data about your services. The main thing is to choose the right device and digital signage system.

A reception area is a place for administrators and a waiting area for your guests. Its convenience influences all the company as it deals with clients' impressions.

Commercial displays are popular in banks, hotels, airports, beauty salons, etc. They can be distinguished by design, quality, and broad feature range. Moreover, such modern laptops allow handy client interaction. For example, you can present your clients with new campaigns, special offers, and price lists. It is also an excellent tool for daily reminders.

The main difference between these models is the technical side. TV has an inbuilt tuner, using which you can look for TV channels. Display transfers the data you provide via computer. Price influences the number of features you will get. For example, you can add a tuner or loudspeakers to the standard display.

TV features for business

The reception desk is your face. Its appearance influences the final customer impression and experience. The main administrator's task is to create the right atmosphere and provide clients with the latest company information. TV is a great helper for this.

Corporate TVs allow displaying all the essential information, including marketing offers, prices, and schedules. Typically, standard TVs cannot cope with such problems.

Corporate TV is handy for:

  • Presenting the essential data to clients.

  • Entertainment TV shows.

  • Ads.

The information on a TV screen looks better and more trustworthy than in oral form. It doesn't look too pushy. Instead, customers feel motivated and encouraged.

Corporate TVs are better than standard TVs as it is possible to introduce company TV channels and other perks. Such TVs are popular for many businesses. For example, banks use them to display data about shares and to invest. Schools show scheduling, beauty salons – service prices, QR codes for making appointment, etc.

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Benefits of the TV at the reception area:

Smart technologies are beneficial for business optimization. Often, they offer all the essential equipment to boost sales. The most popular among them are online assistants and cloud technologies. Innovative software for business solves a bunch of business issues:

  • Sales boost. It is beneficial for related product sales.

  • Time economy. Automatization saves time and effort.

  • Routine minimization. There is no need to repeat the essential data. Present it on the TV screen!

  • Communication issues solving.

  • There is no need to contact clients directly.

  • Improved social image and feedback.

  • Good client experience.

  • Staff motivation.

Benefits for customers

TV attracts clients and creates a positive impression. If guests had a good experience at your company, they would advise it to their friends. That is why working on the emotional part of your business is essential.

Advice on reception TV selection

Each model has its role. There are 3 TV types:

  • Laptops for hotels;

  • Professional displays;

  • Video walls.

Hotel TVs

TV screens for hotels, fitness and beauty receptions provide guests with needed data: schedule, entertainment. They are also a handy tool for ad showing.

Professional commercial displays

It is a good option for shopping malls, entertainment businesses, boutiques, conference halls, etc. The professional display will help you to attract more customers. An additional benefit is that you can set it up fast and effectively.

Video walls for broadcast

These technologies fit for different types of configurations. For example, you can connect two or more screens. Bright rooms require LED equipment. For dark ones – plasma.

When choosing a TV, please pay attention to its characteristics: brightness and sound. Make sure the video is well-displayed. It is significant for further work. Sound has to be balanced. Too loud sound can irritate. Brightness is better to set on medium so you won't damage the image.


Innovative software will positively influence your brand image. So do not neglect modern solutions. Try them!

Reception TV is an excellent choice for seamless management and client communication. You can inform your guests about the company updates and boost company sales effortlessly. Try and see how well it works!

Broadcast your company timetable with Liqvid and EasyWeek integration

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