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The interior design of the barbershops


A barbershop is a men-only area. But here, not only hairdressing and grooming services are offered – one also takes care of the comfort of the visitors. A bar, billiards, relaxing music, and a cosy atmosphere set the barbershop apart from the usual hair salon.

Each owner tries to stand out from the competitors with the barbers' professionalism, additional services, and an unusual salon atmosphere. The question often arises: how do you challenge opening a barbershop, combining trendy styles in design with your individuality?

There is a solution. First, you need to learn about the different types of interiors. Then choose a style you particularly like and add your colours and textures.

A barbershop is a hairdressing salon for men only. The staff in a barbershop are also usually men.

The steps to opening a barbershop are similar to those of opening a beauty salon. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed guide for anyone who wants to open a barbershop.

A barber is a professional in a barbershop who cuts hair, shaves beards and shapes moustaches.

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Loft style in barbershop design

The loft is the most common style in modern beauty salons. It's perfect for large spaces with no partitions to separate the zones. Imagine an empty factory or an unfinished building – these places are often decorated in the loft style. But it's not always the case that furnishing a loft requires a lot of space.

How do you design the interior of your salon in this style?

Emphasise the primary colours and materials: iron, unhewn wood, stone, brick – all these will accentuate the interior of the barbershop.

Lofts do not allow garish colours and objects. Furniture should be in muted tones, and chairs should not stand out from the room's overall look. Pipes, valves and beams can be used as decoration. In black and white or calm tones, graffiti can be applied to brick walls. Also, you should pay attention to lighting fixtures. Minimalism, functionality and rough textures are encouraged here.

What does a classically designed barbershop look like?

The design of the barbershop in the classic style immerses the visitor in the time of the barbers. From the 18th century until today, the image of the barbershop attracts many customers.

Here are the details of such a men's studio:

  • Most of the room is taken up by wooden furniture decorated with carvings.

  • The customer's chair takes up the forms of its predecessor from previous centuries: a leather surface with possible gold elements.

  • The decoration consists of objects from a bygone era. Statuettes, mirrors in carved frames, candlesticks and paintings are on the walls.

  • Warm colours characterise the classical style. Most of the objects in the salon are made of wood and have gilded fittings.

Minimalistic design

The name of the style already gives away what is meant. The minimalist beauty salon space is furnished with simple, only essential furniture. This option is suitable for opening a barbershop for the first time. Interior design requires only a small amount of money.

The features of minimalism in the barbershop design

  • Ample space with workstations,

  • Plain walls and ceilings, occasionally with a light-coloured accent wall,

  • Laminate or hardwood floors,

  • Standard square and rectangular furniture pieces.

  • The decoration is chosen according to the owner's preferences.

Lighting plays a unique role. If it is possible, get as much daylight as possible. It is better to install spotlights so that the lamps do not distract your customers from the general atmosphere of the studio. But sometimes, the lighting fixtures become an original part of the minimalist-style interior.

Modern-style beauty salons

Art Nouveau style appeared in the 19th century and is still in demand two centuries later. The interior of an Art Nouveau barbershop combines several features: chaotically arranged furniture, stained glass, mosaics on the windows, mirrors in asymmetrical frames – you won't find this in any other style.

Among the features of Art Nouveau in interior design are the following:

  • The furniture is smooth and streamlined. Carved monograms complement the angular furniture.

  • The primary palette consists only of natural tones: wood, olive, blue, and light yellow.

  • The lighting fixtures are unconventional.

  • Ensure that every object or accessory matches the overall look.

High-tech in the interior

The high-tech style has similarities with minimalism – only the necessary number of items is used in the interior design. As a rule, the furnishings resemble the technical interior of a futuristic spaceship.

Three colours are preferred: white, black and metallic. Sometimes the designers add a bright accent.

  • Furniture

    Comfortable barber chairs are essential for any interior style. You could also buy some interestingly shaped chairs for your high-tech style barbershop.

  • Flooring

    Screed flooring has become a staple in high-tech barbershops. Together with the lighting, it creates a visual impression of a weightless barbershop.

  • Toolbox

    Hairdressing accessories and razors lying chaotically at a barber's workstation are unsuitable for an ultra-modern design. Instead, use closed, small but spacious toolboxes.

  • Source of light

    Put spotlights into ceilings and walls. Some of them serve as the leading light in the workplace. Others have a decorative function.

Industrial style in barbershops

This style gives new life to unnecessary objects. They become a feature of the barbershop. Only the master's workplace with tools, chair and mirror remains untouched. The industrial style stimulates the imagination of designers.

Here are some examples of unusual ideas typical of this style:

  • Lighting system – bottles instead of lamps.

  • Wardrobe – coat hangers on an iron bar on wheels.

  • Storage of towels in fireproof cupboards.

  • Frames for mirrors made from sewer pipes.

An industrial-style barbershop attracts its customers not only with professional haircuts but also with its unusual interior.

Gothic in beauty salons

The Gothic is described differently by everyone. For some, it is gloomy; for others mysterious and enigmatic. Nevertheless, the style of the Middle Ages has prevailed up to the present day.

The authentic Gothic style preserves the atmosphere of castles with vampires or ghosts. Heavy curtains on windows, glass surfaces, stained glass windows and ceiling beams contribute to this.

A hair salon with a Gothic-inspired interior can look quite different. First, it is crucial to consider the colour scheme. The main background is black. Light purple and dark purple shades go well with this. The choice of materials is enough to give the room a touch of mysticism.

It is important to note that the black tones draw light from the building. Therefore, each workplace should be equipped with as many lighting fixtures as possible.


The choice of barbershop design depends on the owner's preferences and nearby men's beauty salons. However, regardless of the look of the interior, it is essential to consider the following points:

The furniture arrangement should be comfortable for both visitors and your staff. It is important to pay attention to the distance between chairs, position the mirror well and determine the height of the washbasin. Good lighting can help visually divide the space into working and waiting areas.

Do not forget about an area for staff. A tired staff member cannot do their job well, which can affect the quality of service.

Before you buy the materials and furnish the salon in the style you have chosen, we recommend that you calculate the costs and prepare a business plan.

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