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Pet grooming business plan


If you have the idea of launching brand-new grooming in 2022, get more information about this business. The last few years have been rather challenging. That is why any new startup requires even better planning than before, and the pet grooming business isn't an exception.

Learn from the closest competitors + use your fantasy + add a dash of fresh ideas = Business Prosperity.

This article will help you with understanding the pet grooming industry, its weak and strong sides. We have also collected some simple rules to save your new business from the most common issues. So keep reading to get more detailed information about the right tools for opening a good pet grooming and scaling the project.

Pet salon treatments include:

  • Bathing

  • Antiparasitic treatment for dogs and cats

  • Matted fur removal

  • Cleaning of teeth, eyes, and ears

  • Trimming cats' and dogs' claws

  • Pet haircut and coloring

  • Drying fur with a hairdryer, pet combing, and SPA

Usually, a groomer can do many pet services. If you would have to hire several specialists for an ordinary beauty salon, a grooming studio can start with one groomer. The most frequent order is creative and model haircuts for cats and dogs. Make sure your employees know how to treat pets well and start!

Sometimes, you will also get orders for pet show haircuts. It is the highest level of complexity. The groomer who performs a haircut has to be extra professional. Just one mistake and a grooming studio can lose its reputation. Pet show haircuts are more complicated because they have to hide all the weak sides of a pet. The animal has to look flawlessly.

Pet owners care about their fur kids. They are proud of their beautiful pets that win first place at the various pet shows. These factors and also the modern trends have brought grooming to the highest demand. The service is top-rated, but there are still not enough professional groomers in the market. That is why it's time to launch a successful grooming studio in 2022.

With the right approach, a grooming business pays off relatively fast, its profitability is high, and there are few requirements to start.

A groomer is a specialist in pet haircuts. Groomers usually serve cats and dogs.

Your grooming studio works for cat and dog owners who like to get haircuts and other hair treatments for their fur babies. People who are eager to pay for quality professional grooming services are your priority. Groomers are the specialists who provide hygienic and aesthetic services for pets.

Yes, it can. Many grooming salons offer mobile services. It saves your time and your pet's nerves.

The average price is $45. You can get a pet haircut starting from $30 and finishing with $90. The price depends on the pet's size, the haircut's complexity, and a grooming studio's class.

How to start a dog grooming business

First, you have to decide on the business structure, its organization, and class.

Algorithm of opening a pet grooming business

  1. Think about what you would like to develop: a franchise or your own business. Both options are acceptable. The franchise is beneficial as you will get full support from the managing company, its well-known salon name, logo, and ready-made promo materials. While starting grooming from scratch offers other perks. For instance, you will be able to create your unique business independently.

  2. Decide whether you plan to stop at one grooming studio or launch a chain business.

  3. What are the services you would like to perform?

  4. Analyze the closest competitors, think about how you can stand out. After that, develop a good promo campaign.

Such detailed planning helps to avoid useless outlays and minimizes risks.

Grooming business plan

A clear business plan is the basis of an effective startup. Business planning has to include step-by-step instructions on achieving your goals and ROI calculations.

Stages of a grooming studio business plan

  • Paperwork & Documentation

    First and foremost, register your business. Then, consult local authorities to choose the best option. Usually, grooming studios open under LCC or sole proprietorship. After you have completed the registration, check the licenses and permits to obtain. To get all the papers, you have to choose a good location. The premises have to go through fire and hygienic check-ins.

  • Rent premises

    Selecting the right location and suitable premises is essential. In addition, pay attention to whether there is enough space for parking, whether there is a road or metro nearby. Frequently, customers prefer using private cars, so convenient parking is a must-have.

    Basement and semi-basement premises won't work for a grooming studio. They do not have any natural light, so it isn't acceptable for pets. Another requirement is a separate entrance. Then, if you plan to start a grooming business in a residential building, be ready to obtain the written consent of all its owners.

    The premises have to be about 50 sq. m. or more. It is a legal requirement as to work with animals you'll have to create a few professional zones, a waiting area, WC, warehouse, and a room for instruments sterilization. Pay attention to whether the premises have cold and hot water. It is a must-have.

  • Renovation, furniture, and equipment

    The sewer must be equipped with filters to retain fur. A waterproof ceramic surface is also a thing you better get at once. It is easy to clean. It is also crucial for the room to be well heated, has supply and exhaust ventilation with a power reserve and an air conditioner. The workshop rooms will also require additional lighting. Some grooming studios also get video cameras for the work zones.

  • Then furniture

    Make sure the furniture you choose looks well in the room. It has to create a pleasant atmosphere, be comfortable and stylish. Talking about the waiting area, you can place a comfortable sofa there, maybe also a coffee table, clothes hanger, mirror, and hang a TV. The good idea is to offer your guest a cup of fresh tea or coffee. It won't cost you too much, but it'll help to satisfy guests.

    An administrator will need a reception desk, a cash register, a PC, office equipment, and a good Wi-Fi connection. You can also organize a corner with pet goods your grooming studio sells. Set a showcase with pet supplies, cosmetics, and tools for animal care.

  • Working zone

    It is the heart of grooming. Purchase adjustable furniture, so both pets and groomers will feel good during the service. You will also need a bath. There are many choices. Why not get one big bath for different pets, or two separate bathes: 1st for small pets and 2nd for big visitors. You should also purchase a professional hairdryer, some work tools, pet cosmetics, disinfection tools, towels, corporate uniform, mirrors, and decor.

    A washing machine will be a plus as the grooming requires frequent cleaning. Then equip your warehouse with a rack. It is pretty convenient for storing.

  • Conclusion of contracts with suppliers

    Choose several suppliers for the beginning. Then you can look for better choices and change them if something goes wrong.

  • Staff recruitment

    Decide on the number of employees your grooming will need to start. In the beginning, you can hire 2 groomers, an administrator, an accountant, a cleaning lady, and an SMM specialist. It is better to hire skillful and positive employees. Remember that even the tiniest human error can hurt this type of business. Professional staff guarantees fast ROI and good profit.

  • Ads and marketing

    Together with your SMM specialist, work on the primary grooming pr strategy. Then decide on marketing aims and budget.

How much money do I need to start a grooming

Any business requires investments. Some of them will be initial, others regular. Let's see how much money a businessman is required to spend to start a grooming salon in 2022.

Initial investments:

  • First 2 months of rent – $7000.

  • Renovation of the premises – $10 000.

  • Furniture – $5000.

  • Office equipment and PC – $2 500.

  • Cash register – $500.

  • TV and bracket – $700.

  • Mirrors and decor – $700.

  • Washing machine – $550.

  • Corporate uniform – $800.

  • Towels (20 pcs.) – $100.

  • Professional hairdryer (2 pcs.) – $150.

  • 2 sets of scissors and a hair clipper – $100.

  • Brushes, combs, nail clippers, collars, etc. – $200.

  • UFO lamp for indoor use – $250.

  • Sterilizer with UFO for instruments – $100.

  • Stand for sterile devices – $500.

  • Adjustable furniture – $1000.

  • Bath – $500.

  • Pet cosmetics – $750.

  • Disinfectants and detergents – $50.

  • Paperwork, website, and marketing – $1000.

The initial investment is about $30 000.

Regular investments

  • Rent – $3.500.

  • Administrator's salary – $1200.

  • Grooming master's salary – $2000.

  • Remote accountant's salary – $250.

  • Cleaning lady's salary – $1000.

  • Utilities, Internet – $300.

  • Marketing – $250.

  • Consumables – $700.

Regular investment is about $10 000 monthly.

Grooming profitability

The average grooming check is $80. If a grooming salon is fully loaded, for example, it works 7 days per week and has 8 clients per day, the income will be about $20 000 monthly. Considering its expenses and taxes, the grooming ROI takes about 6 months.

Business profitability depends on management. Good management will lead a grooming studio to prosperity, while poor administration can mislead.

Choose the grooming studio head carefully. He is responsible for:

  • Staff recruitment,

  • Reporting,

  • Quality control of all work processes,

  • Business planning and business strategy developing.

A good manager is passionate about his business, always has fresh ideas for attracting and retaining salon clients, increasing conversion and profit.

How to increase the revenue of a pet grooming business

There are several ways of making the pet business more profitable. Let's take a look at the most effective ones:

Increase the average check by offering customers additional services. Many services go well together. Think about the best combinations, provide a pleasant discount, and here you are. Clients are satisfied, and you have increased the revenue.

If you serve not only dogs but also cats, you will get a better profit. Why not organize "A cat day." It works for any animal. Just make sure you know how to treat a pet, and voilà. Statistics show that the average profit growth is about 40%. Do not lose such a good opportunity.

Use ads and marketing tools. Social networks like Instagram and TikTok can bring you a lot of clients. Your studio can also collaborate with other grooming salons and vet clinics.

Work on creating a handy loyalty program. Motivate clients to come by offering them exciting discounts, original services, and the best treatment.

Maintain a client base and connect online appointments using EasyWeek CRM. Grooming salons with online booking are much more profitable than the same salons without convenient service.

The best pet grooming software

Pet grooming booking software connection simplifies the work process of a grooming studio, minimizing any conflicts. The system allows managing many tasks at once without losing precious time. It works by automating grooming studio routines and optimizing its performance.

Advantages of a grooming software

  • Detailed client base and its maintenance. The service stores and organizes client data the way it is easy to find and use for creating promo offers. A groomer can also check any individual preferences before a guest's visit. The system stores history of visits, records of phone conversations, any chats, etc. It is also able to notify both a customer and a groomer about the visit.

  • Automated 24/7 online appointments via widget or a website.

  • A booking link for getting bookings via any platform you use.

  • Templates for a dozen documents.

  • Handy online calendar for scheduling.

  • Staff salary calculations.

  • Setting up the access level, etc.

Entrepreneurs appreciate CRMs for affordability and a great help in business optimization. Using the grooming appointment software, you will be able to deeply analyze your business performance, assess the grooming studio work life, and increase revenue.


The first rule of starting a grooming studio is a passion for the profession. So, if you like pets and have good stress ability, try this niche.

A pet studio is still a new business for many. Grooming is pretty profitable when well-planned. It is a perfect chance to turn your hobby into a full-time job.

To open a grooming studio, research the closest competitors, study their mistakes and successes. The more you know, the better the business will go. After you have coped with the business organization, hired groomers and other staff, advertise the studio. Marketing is the best helper for beginners. Present your grooming as well as possible using EasyWeek appointment app. We'd be glad to scale together!

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