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Vet clinic business plan


Most people treat their pets like kids. Cats and dogs have become a part of our life and family. Same as us, they need treatment. It happens that pets get sick, and their owners have to do something about it.

Vet practices have escalated pretty fast. They are popular, thanks to the crazy demand. Many vet clinics treat pets and care about their mental health, appearance, and well-being.

Starting a vet clinic in the upcoming year may be an excellent idea for those who like animals. This way, you will benefit from helping the beloved ones. Launching such a startup requires similar steps as starting any other business.

If you have already started a pet store, consider opening a vet practice corner. There are many chances to succeed in this investment. The more quality services an entrepreneur offers, the more (s)he earns.

Yes, you do. Obtaining a veterinary license is compulsory in all states. If you don't have the document, think about starting a pet store that you can open without any special medical licenses.

Opening a veterinary business requires roughly $700 000. It is a considerable investment. However, the ROI is fast. An average vet clinic makes up to $500 000 yearly. We may see that the investment will come back in approximately 14 months, which is pretty adequate for the medical business.

It isn't. However, you'll benefit from making it multifunctional. Mostly, clients are eager to get simple veterinary services. But it happens that they need special treatment or unique equipment. So there are two ways. A business person can offer a wide range of simple but popular services. Or he can also invest in rare equipment to attract those who require such solutions.

How to open a veterinary clinic

Continue reading this article if you'd like to start a veterinary business from scratch but are still in doubt about what to do. Indeed, launching a vet business is a challenging task that requires special preparation. It may sound like an impossible mission when you have no idea where to start. That's why we have written this material to cover the main issues beginners face.

Vet clinic Business plan

Precise business planning is the first thing to do. It will save your startup from many failures. Intelligent scheduling is also essential as it helps to fasten the ROI by creating a good marketing campaign and related helpers.

First and foremost, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the income you are planning to receive?

  2. How much are you ready to invest in the clinic?

  3. Who is your target audience?

  4. Do you have many competitors?

  5. Are you sure how to open a vet clinic legally?

  6. Where will the business be situated?

Drawing a detailed portrait of your client

The two best ways are:

  • Launching online ads.

  • Queries creation.

Analyze the answers you'd receive to optimize the future business for the local market. Don't forget to take a look at similar companies. Among the main are stables, pet shops, breeders, nurseries.

Documents for starting a vet practice

To start the business, you'll need:

  • To decide on the legal form of a business organization: LCC, corporation, or sole proprietorship.

  • Contract on renting or buying premises.

  • Veterinary license.

  • Tax papers.

  • Business license.

  • Contracts for waste removal (including medical grade).

What should you know before renting premises?

Premises have to be the following:

  • Spacious enough to treat animals.

  • Equipped with a fire system and parking.

Then, check whether the landlord won't bother you after the opening. It happens that landlords tend to get business rights.

How to make a vet practice profitable

You can also consider purchasing a ready-made vet practice. However, there can be several pitfalls no one can predict. Reliable help in checking the legal trifles is essential in case of buying a second-hand clinic.

Another safer option is getting a vet franchise. It'll cost you a bit more, but then you'll be sure that the business is clear and functional. In addition, by investing in the franchise, you'll get essential marketing help, some tips on business organization, and other support to open the startup.

Tips to increase veterinary business revenue:

  1. Obtain a surgery license to offer more essential services.

  2. Offer numerous payment options: by cash, card, etc.

  3. Provide convenient online appointments to satisfy your clients.

  4. Hire various vets to serve different animals, from rodents to horses and cows.

  5. Collaborate with pet stores and related businesses.

  6. Offer home-call veterinary services.

  7. Bonuses and special offers

Creating a loyalty program is an excellent step to take. The most popular option is offering a discount for older adults. They also save pets even though retired people often have no money to treat them in case of an accident. This promo will positively influence your reputation and help those in need. But, then, there are several other possible offers like 10% off for the second visit or free pills, bonuses for loyal customers, etc.

One of the easiest ways to offer promotions is via social networks, SMS, email, or push notifications. CRM veterinary software will help to cover your audience well.

Remember that discounts have to be very well-thought-out. There is always a chance to hurt your business by offering too much.

Pet insurance

The latest research has shown that pet owners with pet insurance are more likely to visit a vet than those who don't. Therefore, offering convenient pet insurance services is an excellent idea to increase revenue.

Starting a vet clinic: initial expenses

The financial part of your business plan includes direct initial investments and the expenses in case of any extra purchasing or services. Vet equipment, renting premises, and tax pricing are things to remember.

Initial investments:

  • Renovation – $10 000 – 15 000.

  • Rent and utilities – $3500 – 4500.

  • Equipment – $4000 – 5000.

  • Furniture – $3500.

  • Ads – $1000.

  • Bureaucracy payments (LCC/sole proprietorship registration, cost of obtaining licenses, other payments) – $2000 – 25000.

There is a tension to spend a lot on the best equipment, fancy renovation, and modern furniture. Sure, do it. Remember that an intelligent economy will help avoid issues in the future. Consider buying quality but budget stuff to save budget.

The list of consumables to start a vet clinic:

  • Veterinary equipment.

  • Cages for pets.

  • Lab stuff.

  • Boxes for medical waste.

  • Fridges for medicine purposes.

  • Stationery.

  • Cleaning equipment.

  • Decoration.

  • Insurance.

  • Marketing materials.

  • Vet software and laptops.

How to choose the best veterinary practice software

Vets have no time to waste. They always need to balance treating their fur patients and coping with administrative tasks. In this chaos, doctors often forget about the handy tools to grow their business. They are essential. For example, simple emailing may cover a significant number of people and attract many new clients. It will 100% attract new customers and retain an existing audience.

The lack of time is a common problem, so the IT industry has a handy solution. Veterinary software is among the primary helpers in vet business promotion and escalation.

Five reasons to connect a veterinary CRM right now:

  1. Client base maintenance. The vet business has to rely on loyal clients like any other niche. It means their data has to be stored and used carefully.

  2. Marketing and coverage. The service offers access to numerous marketing tools. They include different mailings, QR codes, loyalty program creation, etc.

  3. Data safety. Keeping your clients' information safe is a must to do. CRM is among the safest ways to store any data.

  4. Digital notes. It is tough to remember everything about every patient. CRM helps to simplify this process by offering the digital notes feature. Using the software, a vet will note every trifle about his patients online and in a few clicks. Without CRM, the process is pretty time-consuming.

  5. Online appointments. Offering handy booking your practice will boost sales and attract more visitors. The function allows 24/7 online meetings. It's modern and convenient. EasyWeek software, for example, offers 6+ tariffs to cover various audiences and different businesses.


Let's conclude the information we'd covered in this article. Starting a veterinary business is a profitable business idea. It is an excellent chance to stand out among the competitors by providing quality services. The niche is in high demand. It means that attracting first competitors may sound easy.

Remember that client retention is much more critical than their attraction. Learn how to retain clients before launching a vet practice. It will save you time and money.

After you know what to do theoretically, proceed to business plan selection. We advise starting a vet clinic from scratch or getting a franchise. Buying a ready company may be beneficial only when you know its current situation very well.

Then, when all the technical details are ready, think about veterinary practice routines. They have to be automated to work flawlessly. So it's high time to connect veterinary software.

CRMs are popular in many niches. They allow business optimization without any extra payments. EasyWeek software is a perfect choice for those who'd like to try reliable software for a pleasant price. We offer handy booking features together with free website creation and so on.

Trying new stuff is always scary. EasyWeek would be happy to optimize your vet practice's daily processes by offering a free trial. Test the service and then decide. No card information is required. Just register and try us for free!

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