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Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are more in vogue today than ever. Determining the exact number of fitness studios worldwide is difficult as new ones constantly open, and some may close down. However, according to a report by IBISWorld, there were approximately 210,000 fitness and recreational sports centers globally as of 2021. This includes a variety of facilities such as gyms, fitness studios, yoga studios, and sports centers.

But less than half of all gyms consider integrating new programs into their operations.

Compared to other industries that have long used software to improve the business and customer experience, the sports sector is losing more potential customers. In addition, multiple studios are often located close to each other, targeting the same audience. In such a competitive environment, taking advantage of every opportunity to stand out and attract new customers is essential.

Installing gym software is one of the few low-cost and effective ways to improve conditions for customers and employees. It is primarily a multifunctional appointment software whose main advantage is the online booking of workouts. This function is crucial for group training, e.g., yoga, pilates, stretching, etc.

In addition to bookings being accessible to clients, users also get an effective tool for managing finances, resources, personnel, products, and reports. Read more about booking programs in this article.

Only some software have an integrated financial module. If this feature is vital for you, ask the developers if it is available and at what price. For example, EasyWeek has a flexible system for payroll and commission accounting of employees.

The cost of opening a fitness club can vary greatly depending on factors such as the size of the facility, location, equipment, and amenities offered. According to a report by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), the average cost to open a fitness facility ranges from $30,000 to $500,000 or more.

There are no requirements to obtain a special fitness license. However, the fitness club opening starts with registering the company legally. There are two options: LLC and PLC. You may need to consult local authorities to choose the best option for your fitness business. If you don't want to choose any business entity, you'll automatically become a sole proprietorship.

Yes, you can. EasyWeek appointment scheduling software lets you control sales and inventory process.

Why do people prefer booking appointments online?

  • It's accessible: your clients can make appointments from their mobile phones on their way to work or home without calling or coming to the gym to confirm.

  • It's fast: all your clients can select the time, date, and workout type.

  • It's convenient: you can use the gym's social media accounts to promote by placing a booking link in various gym profiles. Your customers will be directed to the booking page through this link.

  • It's transparent: Your customer will immediately get a better overview of the prices for individual workouts, available slots, the team of trainers, and their subscription.

  • It's automated: The software alerts you and your customers in time about upcoming training dates.

CRM software for fitness studios

EasyWeek's automated business software allows you to track your bookings and develop your gym business.

The booking system can also help a fitness center manager:

  • It aligns with the trainers' schedules and ensures an even workload.

  • It allows payroll accounting and calculating the specific amount of vacation pay and bonuses for employees.

  • Also, it collects and classifies leads.

  • It ensures billing for each customer, with visit details recorded on an individual guest card.

  • It enables the implementation and analysis of marketing campaigns.

  • It keeps track of your costs and revenues.

  • Finally, it helps with inventory and purchasing.

Booking software is an indispensable tool when opening a fitness center. And EasyWeek CRM is a good choice in terms of price, quality, and reliability.

Advantages of EasyWeek management software

  • EasyWeek can develop a personal website and domain for your gym. The free website is a great tool to attract customers if you want to open a gym.

  • The software integrates with any social network.

  • EasyWeek offers a variety of analytics reports, including a comparison of the performance of the branches.

  • Essential marketing tools such as web analytics, and email marketing are available and based on data analysis.

  • The rates are flexible and free of hidden fees, updates, and transaction costs.

  • The program has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, so users will quickly become familiar with the settings.

  • The support team is available 24/7 and provides quick technical assistance.

  • Moreover, EasyWeek also has automated notifications that save you time, reduce cancellations and no-shows, and look professional. As a result, you improve customer interaction and increase customer satisfaction.


In any sport business, no matter what size, administrative and managerial tasks are done daily, which are a considerable time commitment for both the owner and the employees. A large part of this is customer analysis and reporting.

The EasyWeek team has developed an easy-to-use system with a clear interface, suitable even for those who need to become more familiar with modern IT solutions. Behind the simplicity of EasyWeek lies a rich functionality that can significantly expand business management possibilities.

Before subscription, you can test and adjust the program to your company's needs. For this purpose, EasyWeek software offers a 2-week trial period. Try EasyWeek scheduling and connect it to your gym to test full functionality and thus attract new customers!

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