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Laser tag is an exciting and popular recreational game where participants shoot with laser guns to score points. It is a fun activity for friends, families and team-building events. Smart scheduling is essential for businesses that offer laser tag activities. It helps to ensure they can run smoothly and efficiently. Online scheduling software helps with online appointments while streamlining the company's operations. In this article, we will look at online appointment scheduling software benefits for laser tag businesses and consider essential factors when choosing laser tag software.

Laser tag software is a web-based tool that allows clients to make appointments for laser tag events. Laser tag operators use this tool to manage bookings, allocate resources and facilitate customer communication.

Online scheduling software for laser tag works pretty simply. First, you set up an account and configure your appointments, availability, pricing and other settings. Then, customers can book services online and manage their bookings when needed. The software will process payments and send you notifications about new bookings.

Prices vary depending on the number of users and features such as payment processing, integration with other systems, email marketing and support. Tariffs range from $10 to $100 per month. EasyWeek, for example, offers one of the best offers in the market.

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Advantages of scheduling software for a laser tag

Laser tag CRM offers numerous benefits for businesses in this industry. One of the most significant benefits is the time saved through automated scheduling and organization. The software allows customers to book appointments online without requiring an employee to intervene manually. In addition, the program automatically arranges appointments and optimizes scheduling, resulting in more efficient use of facility capacity.

Another benefit of online scheduling software is improved customer satisfaction. With 24/7 availability, customers can make appointments anytime, even outside business hours. This makes it easier to schedule appointments and offers customers more flexibility. A happier clientele will positively impact any business, leading to more referrals and repeat bookings.

By improving the scheduling and utilization of the facility, online scheduling software also reduces downtime. The software allows the facility's capacity to be used more efficiently by maximizing available time slots and resources. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity, reduced wait times and an overall better experience for customers.

Overall, online scheduling software offers laser tag companies a variety of benefits that lead to better efficiency, higher customer satisfaction and less downtime. It's worth investing in improving the bottom line and remaining competitive.

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How laser tags benefit from CRM

A handy scheduling software for laser tag should offer the following functions and features:

  • Group booking. Customers should be able to book for a group of players and reserve multiple rooms at once.

  • Deposits and payment processing. The software should offer secure payment processing and allow the company to accept booking deposits.

  • Load management. The software should automatically manage available seats and time to avoid overbooking and downtime.

  • Customization. The software should allow a business to customize its schedule and meet its unique needs, such as setting opening hours or limiting availability for specific time slots.

  • User-friendliness. The software should provide a user-friendly interface for customers and employees to ensure a smooth and efficient booking experience.

  • Mobile accessibility. The software should also be optimized for mobile devices so customers can make appointments on the go.

A good laser tag appointment scheduling software should offer all these features, streamline operations, and ensure a smooth customer experience.


A handy online appointment scheduling software for laser tag businesses should seamlessly integrate with other essential tools and systems. These include CRM systems and accounting software to help you manage customer data and financial information. In addition, the software should be extensible and customizable to meet the specific needs of your business.

Customer support

Reliable and effective customer support ensures your online laser tag scheduling software runs smoothly. Check what kind of customer support and technical assistance the software providers offer. Ensure you get quick and effective consent when you have technical questions or problems. Training and guidance should also be available to ensure that everyone in the company can use the software to its fullest potential.

Cost & tariffs

The cost and pricing must be carefully considered when purchasing online scheduling software for a laser tag company. It is essential to see if the software offers flexible pricing plans tailored to the business's needs. Many providers offer different pricing plans and options for small and large companies. It's also important to consider all cost factors, such as monthly or annual fees, costs for integrations or upgrades, and any verse.

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EasyWeek for laser tag business

EasyWeek is an appointment scheduling software that can help you organize and manage appointments for your laser tag business. With EasyWeek, you can:

  • Offer online appointments. You can integrate EasyWeek into your website and allow customers to book laser tag activities online. This can make the booking process more accessible and convenient for customers.

  • Appointment management. EasyWeek helps you manage bookings, including cancellations, modifying and confirming bookings.

  • Group booking feature. A handy feature to optimize a laser tag even better. With this feature, guests can make appointments for parties, birthdays, etc.

  • Automated reminders. EasyWeek will automatically send notifications to your customers via email or SMS to ensure they remember the upcoming appointments.

  • Free website with online appointment widget to attract customers and launch ad campaigns. A complimentary website is a good deal for those who want to save money.

  • Integration with online calendars. EasyWeek integrates with any calendar, including Google Calendar, to ensure you don't have double bookings and that your available appointments are updated.

  • Business analytics and reports. EasyWeek also provides analytics and reports on your bookings, which helps to monitor the performance of the laser tag business and identify modern trends in the industry.

EasyWeek software helps to organize and manage appointments for any laser tag business, leading to a better customer experience and optimized performance.

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EasyWeek will significantly benefit any laser tag business. It allows online appointments, handy appointment management, automated reminders, calendar integration, business analytics, reports, etc. These features will help your laser tag business to run more effectively and efficiently, improve customer experience and get more loyal clients. If you run a laser tag business, try EasyWeek to optimize your appointment management in a snap. The service offers a free 14-day trial and instant support in case of any questions.

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