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Dental clinic name ideas


  1. Introduction

  2. The importance of name for a medical business

  3. How to choose the best dental business name

  4. Clever dental business name ideas

  5. Naming hacks

  6. Conclusions

#1 Introduction

The medical business is among the most challenging niches. An entrepreneur has to remember too many trifles, starting dentistry. It may look like the name isn't to mention first. Still, statistics claim that many medical companies succeeded by selecting the right business name.

When a businessman has coped with registering the business officially, got the right location, comfortable premises, and hired staff, he should glance at naming. The name is a handy marketing tool to promote business 24/7: leaflets, flyers, business cards, and the Internet – everywhere you will put your dentistry name.

Sure, it is essential to pay attention to whether it sounds good.

The demand for medical services has increased the competition. As a result, many new companies have appeared during the last decade. Dental services are at the top, so select the name carefully. It has to highlight your dentistry in the market and help to popularize the services you offer.

Today, we will cover selecting a perfect name for your dentistry and winning patients' loyalty as a result. So keep reading if you'd like to choose the best dental name. We'll gladly help!

Research competitors to see their clinics' names. Consider your concept and stay creative. Write down the ideas that come to your mind, ask for advice. You can ask colleagues, friends, relatives, and even kids. Children often produce unique name options. You can also ask your target audience on any social network you use. Then, select a few names and think about the title to suit your concept best. That's it!

Yes, you can. Using the software is one of the most accessible options to get a unique name for a medical business. Name generators check whether the name is available and fits your concept. There are many names for choosing. Just set up the parameters, and start surfing.

In general, both terms mean the same treatment. A dental office is the business of one dentist, and dental clinics are usually large medical centers. Therefore, the difference barely influences the name. However, if you develop a personal brand, there is a point in creating a conceptual brand name for a dental office. In this case, the name will influence the brand much more.

#2 The importance of name for a medical business

A dental clinic's name depends on the clinic's specialization. The best is to present the services directly in the title. Then you'll save time and let your patients see what you offer from the first glance. That is the first reason why dental clinic name creation is a responsible process.

The second detail to mention is the dental clinic image. Your brand has to be well-known to be popular. A business name is a perfect tool to attract attention to new clients. If you have a unique name, there are twice more chances to get patients at once. People tend to choose clinics that offer flawless medical service and accompany it with the proper treatment. Usually, the first impression is made based on the name, administrator's communicative skills, and clinic's interior.

A dental practice has 7 seconds to make the first impression. Use this time smartly to attract new and retain existing clients effectively.

You will present the name online and offline. So, make sure it looks well on the Internet and the various printed materials. But, do not neglect traditional marketing. It is as essential as the digital one.

#3 How to choose the best dental business name

There is no one way to select the perfect dental business name. The foremost is to create a name that suits your concept, values, and services. In other words, it is better to select the words that are tightly associated with professional dentistry services.

To create a perfect dental clinic name:

  1. Firstly, write down the ideas and share them with colleagues.

  2. Ask advice from friends, relatives, and even children, because they are very creative.

  3. Conduct a survey online and ask what your target audience thinks about your chosen names.

  4. Choose the most popular options.

  5. Repeat the process till you get one name that perfectly fits the dentistry.

  6. Always consider a name as a part of a single concept. It will help to optimize efforts and scale.

#4 Clever dental business name ideas

Now, let's take a closer look at dentistry name creation.

Consider using the following lexemes:


  • TeethTeeth

  • Lucky Tooth

  • TeethLand

  • TeethSPA

  • Dr.Tooth



  • Treatment Dental

  • ProfiDental

  • Dental Source

  • OpenDental


  • DentistryMode

  • DentistrySHINE

  • Dentistry Solutions

  • Kids Kingdom Dentistry

  • Family Dentistry


  • PerfectDent

  • Dent Solutions

  • Dent Life

  • Daisy Dent

  • Dent Plus

These words are among the most popular to use in dentistry naming worldwide. The main reason is that they provide short information on the clinic's services. They also sound minimalistic.

What are the other tips on dentistry naming?


The shorter the name is, the more chances your audience will catch it to tell others. Laconic names are trendy for many businesses. They activate word-of-mouth and promote a dental office 24/7.

For example, Dent +, Denty.

Foreign words

Spanish or French words may help create a perfect name for your brand-new dentistry. Make sure that your audience can read and translate the word and use it for your benefit.

For example, Hola Dental, Bonjour Dental Clinic.

Personal names

This way is handy for dental offices that professional dentists run. If you are already a well-known dentist, use it for advertising the clinic.

For example, Anna Dental, Dr. Joe Dentistry.


A unique abbreviation may sound charming. So why not create one to highlight dentistry's uniqueness? Just remember to make it readable and memorable. Usually, business owners abbreviate personal names and locations.

For example, NaDent, Malo Dent.

#5 Naming hacks

You have already learned a lot about intelligent naming. So let's see what is the list of dos and don'ts to follow, creating a perfect dental clinic name.

What to avoid?

  • Complex words.

  • Narrow lexemes.

  • Meaningless phrases.

  • Unclear foreign idioms.

  • Wide-spread names.

What to use?

  • Laconic, memorable, original slogans.

  • Name generators.

  • Dot-Com Address registration.

  • Friends', colleagues', kids' advice.

#6 Conclusions

Starting a medical business may look like a challenging task. There is a dash of truth in this statement. However, the organizational process will be more straightforward when you know what to do. Choose a few hacks to create your perfect dentistry name. And enjoy the name selection process.

EasyWeek would be happy to optimize your dentistry, saving your nerves and efforts. We are glad to grow together with satisfied clients.

Good luck in starting a dental clinic! Visit our blog if you need some motivation or a handy CRM to begin.

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