Self-care has long been a trend. Health is no longer the absence of disease but rather holistic well-being, for maintaining everything essential, including massage & SPA.

SPA services are popular in beauty salons, spas, and fitness centres. As a result, the number of massage and SPA therapists worldwide has tripled in the last 5 years.

In such a competitive environment, ensuring that your establishment stands out from the rest is crucial. This article will examine the benefits of creating your website and find out how a private SPA therapist can get a landing for free.

When opening a salon, ensure to: find a proper salon name, start the social media promotion, and set up an online appointment booking.

The wide range of software for running a massage business can make it challenging to choose. However, an article on the EasyWeek blog will help you sort it out.

You can sync social media and your SPA salon landing using the EasyWeek CRM system. Add icons on your website with links to your Facebook & Instagram and vice versa. A two-way flow of users is ensured.

Benefits of a website for massage and beauty therapists

There are two types of massage: aesthetic and therapeutic. The first involves improving the appearance, and the second requires recovery from injuries and correcting abnormalities. Medical masseurs and doctors can only perform therapeutic massages.

In both cases, it's crucial to provide your business with an online platform where potential clients can find out about your services. That's why a website and social media accounts are essential.

Make your business stand out

Prospective patients spend time online looking for the right massage services. Your online visibility is crucial to growing your business. The more people click through to your website, the easier it is for new clients to find it. Your EasyWeek website will be search engine optimised and reach the top of the results. And very soon, EasyWeek will have a company directory, which will provide additional promotion for your salon.

Differentiation from competitors

Each massage studio needs to differentiate itself. Otherwise, you can get lost amongst your more successful competitors. One of the benefits of having your website is the ability to present yourself individually to clients.

Fewer restrictions than on social networking sites

Every social platform has its content rules. Sometimes this is an advantage, but if Instagram or TikTok aren't enough for you, a customised landing page is just what you need. If users are looking for a specific treatment, they may not be attracted to the entertaining format inherent in social media. A beauty & care studio website is an opportunity to communicate professionally with future customers.

Beauty salon landing from EasyWeek software

Despite significant benefits, many private SPA masters avoid the opportunity of website creation. One likely reason is the preconception that designing a landing is complicated, time-consuming, and costly. In addition to creating the page, you will need to pay for hosting services and register a domain. Small businesses often avoid extra costs and limit themselves to a Facebook/Instagram account. However, getting a business page is not as difficult as one might imagine.

How to create a beauty studio page for free

  1. Use website builders, such as WordPress, Wix, or Tilda. This option is free but time-consuming. If this is your first time doing something like this, be prepared that the process will take a long time.

  2. Sign up EasyWeek software, fill in your company details and get a free website. You don't need to pay for hosting: your site will be on the easyweek domain. But, of course, you can always upgrade to an individual domain later.

    The EasyWeek website describes your activities, services and prices, social media links, photos, reviews, map, work schedule etc. All data is structured and easy to find. The embedded online appointment widget is a vast EasyWeek website advantage.

Why online appointment is important

Usually, massage and SPA therapists spend all their working hours with clients. In practice, this means that more often than not, they are not available to potential clients by phone and correspondence. Therefore, if the users can't resolve an appointment in a couple of clicks, they will likely find another salon.

The online appointment widget is convenient and digital. Customers can choose their salon, service and convenient time. No need to wait for confirmation or incoming calls – all notifications are sent automatically. So you won't lose orders, and you'll build effective communication with your clients.


If users can't find an establishment on the internet, it doesn't exist in reality. A website is a business card that differentiates your beauty studio from other salons.

EasyWeek offers self-employed therapists a free online sign-up service + a free website landing page. For SPA studios and branches, there are PRO tariffs with flexible pricing. The cost depends on the number of users and locations. However, you will still get the landing for free.

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