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Catchy salon names in 2022


The profit of beauty & hair salons has decreased and increased surprisingly during the pandemic. People are ready to get quality beauty treatments after the considerable gap they've had. So isn't it high time to launch a brand-new hair or beauty salon?

Do you still wonder how to start? Then we have something for you. Read this article to refresh your knowledge. A business plan comes first. Then the name goes. Many entrepreneurs do not think that a business name can somehow help or damage their startup, but it can.

The business name is a powerful tool to use when starting a beauty business. The niche is promising. But still, many beauty studios close, while others get more and more popular. And only your planning and creativity decide what will happen to your project.

Talking shortly, you'll have to find the location team, register the startup, and invest in marketing. That's the ultimate scheme to opening any business. So, read more details in the article to avoid common mistakes and get inspiration.

Usually, you'll need about $25 000. The initial expenses include rent, renovation, equipment, and marketing budget. After that, you'll have to pay your employees' salaries and get an accountant and a cleaner. After that, you can minimize the expenses by getting a budget or second-hand equipment or finding an investor.

Starting a business is challenging, no matter what the situation is. The beginning of 2022 is an excellent time to open a salon. Clients suffered from many restrictions. Now they'd like to get professional beauty services. And, sure, customers are eager to invest in their wishes. Thoughtful planning and quality services guarantee a positive image and customer flow. That's all you need to start.

Creating a perfect beauty & hair salon name

The name matters. Often it is the thing to think about last and fast. However, it is a significant part of success. On the one hand, it is understandable as there are too many other processes to care about. But, on the other hand, it doesn't change the fact that beauty and hair salons with original names win over those with standard naming.

Why does the beauty & hair salon name matter?

First and foremost, clients pay attention to naming. What do people see first when scrolling a dozen of the same ads? Right, the name!

The name is the trifle that makes your salon stand out from the competition. And the best thing is that you don't even need to do anything. Just choose the perfect name once, and enjoy it forever.

There is the other side of the medal. If you don't select the correct name initially, you may need to do it later. So, change all the papers, correct a marketing campaign, etc. It is costly and simply useless. We advise studying the market well and creating a flawless beauty salon name from the beginning. It is the optimal solution to grow business and scale later.

Hair salon name: step-by-step instructions

  1. Study the competition. Understand what the common popular names in the field are.

  2. Think about the names you find attractive. Write them down.

  3. Put the list aside for a few days. Then check whether you still like all the options you've mentioned. Then, finally, cross out all the odd and questionable ones.

  4. Show the rest to your colleagues and friends. Ask for their opinion and advice.

  5. Come out with 3-5 names that your team and you like the most.

  6. Redo the 3-4 steps till you get the best business name.

  7. Do not forget to register the name officially. Another way someone can steal your brand.

Tips and Tricks when naming a beauty business

We've already got how to create the business name to succeed. However, there are numerous pitfalls. So let's see what you better do and what's better to avoid when naming a beauty & hair salon in 2022.

Naming Dos

  1. Research the market and make sure you won't be the 10th "Cleopatra" in the area.

  2. Use clear words. If you'd like to get the name with double meaning, make sure that everyone sees it as suitable as you do. Just ask friends, colleagues, and even kids. Children often offer the most unexpected solutions you may like or not.

  3. If you use foreign words, make sure your audience gets them. There are several languages to use in naming. The English market likes Italian, French, and Spanish lexemes. If you choose any foreign word, make sure your clients know it by asking them on social media. It'll save you from many issues. The second thing is to research or ask a native speaker whether the word you'd like to use has no unwanted double meanings.

  4. Short names are better than long ones. There is a temptation to choose a complex name that will surprise your audience. Well, it can surprise people not as positive as you think. Long beauty salons' names are frequently abbreviated. That's the best option. The worst is when your customers can even remember the too-long salon name.

  5. Choose modern but not mainstream ideas. The name fashion exists, and it's even faster than the clothes one. Don't try to be the most popular by the mainstream name selection. You may want to change in a few years as such ideas don't last long.

Naming Don'ts

  • Unclear words = Unclear beauty salon.

  • Use symbols, letters, and signs carefully. Remember that the human mind is better to remember the stuff it got used to.

  • Not all foreign words will work as well as we'd like to. So you have to be careful when choosing the name in a language your audience may not speak. Another issue is that all the famous words in foreign languages for English clientele may sound too mainstream.

  • Fast name fashion = useless expenses. It is much better to select the names that will be fine for years, not for months. So, again – avoid the mainstream.

  • Copying. Being inspired is ok. Copying – no. In most cases, it leads to legal issues and client disorientation.

Inspiring ideas for naming beauty & hair salons

Now, you know almost everything about starting a beauty or hair salon under a catchy name. So let's take a look at the examples of the names you may use for a beauty salon in 2022.

Catchy beauty & hair salon names

  • Your Face

  • GoGirl

  • Estetik


  • HairLove

  • BeautyWay

Names created based on the treatments you offer

  • HairCut


  • KeratinWorld

  • MakeUp Your Style

  • HairStyle

  • MeMake

Location usage in the name. It may be tricky for chain businesses or if you'll ever move.

  • LA MakeUp

  • New York Hair

  • LA Gal

  • London beauty World

  • MainStreet Beuty Shop

  • Nancy Florida

Beauty & Hair salon names in Italian, French, and Spanish

  • Oh-la-la Beauty

  • Bonjour Salon

  • La Fille World

  • Famme

  • Très Bien beauty

  • Bonita

Unusual names

  • So chic

  • Say Yes

  • Too cool for school

  • CharmAnn

  • Lovely Bay

  • gogetit

Name generators for a creativity boost

There are various ways to create a beauty salon name. Business name generators are among the fastest ones. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will get the word to use, but it is almost a 100% option to boost inspiration.

We will show you how to work with one of the name generators to create a hair salon name.

How do business name generators work?

  1. Type the keyword.

  2. Generate the names.

  3. Check their availability.

As you see, the ideas are too different. Some of them may look weird, but why not. Anyway, no one will use the generator to get the best name for their startup. We advise mixing your creativity and the generator's algorithm to stand out.


There are so many helpers to create the beauty & hair salon name in 2022. Why not use business name generators and creativity? Then ask friends or colleagues, etc. Remember to connect salon software and get the most out of your business. For example, try EasyWeek appointment scheduling software – the proper solution for beauty salon management.

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