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Auto repair software


Car wash and tire fitting businesses are among the popular all-year-round ones. Customers gladly pay for their cars, their maintenance, and additional services. That's why a lot of beginners invest in the car business.

Nowadays, the niche is full of competitors. However, there are many chances to enter the market by offering quality service and convenient booking. Today, we'll see how to start a tire fitting business and increase its revenue using innovative software.

CRMs or auto repair software are among the best choices to promote the car business. They are practical and affordable. Now, we'll understand how to choose the best tire fitting software, use its full power, and won't overpay. So let's start the journey!

It is the solution that helps with the business management of car-related businesses. Usually, such CRMs include online calendars, fast booking, reminders, and business analytics. However, the main feature which users like is online appointments.

First of all, you should understand why you need it. Next, write down the key features you'd like to get by connecting auto repair CRM. Then, proceed to market research. Look at the most popular CRMs, their characteristics, and reviews. Next, pay attention to user experience. Client experience is an important detail to mention. It can help a business owner to avoid various pitfalls.

The market is full of various solutions. Among the most popular are EasyWeek, AutoLeap, FullBay.

Why do I need to connect auto repair software

Auto repair software is the ultimate solution for businesses of different sizes. It helps to optimize all the business processes by effective automation.

CRM stores all the client data in a handy client base. It simplifies consumable stock management and increases customer satisfaction.

Nowadays, the car market is entire. Customers are ready to buy various stuff and pay for different services to treat their autos well. So naturally, the demand has created its supply. That's the first reason why you may need CRM.

The software helps to stand out from the active competition. For example, let's compare two auto services. The first offers convenient online appointments and quality car services. The second company provides only good auto repair services. It seems that their chances are more or less similar. Actually, not at all.

CRM provides a 24/7 online presence. It means that the second auto repair business is out of work when the first one still accepts bookings. At least its clients feel so as they can make appointments and study the data about the company whenever they want.

In the age of innovation, the company that offers the best services has to work on its internet presence. Being the best of the best isn't enough anymore. Even weaker but more well-known players may steal your clientele by CRM connection. It happens so because customers go to the places they can book quickly. Quality and performance are usually in second place.

Quality auto repair services + handy CRM = business success.

CRMs are relatively new solutions. They've appeared in the early 2000s, but they've already got their army of satisfied clients. So let's see why they are so popular.

Advantages of auto repair software

  1. Online appointments. Convenient online appointments are among the main factors. Using this type of software, you won't waste time dealing with various notebooks, calls, and messengers. The system store all the client data in one place.

  2. Client base. After a customer makes an appointment, all the information will go to the client base. Then, the system will store it there unless you decide to delete it. It is highly convenient for companies with many customers and increases client satisfaction levels.

  3. Online calendar. Innovative scheduling guarantees better performance. Staff will be aware of all the appointments. Customers won't forget about their visits.

  4. Business analytics. Understanding auto repair's performance is among the key goals of every business owner. That's why handy business analytics is essential for auto businesses. It helps to see the weak and strong sides, improve the performance and avoid common issues.

  5. Financial calculations. CRM has to include a financial module. Then, you'll be able to pay salaries and other payments via the software. It saves time and effort.

  6. Marketing help. Modern CRMs can boost your sales using clever marketing hacks. It attracts new customers and retains existing clients.

  7. Staff motivation. Don't neglect this factor. Motivating your employees to work better is essential. Auto repair software helps to cope with this task as it shows and compares the results of every worker. Healthy work competition is always a good idea.

  8. Consumable stock management. Auto repair software tracks consumables. It notifies when you have to order more and excludes stock excess.

  9. Notifications and reminders. This feature will be helpful for every company. Different types of reminders help to communicate with your audience. It increases client satisfaction and loyalty.

How to choose the best auto repair software

Now, we are coming to the most critical detail. Have you ever wondered how to select the best CRM for an auto repair business? If you are reading this article, the answer has to be positive.

So, we have an overcrowded market, CRMs of different types, and your auto repair business that needs some software. Unfortunately, the situation may be misleading for many. Wide choice creates enormous troubles. Today, when software appears every month, if not every week, it's much more difficult.

In 2022, a businessman has to play smart to get good revenue. So we've prepared an ultimate instruction on choosing CRM for the auto repair business. Let's talk about it.

5 steps to choose the best auto repair software

  1. Write down the features you want to use daily.

  2. Look for CRMs that include the mentioned functions.

  3. Choose 3-5 suitable solutions and study customers' reviews on the software.

  4. Now select the few options you find the most attractive and ask for advice from your team.

  5. Choose the most attractive solution altogether.

As you see, there are no secrets, just strategy. Same as with any aim, CRM selection takes time. Make sure you have a few weeks to select a practical solution for your car business.

Advantages of EasyWeek auto repair CRM

EasyWeek offers the ultimate automation solution for the car repair business. The service has already increased sales of more than a thousand businesses worldwide. So it is high time to boost your car wash!

What's EasyWeek software?

EasyWeek is a CRM that we created in 2018. It offers handy scheduling, business analytics, a financial module, and more.

Why does EasyWeek win compared to competitors?

  1. Handy online appointments. Round-the-clock booking boosts customer satisfaction, so your revenue.

  2. Landing, widget, and booking link: all of them you can find in every EasyWeek tariff plan.

  3. Smart online calendar. It works in real-time so that the team can check load instantly. It is convenient for many companies that offer multifunctional services.

  4. Instant search client base. EasyWeek stores all customer data, allowing you to find any piece of information in a snap.

  5. Convenient analytics. The system helps to manage a few branches and compare their performance.

  6. Easy paperwork. All the essential reports are available in the system. It simplifies paperwork and fastens performance.

  7. Marketing solutions. QR codes, mailings, and other perks help create a robust clientele and increase income.

How to grow auto repair business with the help of software

Modern solutions offer many choices for those who'd like to grow their businesses. The ultimate recipe to scale is talking about auto repair companies, a full-time online presence, and professional expertise.

When starting an auto repair salon, you have to think about a good team and promotion. So connect CRM at once if you want to adapt to advertising a new place effortlessly.

It'll help to skip various pitfalls as auto repair software markets your car business for you. All the owner has to do is train the team to work with the IT solution. Then, after workers have mastered the software, they'll create loyalty programs, emails, and other marketing tricks.

EasyWeek has an intuitive interface and several marketing helpers to advertise a business effortlessly.

EasyWeek software marketing solutions

  • Online appointment via QR codes. The system will generate codes for you. Then, you should print the QR codes using sticky paper. After the codes are ready, place them inside the auto repair salon and in crowded places. It is the easiest way to introduce an auto salon to various audiences. The best option is collaborating with another auto-related business to stick the stickers there. Then, you'll work for warm audiences and have better results.

  • Notifications. Use them to remind your clientele about your services and offer discounts. EasyWeek provides email, push, and SMS reminders.

  • Website. Drive traffic to the landing we'll create for you and transform your followers into your clients.

  • Integration with social media. Place a booking link to Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social networks. Together with the website, it'll boost your sales.

  • Personal offers creation. EasyWeek offers a handy client base. Using this tool, you'll create many offers to attract more people.


Starting an auto repair business, consider looking for intelligent software. It is a guarantee of fast sales and revenue growth.

EasyWeek auto repair software stands out by offering flexible plans, compelling features you'll use, and a free website. The system has already got a positive image, and we are working to satisfy every new client. It is an excellent time to boost your business with intelligent automation. Try EasyWeek for free right now.

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