1. Introduction

  2. Online appointments for fitness business

  3. How to choose fitness CRM

  4. Benefits of EasyWeek fitness software

  5. How to grow fitness business using CRM

  6. Conclusions

#1 Introduction

Gym and fitness businesses are among the fast-growing ones. Every year, we count more and more of them. The difference is usually in quality and location. Mostly, fitness club clients choose the place for its situation, team and style.

Anyway, the first notion when selecting a fitness club is always its place. Customers choose gyms that are close to their home or work. Usually, they pay attention to its pricing and equipment.

Are you planning to open a new fitness club? If so, the idea is very promising. Keep reading this article to check whether you know everything about the fitness business and its pitfalls. Deep knowledge of all the trifles saves from many failures.

You still have to invest in rent and renovation to start any business. The best idea is to minimize the expenses by selecting budget options looking for collaboration or investors.

The initial investment depends on the fitness club you are going to open. For example, if you want to start a small fitness business with essential equipment and no team, it'll cost you $10 000. But if you what a big fitness, professional team and spacious premises, the investment may reach $30 000.

There are no requirements to obtain a special fitness license. However, the fitness club opening starts with registering the company legally. There are two options: LLC and PLC. You may need to consult local authorities to choose the best option for your fitness business. If you don't want to choose any business entity, you'll automatically become a sole proprietorship.

#2 Online appointments for fitness business

The competition in the fitness niche is exceptionally high. Usually, three and more fitness clubs are situated nearby. Clients can choose the most attractive variant by using the free lesson option at the fitness clubs. This feature is the default one when planning any business related to fitness.

The main idea is that guests should choose the best time via the convenient widget or website. Phone calls still work, but they show worse performance. When everyone is too lazy even to call family and friends, visitors are barely interested in booking via calls.

How to stand out in the fitness business

The easiest way to stand out is to connect fitness software. It may sound too complicated, but the process is fast, and the solution is highly effective.

Online appointments are beneficial for any business and especially useful for working with people. Unfortunately, clients often forget about their meetings, like to reschedule classes, and even can disappear without any explanation. That's unpleasant but normal for this type of business.

A fitness owner has to be 100% ready for various accidents when maintaining a fitness studio. CRM helps minimize the damage of no-shows, cancelled classes and other business excesses.

Online appointments are among the TOP features when selecting fitness software. They allow fast booking, boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

This option will be handy for the clubs that offer group fitness classes like yoga, stretching or pilates.

Why do clients prefer online appointments:

  • It is convenient. A customer can book a fitness class online. S(he) doesn't need to come and waste time to book a service.

  • It is fast. All a guest is required to choose the day, time and class.

  • They can make appointments via any social media. You can place a booking link to any social media the fitness club uses. Then clients will book classes within a few clicks.

  • It is clear. Guests see all the prices, classes and other details of the possible services. They can also choose a coach and check free places and their membership status.

  • There is no need to remember all the appointment details. The software will notify you about the appointment. There is almost no chance to skip a class accidentally.

#3 How to choose fitness CRM

Once you've decided to connect fitness software, research the choice.

There are two types of software:

  1. Proprietary software. The solution is ready to use and doesn't require any additional work to start.

  2. Open source code CRMs.

The first option is beneficial for the companies that require fast basic solutions. The second one will work well for businesses that would like to add any features to the basic set of the CRM's functions.

The following detail to pay attention to is CRM's functionality. First and foremost, you have to understand the features you'll use daily clearly. Then, select the software, according to them. There is no point to overpay for complex solutions. In most cases, you'll rarely use them.

The basic features good fitness software has to offer include:

  • Online appointments;

  • Staff scheduling;

  • Business analytics;

  • Financial calculations;

  • Reminders.

All the other features are additional, and they will depend on the tasks you are setting.

And the last thing – reviews. Real user experience is your first helper when choosing CRM. Clients gladly share positive and negative experiences, saving you from various issues. So spend some time researching the company's reputation and reviews to avoid pitfalls.

Algorithm of CRM software selection:

  1. Decide on the software's type: "boxed" or "open-source software" solution.

  2. Choose the CRMs with the features you'll use.

  3. Study reviews and take a look at the company's corporate image.

#4 Benefits of EasyWeek fitness software

EasyWeek offers handy online scheduling, a free website, a widget and a booking link. The software will be helpful for beginners and experienced business owners.

We launched EasyWeek in 2018. Till the beginning of 2022, we've got more than a thousand positive reviews all around the globe. The software works well for beauty salons, medical centres, yoga studios and other companies.

EasyWeek's benefits for a fitness club staff:

  • The system controls the fitness club's load: no more rush and constant misunderstandings about time or classes. Everything is clear, as it's mentioned in the client's card.

  • The financial module simplifies accounting. A business owner can pay salaries, rewards and prepayments. It is also a handy tool for staff motivation.

  • It collects and classifies leads.

  • EasyWeek remembers every client and each visit. The system will store all the data on the client's card. Such a way of information storage is helpful to boost client's satisfaction, so sales.

  • The system helps with marketing and related activities.

  • It offers convenient consumable stock management.

  • It simplifies inventory and ordering new stuff.

  • EasyWeek offers free landing, which provides all the essential information on staff and services. Prices and location, together with contacts, were never so easy to reach.

  • Integration with popular social media and online sources: from Google.Maps to Instagram.

  • A great variety of reports to analyze the performance. It is an essential helper for fitness management, especially for the administrator. Using dozens of EasyWeek reports, you'll be able to compare a few branches, improve their performance, etc.

#5 How to grow fitness business using CRM

CRM goes together with useful marketing helpers. This type of software works for you 24/7, improving business performance by an around-the-clock online presence.

Just the fact of the software's connection may boost your sales. Customers appreciate comfort, so such a handy feature as online appointments can't stay unnoticed.

Fitness software is a powerful tool. You can use it to simplify business organization, improve relationships with clients, etc. Now, let's see how to use the software to attract more online and offline attention.

CRM and digital marketing

Fitness management software has handy marketing tools. Let's see what they are in EasyWeek's example.

EasyWeek marketing helpers include:

  • QR codes for online booking. You can print these small stickers on sticky paper. Then, you can stick them in your fitness club and other places. Stickers with QR-codes are a handy way to advertise a business if you collaborate with another gym or salon.

  • 24/7 online presence. Nothing attracts more than fast booking via convenient online appointments.

  • Website and widget may easily convert the traffic from these sources into your actual clients.

  • Notifications. EasyWeek's client base + handy reminders guarantee better relationships with customers. Using this feature, you'll be able to create a robust loyalty program to boost sales.

  • Integrations with most social media. This way, you'll cover more audiences, so increase revenue.

#6 Conclusions

Starting a brand-new fitness business may lead you to the dream job in 2022. But, unfortunately, there are many pitfalls to mention. CRM helps to minimize all the possible damage.

This type of business management software is famous all around the world. It has already increased the business performance of beauty salons, medical centres, educational establishments, etc. Likewise, gyms and fitness clubs have just joined the digital rush. Well, they had no other choice.

Modern clients prefer convenient online appointments. The most effective and easiest way to get them is to connect to CRM.

The software market is overcrowded. There is too much choice. It can mislead you when you aren't sure what you are looking for. That's why first and foremost is, to get why exactly you need a CRM. After that, you'll be able to compare available solutions and choose the best one.

EasyWeek is a handy option for innovative fitness software. Please take a look at our website to learn more valuable features your company can get by connecting the EasyWeek CRM.

Stay tuned and feel free to contact our support team in case of any queries. We are looking for your feedback!

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