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Appointment scheduling software for childcare center

Appointment scheduling software for childcare center

Handy online appointments for childcare educational center: how to choose a booking software and benefit from online appointments.


Children's sections, both public and private, are popular among modern parents. And most likely, this business will not lose its relevance for a long time. It is a profitable niche as it is relatively free and does not require much initial investment. Kid's activities are in demand in every city district, so even competitors will barely be a problem. People love children and are ready to pay for their well-being, especially on these busy days.

Let's see why childcare organizations are in demand and how online appointments help to manage this business.

Childcare services typically provide supervised care, education, and nurturing for children, offering working parents a safe and supportive environment for their kids during their absence.

The cost of opening a childcare facility can vary widely depending on location, size, licensing requirements, and equipment but it can range from several thousand dollars for a home-based daycare to several hundred thousand or more for a larger, more comprehensive center.

The most efficient way is with online appointments. Busy parents want as fast an appointment as possible, offer it to them, and you win over the competitors.


Childcare as a profitable business

There are two main reasons for children section's popularity and profitability:

  • they develop kid's talents and gifts,

  • parents get some free time.

Nowadays, there are various sections for children: sports, dance, languages, music, general education, and many more. However, it is still in demand, and there is a need for even bigger numbers as we live when many parents want to teach and develop their kids' talents to stand out. It means that there are many students to teach. Usually, students' age in the average section starts from 4 and finishes at 18 years old.

Each age demands special care, unique services, and the best teachers and coaches. It is your part, while an online appointment system will keep it all together, making a business grow.

Indeed, there are many different sections, but regardless of the section type, quality services and good management will increase the flow of customers and get your business to a new level. The first step to optimize a children's section includes selecting a handy online appointment software.

Kid`s section

Childcare management software

Booking system offers:

  • Handy scheduling and 24/7 online booking;

  • A client base with clients' frequency of visits, and preferences;

  • Ability to download pupils' birthdays and parents' contacts;

  • Workflow automation;

  • Scheduling for teachers, staff commissions, rewards, and fees;

  • Integration with popular social networks and services;

  • Business statistics and analytics.

All the mentioned features and even more are included in any EasyWeek tariff plan. The software is easy to use and effective from the first day; it helps to promote a childcare section on the Internet and among satisfied parents. All the functions are developed to optimize and automate business processes, attract new clients, and promote your business on social networks. There are several unique options that EasyWeek booking software offers:

  1. A personal page that works like a website: the data is taken from the information you fill in while signing up. So, the website is created automatically. It usually takes up to an hour to sign up and get a good-looking personal page with a booking widget with all the information about the team, services, and company.

  2. Customizable widget for online booking: set up its colors and shades, wallpapers, and icons.

  3. QR codes for promoting your business. It is possible to generate unique QR codes for booking, stick them all around the section/building/town, and enjoy even more new customers.

  4. SMS, email, and push notifications for staff and clients: there is no chance to forget about the nearest appointment.

  5. A dozen reports to help with calculations and business analytics.

And much more!

Childcare organization management

Benefits of online appointments for childcare

Benefits for staff

Online booking allows staff to plan and control the loading of a kid's section. It also helps to follow the local laws and rules. For instance, just set a limit for the number of children who can attend a section simultaneously to comply with the regulations for the number of children in the classroom. Once the class is full, a booking button will stop working, which means the booking is unavailable for this particular class.

It is also a good tool for administrators; for example, they can check the occupant load of the group even from the phone. There are no constant calls, emails, and misunderstandings. Business management with EasyWeek scheduling software can be done from any laptop, as you'll get all the analytics, reports, and data about services online.

Benefits for parents

Parents won't need to come and book a service at a certain time – now, they can do it 24/7 online. Just a few clicks, and the appointment is created! They can also get all the information about the team and services, current prices, and discounts.

Common benefits:

  • Business automation – no more human errors;

  • Control the occupant load of the class, group, or the whole section;

  • Set up online payments;

  • Implement any marketing strategy;

  • Understand your target audience;

  • Compare your business with the nearest competitors;

  • Develop a program for team motivation;

  • Calculate expenses and income;

  • Understand and minimize risks.

Online appointments for kid`s section


The kid's section is a great niche for those who are into teaching! However, before launching this business, it is preferable to plan it in detail. Remember that comfort is the key! That is why selecting a handy online appointment system is a must-have.

EasyWeek offers a free 14-day trial to test the service and decide whether it suits your company well. Why not try and see how fast it can benefit your childcare organization?

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