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Perfect design for your beauty studio

Perfect design for your beauty studio

Learn how to find ideas for your beauty salon design, the colors on trend for 2023, and how to attract more customers.


Opening a beauty salon requires expertise, business acumen, and an appealing design that attracts customers and creates a pleasant ambiance. But how do you find inspiration for an original concept? In this article, we'll look at different ways to find ideas for your beauty salon's design, from observing other salons to using modern AI apps. We also look at color trends for the next few years and how an online appointment program can help attract clients. Also, discover the latest design trends to ensure your beauty salon looks modern and appealing.

There are several ways to get inspiration for an original beauty salon design. Observe other salons, browse magazines and online platforms like Pinterest, or use modern AI apps to help you become imaginative.

An online appointment scheduling software makes it easier for clients to book appointments with you, making the process more convenient and straightforward. An online booking function can make customers more likely to book an appointment with you and stay loyal.

Current design trends for beauty salons include a modern and minimalist aesthetic, natural materials like wood and stone, and plants and green tones for a calming and relaxing atmosphere. An expert lighting design can also help your beauty salon appear in an appealing light.

Beauty studio design via AI

How design helps you build your salon brand

The design of your beauty salon is an expression of your business and the quality of services you provide. In addition, a beautiful design sets your salon apart from other companies and creates a visual brand.

Designing a beauty salon requires more thought than decorating a traditional room or home. It's essential to consider the tastes of various potential clients and create a design that appeals to all.

Beauty salon design plays a vital role in customers' first impressions of your business. All aspects of the décor, including colors, textures, and ambiance, should reflect your salon's brand and give customers a sense of reward when they visit your salon.

If your salon is located on a busy street, an attractive design can help attract passersby and make them want to linger.

Where can I look for inspiration?

You can find visual reference points and inspiration anywhere.

  • For example, use Pinterest, an online platform with many ideas expressed in photos and videos.

  • Design fairs and events in your area can also be a great source of inspiration.

  • Draw inspiration from nature and the environment to choose colors and materials that suit your location.

  • Finally, customer feedback is another source of information about what your customers like and dislike. For example, feedback on the furnishings inside the salon can be helpful if you're planning a rebrand or remodel.

  • Another way to fill up ideas is to look at other industries. For example, cafes, clothing stores, or furniture stores can inspire you with their designs.

  • Use graphics apps with artificial intelligence and ask them to generate a salon look based on suggested styles and shades.

  • Look to art and architecture. Museums and art galleries can inspire people with colors, shapes, and materials.

Determine your target audience

In addition to seeking inspiration from various sources, consider your target audience and company values. For example, consider who your customers are (women, men, children) and what appeals to them. Also, think about your brand and what sets it apart from the competition, and create a décor with that information in mind.

For example, if you're opening an eco-friendly beauty salon, the wall decor and furniture should match that. Be sure to remember that the interior should be beautiful, functional, and comfortable to meet customers' needs.

Design ideas for beauty industry

Beauty salon color design

The color scheme of a beauty salon plays an essential role in shaping the brand identity and creating the desired atmosphere. Each color has its meaning and can evoke certain emotions and moods.

Blue is often used in spas and skin care centers because it is calming and refreshing. On the other hand, green conveys a sense of nature and renewal and is often used in salons specializing in hair and nail care. Finally, pink has a feminine and romantic touch and is trendy in salons specializing in manicures and pedicures.

Purple is considered luxurious, soothing, and well-suited for salons specializing in massages and spa treatments. Conversely, white conveys a clean and minimalist feel and is popular in salons focusing on modern and contemporary designs. Finally, black is an elegant and timeless color often used in salons specializing in high-end services.

When choosing a color scheme, consider what colors work well together and what contrasts you want to create. Careful selection and use of colors can help customers feel comfortable in your salon and remember your brand.

Which colors are in trend this year?

The color trends for 2023 are already foreseeable and can be derived from current developments. According to experts, the color trending in 2023 is "Glowing Yellow," a sunny yellow representing optimism and joie de vivre. This warm color suits a beauty salon, creating a positive and inviting atmosphere.

In addition, neutral and earthy shades such as beige, brown, and gray will also remain trendy, as they exude timeless elegance. Green is also expected to play an essential role as nature and sustainability remain in focus – both strong green tones and delicate pastel shades can be used.

Lighting in beauty salon

Beauty salon furniture and lighting

Here are some things to consider when choosing furniture, chandeliers and wall decor:

  • Make sure your furniture is comfortable and functional so your customers can relax.

  • Choose furniture and fixtures that match the style of your salon, such as modern, rustic, or classic.

  • The colors of your furniture should match your color scheme to create a cohesive overall look.

  • Ensure you have enough space for your customers to move freely and feel comfortable.

Lighting's effect on human comfort

  • Use a combination of bright and dim lights to create a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Choose a color temperature for your lighting that matches your color scheme, such as warm yellow or cool white.

  • Ensure your lighting is positioned to illuminate the room and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Beauty salon


In conclusion, the design of your beauty salon is a critical aspect of building a brand and attracting customers. Choosing a color scheme, looking for inspiration from different sources, and designing the interior are crucial to the success of your salon. Remember that the design should be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and practical for your staff and clients.

Another critical consideration is scheduling software like EasyWeek to keep your salon running smoothly. With scheduling software, you can take bookings online, manage employee schedules, and send clients reminders to ensure everyone keeps appointments on time. As a result, appointment scheduling software improves customer service and increases your salon's efficiency. Try EasyWeek for free right now.

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