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Free online booking system for business


The world has gone crazy about being online. More and more people spend days on their gadgets. On the one side, that is the global issue. But, on the other side, there is a great chance to stand out by offering a handy online solution.

Online appointments are among the easiest ways to boost sales effortlessly. Customers enjoy fast and simple solutions. Booking has to be just like that. In this article, we will talk about free online appointments and the ways of their connection. Yes, it is possible!

EasyWeek software has recently launched handy free tariff for small businesses. Would you like to use the system for free? Then keep reading to see how to do it the best way possible.

First, write down the feature you would like to get. Then see the systems that suit you. Compare a few of them. The best would be asking for advice from colleagues and friends. Many people use innovative software, so the chance they can advise something worthy is very high.

The easiest way is to connect CRM software which offers this feature for free. For example, EasyWeek software provides you with a free tariff plan to work smarter, not harder.

Appointment software

What're online appointments

We've just got that CRMs offer online appointments, but what are they? Almost everyone knows about their popularity. Still, a lot of businesspeople wonder whether they need them at all.

Well, spoiler: they do. In most cases, CRMs work as business boosters. More people who can book your service, the more money you make. That is why this kind of software is rather popular.

How does it work?

Online appointment is the process of asking and getting a service in a few clicks. For example, a customer goes to the website or clicks on a booking link, and then he can choose a day and time to get the service he requires.

According to statistics, online appointments boost sales and attract new audiences. If before, some clients could miss your place as they couldn't book it online, now they are available to cope with this task in a few clicks.

Benefits of online appointments

There are a lot of perks a company gets when connecting online appointments. Let us show you the most crucial advantages.

Online appointments advantages

  • Improved customer flow. More people know about you as your business is googleable.

  • Better performance. Online booking optimizes the performance by dealing with routines that you had to do manually.

  • Time-saving. You will save time and energy as you won't work with clients directly.

  • Customer satisfaction. Clients enjoy easy solutions, and online appointments are among the best of business ones.

  • Easy analytics. If you know who books what, you can track the performance better.

Why does your business need online appointments

How to connect online appointments

It is much easier than you may think. We have prepared an ultimate guide on online appointment connections. So let us dwell on it.

Ultimate guidelines on online appointment connection

  • Choose the software you would like to use, for example, EasyWeek business software.

  • Enter your business data to set the system up.

  • Go to the online appointments module and copy a booking link.

  • Place the link on your social media or share it in messengers.

  • That is all. You are done!

What does EasyWeek offer

Now, we would like to present you with our offer. EasyWeek is a German solution for small and midsize businesses. We launched the service in 2018, making it better daily. Till the beginning of 2022, the platform has more than 15 thousand users all around the globe. This number is growing day-to-day.

The EasyWeek team is working hard to widen our audiences: we update the system each month, following trends. People tend to choose innovative solutions over old-fashioned ones. And the main EasyWeek novelty is the Free plan for your company!

All the system’s basic features and online appointments are available here. You can apply this plan to a company with one location and one employee, and it especially fits individual entrepreneurs – makeup masters, tattoo masters and others.

Pro plans significantly expands possibilities with such multifunctional modules as "Staff commission", "Finance", "Analytics", and "Inventory". Also, they give access to a complete list of premium integrations in the EasyWeek marketplace. Pro plan’s cost directly depends on your company size: number of employees and locations. Choose your tariff and use the full range of functionality.

Free online appointments

EasyWeek software offers for clients the ability to use the service 100% free. A single-user tariff plan covers all the basic needs and costs you nothing! How does it work? Just sign up for the service, enter your business data and use the handy online appointments feature! Welcome to EasyWeek! Please, contact us in case of any queries or feedback.

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Get instant access to all of EasyWeek's features. Increase conversion rate, decrease no-shows and improve customer experience.

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