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Creating company logo: tips and tricks

What is a logo, and what is its role

Each brand has its logo. This tiny detail often plays a vivid role in marketing and client relationships management. The logo is the first thing customers see. It is the face of your business and the soul of creative marketing. Starbucks, McDonald's, Chanel: everyone has their unique logo. Would you like to create yours? Then keep reading this article. Today, we will see how to make and register a logo without effort.

A logo is a part of the company's image. It is a powerful marketing tool. A company needs a logo to stand out from the competition. When creating a logo, consider the features you want to show. This tiny image will talk about your brand 24/7. So, being careful with meaning is a must. Many brands create logos that demonstrate their values and history. It is a great option, and you may also use it.

Be careful with logo design. Creating a logo may seem easy, in theory, of course. In reality, each detail has to be very well-thought-out. It takes time and effort. In addition, the logo has to be tightly associated with your product. Even if you want a minimalistic design, choose it with patience. It is better to spend more time on logo selection than solving the issues created by a bad social image.

Feature of a good logo:

  • Emotional impact. Clients will remember your brand better.

  • Improved visual contact between your company and customers.

  • Optimized social image.

  • You will get more attention to your brand.

  • Informational function. The logo can tell more about your brand and values.

  • A logo is an acceptable way to differ.

  • An excellent logo will motivate clients to buy from you.

A logo will form a positive impression of your brand. That is possible because of its emotional, informational, and psychological features.

The definition of a trademark is more expansive. It means that the logo was registered and is now protected from copying. A logo can be a trademark only when patented.

All the options work. Choose a logo according to your brand idea and values.

Yes, why not? If you know how to design, you can do that. However, we would recommend showing your work to a professional graphic designer. It will save you from trouble later.

A logo as a trademark is a handy tool to create a loyal audience. The main thing is that the logo has to be associated with something positive. Then, you can add some features to make it original. Usually, symbols are used in the following sources:

  • ads,

  • packaging,

  • website,

  • widget,

  • social media,

  • leaflets & posters.

Using this corporate sign, you can stand out from the competition. Companies invest in logos to improve brand image and boost sales. It also helps to create a healthy relationship with your audience.

You can see logos outside and inside – they are everywhere. People will barely buy goods from a brand they've never heard about. So the more you advertise and show your logo, the better your profit will be. It works because people first pay for the brand, then for the product, even if it costs more.

Here you can see an example of a logo as a piece of customized QR code for online appointments. This one was created in the EasyWeek system.

Customized QR-code for online appointments

Everyone can create a pleasant design. Let us show you the main steps of its creation:

  • Use a graphic editor of your choice. There you will be able to draw a logo for free. This option involves graphic design skills, but some variants do not require any design education.

  • Work with a logo generator. This option will cost about $10. You can create a free logo using the service's icons, colours, and fonts. Then, if you like it and want to download the final result, the system will ask for compensation. It is better to imagine what you want first. Then you can apply the image you have to the service.

  • Hire a freelancer. You can also find a designer to create a logo for you. The price will be higher than the price of a logo generator, but this option is preferable. You can always use a logo generator to show designers what you want. They will have less effort while making the logo of your dreams.

  • Collaborate with a marketing agency. A marketing agency may look like one of the best options for logo creation. By signing a contract with an agency, you will get the best possible results as the team includes graphic designers and other marketing experts. The only thing to remember is that agency should have positive reviews. Check them before signing any papers. It is your guarantee of fine work.

The final price depends on the logo you want: a professional one will cost more, but you can also create it yourself. The paid option will cost you starting from $10 and up to a few thousand for a famous designer name.

Advices on logo creation

When creating a brand logo, you must pay attention to many details.

How to make a logo for your brand:

  1. Before signing any papers, or study reviews on the agency or freelancer, you will work with. A quality logo will boost sales, but a poorly-made one can ruin your reputation. You can get some inspiration from competitors but never copy their works.

  2. Draw your logo yourself. First, you can try to draw your ideas. Do it a lot and often till all the pictures are on paper. Then, choosing one and creating a good logo with a graphic designer will be easier.

  3. Find a suitable graphic editor. There are many of them: free and paid. Try free first, and there is a high chance of finding an acceptable option among them. Pay attention to the editors that allow transforming drawings into digital images. It saves a lot of time and effort.

  4. Select suitable fonts and corporative colours. These elements influence your clients: choose them wisely to create a positive brand image. Use your company colours to create the best logo. It is also an effective hack to improve your professional appearance.

  5. Pay attention to the psychological perception of colours. For example, red colours and their shades are associated with risk. Banks and lawyers should better use other colour shades. Black is a colour of luxury and stability. It is an excellent choice for premium brands, car companies, and legal offices.

A logo is an integral part of a trademark. Therefore, you should pay attention to its details. There are a lot of options to create the logo of your dreams. We are sure that you will find the best one for you.


A good logo can help your brand to stand out among competitors. In addition, it can positively influence sales and brand image. No doubt that this small image is vital. Famous brands invest time and effort in their logos, and you can do the same. This work will pay back soon, guaranteed.

Connect CRM once you've created the best logo for your brand. This system will offer you a website creation and a handy widget for online appointments. Together with effective marketing, you will stand out from the crowd. Quality is everything, and customers understand that well. So choose EasyWeek to use the best quality software. We work for you 24/7, so you can do more important tasks. That's how smart business works.

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