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Online appointments for animal psychologist and trainer


Businesses tend to serve people as much as they can. Demand creates its supply, offering customers more and more handy solutions. If you enjoy cars or need them to live fine, there are various car services. If you like beauty, here you go with numerous salons and related stuff. Same with pets. Animal owners require special assistance, so they get them.

Zoo psychology is a popular niche that develops non-stop. Concerning the pandemic and the war in the world, pets suffer the same as humans. They require treatment, and zoo psychologists offer it. Today, we will see how to open a zoo psychology business and select good online appointment software.

This type of business is a medical one, so you have to obtain a license and get a degree. In case you don't want to deal with all this stuff now, consider hiring educated vets to help you while starting. You are allowed to manage a zoo psychology business without any medical education. But in any case, you cannot work as an animal psychologist without it.

The expenses depend on your location, premises and staff. The second things are equipment and marketing budget. Sure, we all want to work better and spend less. But, in some cases, it is wiser to invest at the beginning to avoid troubles later. You will need about $35-40 000 to open a vet practice. Zoo psychology services may be a separate business branch or your primary department.

You can use any online appointment program that fits your needs. If you'd like to take a look at the most popular CRMs for pet psychologists, here you are: EasyWeek, IntraVet, AVImark.

Benefits of pet psychology software

CRM may sound complicated for many. Customer Relationship Management is an intelligent thing to do, but do you know how?

What is pet psychologist CRM?

The special scheduling software allows fast and effective appointments via the Internet. In addition, it often combines business analytics and some financial tools to use daily.

Advantages of animal psychologist software connection:

  • Free and fast online appointments;

  • Handy business analytics that includes financial part;

  • Integrated staff motivation system;

  • Loyalty program features and a client base;

  • A set of marketing helpers to use daily.

The most important thing is to choose the system wisely. Then, let us show you the reliable solution.

EasyWeek online appointment software

EasyWeek is a startup that we launched a few years ago. We provide PRO plans and a free plan for small companies.

EasyWeek PRO and free tariffs

What will I get with the EasyWeek free tariff plan?

The free plan fits self-employed zoopsychologists and vet doctors. You will get a free online appointment system, website, and many free integrations. If you have two and more employees, consider getting one of our PRO tariffs. We have created a flexible system to satisfy as many business people as possible.

We do have a set of PRO tariffs to fulfil the needs of various businesses. If you are working as a team, consider the connection of one of the PRO tariffs.

What will I get with the EasyWeek PRO tariff?

  • Free website, widget and a booking link;

  • An instant search client base;

  • Notifications and reminders for staff and customers;

  • A dozen of reports to generate in a click;

  • 24/7 online appointments;

  • Business and financial analytics;

  • And much more!

How to choose the best zoopsychologist CRM

If you'd love to compare the software first, here are some common tips on its selection.

Guidelines on best zoo psychologist software selection

  • Write down the basic features you would like to use daily.

  • Research the market and choose a few options you like the most: based on the functions you've just written down.

  • Show the options to your colleagues and friends.

  • Leave the list for a few days and come back to it with a fresher mind.

  • Redo the 3-4 steps till you find the ideal solution.

We also advise asking as many people as possible and reading client reviews. These steps will fasten the process, making you more confident in the stuff you are choosing.


Animal psychology and training is a prosperous business to start in 2022. The world has gone crazy, and even pets stress because of this. We can help them altogether by offering our fur friends the help we can.

Veterinary businesses are pretty popular. They do require licenses and investments, but the ROI is also fast. If you have a degree in veterinary, rush to enter the niche. Even if you are still in doubt, consider looking for skilful vets to join you for now. We can change the world together, starting with veterinary software and finishing with better mental help for our pets.

Please, contact EasyWeek team if you want to know more about online appointment software for vet business.

We offer a 14-day free trial to cover more audiences and help more companies. If you'd love to start alone as a dog trainer, grab our free tariff or enjoy all the PRO features. Connect EasyWeek right now! We are working for you, so we wish you luck, and let's grow together!

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