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Ultimate tips on increasing a photo studio load using a handy CRM system.

Have you ever thought about opening a photo studio from scratch? It is a profitable niche but only when you plan the project well.

A photo studio is a place that professional photographers and their clients book. Its customers want to take beautiful photos in unusual places, with beautiful interiors and creative designs. That is why a photo studio interior is significant, as it is the main thing that customers usually notice. Ok, the main, but is it the only detail I have to pay attention to when starting a photo studio?.. Well, of course, no.

The duration of a photo session differs, depending on the style, aim, models, etc. Usually, an express photo session lasts about 30 minutes, when more complicated photo shoots can last up to a few hours. Of course, you never know who will make an appointment in a month, week, or tomorrow, but there is still a need to plan a workload. That is why booking software is pretty helpful.

How do I manage photo studio customers efficiently?

Managing clients is hard work. Especially talking about photo studios where you must rent different interiors (rooms) all the time to keep the business profitable.

CRM is a must-have when talking about photo studio business. The software helps with 24/7 online booking, managing customer flows, business analytics, etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software made to automate and optimize daily photo studio processes. This type of scheduler is in trend all around the globe as it offers many functions that minimize human error and simplify the work-life of staff.

Usually, CRM systems offer:

  • 24/7 online booking.

  • Business analytics.

  • Business automation and optimization.

  • Notifications and reminders for the staff and clients.

  • Consumable stock management.

  • Salary calculation.

  • An ability to manage the business from any laptop.

  • An ability to get access to all the company's data whenever you want and wherever you are.

There are many choices in the current market. It sounds pretty nice but creates another problem – how to select the right software that suits my photo studio best? This question is relatively simple as to choose a handy CRM system, you have to pay attention to a few details. However, they are essential to know.

So, what should I know to select the best CRM system?

There are several items to remember when choosing this type of software. To select the best CRM for a photo studio, pay attention to:

  1. Whether the service is cloud-based: it allows you to access data from any laptop using the Internet. The software that works on-premises isn't that handy as you'll need to install equipment, and it's impossible to access the information without the local software. However, it is usually stored by your photo studio, so you don't need to pay monthly fees. Another disadvantage of on-the-premises CRMs is that they are fully responsible for all the data you store, and in case of an accident, the provider cannot help;

  2. Whether its interface is user-friendly: pay attention to whether you fully understand the product you buy. It often happens that the software looks awesome but only till you start using it. The interface is essential as it determines how fast you can master the system, teach your team, and benefit from using the system.

  3. Whether the company offers many tariff plans: it is very important to select the tariff that suits your photo studio. It happens that photographers hardly understand that they don't need all the features and complicated solutions. They usually require a simple, effective CRM system with an online appointment feature.

EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software as the best solution for a photo studio

EasyWeek is an easy-to-use solution both for small and big companies. It works well for the beauty industry, service centers, medical clinics, etc. The company is trusted worldwide for its user-friendly design, innovative design, and features, including a stylish, customizable widget + personal page that works like a mini-website.

As it is understood, CRM is a must-have for any modern entrepreneur, but how can it help a photo studio? There are several reasons why a photo studio needs effective online software. Let's talk about them in detail.

Why is EasyWeek software beneficial for a photo studio?

EasyWeek was created to simplify the life of every business owner. The main idea is that the software deals with routine while the staff deals with the most important – customers.

Advantages of EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software for a photo studio client:

  • A client can book a photo zone in a few clicks.

  • There is no need to call and ask whether the booking is possible. The client can book the photo zone via the website, widget, or a booking link if the photo zone is available.

  • No more overlaps: the software minimizes human error, so you can enjoy dealing with customers without worrying about various misunderstandings. Every client will get a separate photo zone, photographer, and particular time.

  • The software will remind a client about an appointment, send best wishes (and special offers) on birthday, and offer bonuses for the following bookings.

Advantages of EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software for a photo studio staff:

  • You are always ahead of the nearest competitors who are still dealing with customers manually.

  • A personal page works like a mini-website. The landing is created automatically, using the data you enter when signing up.

  • A stylish, customizable widget: use various colors and shades and different icons, wallpapers to customize the page. Make it look unique in a few clicks.

  • Use Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and any social network to attract more customers. Just put a booking link and enjoy.

  • There are many customizable variables like prepayment, rent duration of various photo zones, etc.

  • A client base allows creating special offers, bonuses, and even a loyalty program. Plus, there is a quick search – just enter any detail you remember about the customer and find his card in a second.

  • Notifications and reminders: email, Push, SMS. Notify clients and staff before every appointment. Now, there is no chance to forget or miss it.

  • Distribute the workload between the available photographers and schedule their work hours.

  • A financial module to calculate salaries, reward, or collect fines.

  • Business analytics with dozen of reports.

  • Consumable stock management to help administrators.

  • And much more!

EasyWeek photo studio software as a marketing tool

EasyWeek CRM offers many marketing and promotional tools to advertise a photo studio effectively. The service stores all the client information, so later, you can use it to attract and retain loyal audiences.

Connecting EasyWeek means simplifying work with customers, optimizing targeted audience determination, and simply saving time.

Time is money!

Benjamin Franklin — American politician

EasyWeek offers several marketing tools:

  • The EasyWeek software allows the creation of special offers. It stores all the customer data, so you can find it quickly and then use it effectively. You can mention the customer's information: the date of birth, preferences, and complaints. Then when a client books a service, take a look at the card to refresh all this data and look much more professional.

  • The program allows making QR codes to stick them all around and get even more attention. The QR codes are generated automatically without any specific help. You enter the data when signing up for the service, and then there is an ability to create promotional QR codes. Just print them and stick them on the reception, in bathrooms, etc. If you collaborate with any other photo studio, it'll be cool to put them there as well.

  • Mailings: notify your customers about all the innovations with emails. Just create the text you'd like to send, and EasyWeek will help you with it!

  • Understand which channel brings the best profit. EasyWeek offers this type of statistics to analyze business performance and get what has to be improved.

  • EasyWeek also helps cover users of online maps, set up targeted ads, and engage social network audiences.

EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software is a handy tool to optimize and simplify all the routine processes of any photo studio. The EasyWeek team is young and ambitious, and we are already trusted all around the globe. EasyWeek works to stay happy, so the company offers pleasant pricing, many tariffs, and fast, professional support.

Try EasyWeek for free to check how well it works in your case. We offer a free 14-day trial for you to set everything up, test it and decide whether the solution is what you have expected. If you have any questions concerning the software, feel free to contact our support team. They will be pleased to help you.

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