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Catchy name for your healthcare

Catchy name for your healthcare

Are you selecting a name for your brand new medical clinic? It is pretty easy and challenging at the same time. We've prepared this article to explain and show examples of the best way of creating a catchy name for a medical clinic. So, let's take a look at the main trifles you have to remember when choosing a name for a medical centre.

#1 Introduction

Have you decided to start a medical centre, dentistry, or gynecology? That is an excellent idea as healthcare is always in demand! However, have you ever thought about how many details you need to remember when opening any medical business? A catchy name must be one of the most pleasant trifles, but it must be well-thought anyway. Once you are ready with a concept, have decided the services you will provide, and have researched your target audience, it is high time to select a unique original name.

First of all, think about how patients see your medical clinic and who you would like to attract. So, selecting a memorable name related to your target audience is better when opening any new business. For instance, if you open a medical clinic for babies, think in advance about the connection to children's health, happiness, and well-being.

The success of an online and offline brand promotion very often depends on how memorable and catchy the name of a medical centre is. The best solution is to take an individual approach to every patient. Never forget about the emotional needs of medical clinics' clients, as they are often as important as the proper treatment.

The name of a medical centre is its soul. So it has to be an original, catchy name associated with the best quality services.

We have studied the most popular ways of naming medical centres and prepared a checklist for selecting a catchy name for modern medical clinics.

You are required to cope with several steps to open a medical centre. First, plan your startup, its expenses and risks, purchase equipment and find a location. Moreover, think about obtaining all the needed licenses and permits. Starting any healthcare business takes time, so be ready to work hard.

There is almost no difference. However, many hospitals offer extra services.

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How to find name for medical startup

#2 How to name a medical centre

Naming a medical clinic is hard work. But it is so fun! Selecting a good name, rely on the following rules:

  • A name has to be connected to healthcare, or it has to be associated with a specific medical specialization, for instance, general practice, urology, dentistry, cosmetology, perinatal centre, or laboratory.

  • A name has to refer to health, longevity, wellness, etc.

  • A clinic name is tightly associated with a particular medical practice, for example, alternative medicine, oriental practices, and therapy.

  • A name can highlight the personality of the founder.

Sometimes entrepreneurs use names that aren't tightly connected to medicine or healthcare. So, they rely on quality services to make the brand famous and unique. Such names are usually catchy when they go together with the team's professional work. However, you have to remember that selecting such variants is pretty risky.

Many medical clinics use a keyword and then form a name around it. There are usually additional phrases or words to describe quality service, unique offers, or original procedures.

Three main rules that you have to follow when selecting a medical centre name:

  1. Be creative! Think about the words and phrases that are tightly associated with medicine. Write them down and then see how they can work together, along with additional terms, etc. It is a pretty creative process, so never be afraid to ask friends, relatives, and even kids. Usually, children produce cool ideas.

    After the first step, think about whether the ready name is catchy and memorable. How does it sound to you, your friends? The name has to be creative and professional as it is another factor in attracting customers and investors. Always check its uniqueness.

  2. Research competitors. Even the best name can already be taken or sound like an already existing medical practice. If the names of the two clinics sound similar, it is a signal that you have to think better about selecting another name for your medical centre.

  3. Always ask for advice. You never have to do all the work by yourself. Teamwork in a naming process helps. Ask your staff to give a few medical centre names they like and check what they think about your variants. And, be sure that you will select the best name for a medical clinic together.

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Startup in healthcare

When selecting a name, pay attention to the following control points:

  • Is the name easy-memorable?

    There is no sense in creating a complicated name understandable only to the founders. In our opinion, the brand name has to stay simple, catchy, and memorable. For example, "GetMed," "ProfMedLab," "DentCosmetology," and similar phrases are way too popular + complicated, so better to avoid them.

  • Is the name easy to read and pronounce?

    Imagine how satisfied patients will advise your medical centre to their friends and relatives. If the name is difficult to pronounce and remember, word-of-mouth will likely not work.

  • Signage and promotion

    Think in advance about how the name will look in promo materials, signage, etc.

  • Does it stand out?

    Never copy famous competitors. Stay unique and original. Inspiration is fabulous, but copying will be helpful only for your competitors.

  • Does the name describe your business correctly?

    It has to stay clear and understandable. There is no need to complicate the name by using too many unknown words and phrases. Stay tightly connected to the provided services and make them easy to remember.

  • Is it new and original?

    Sometimes, people think that old is gold. But old-fashioned popular names are not the best idea. Plus there are already many competitors with just the same names.

  • Do not use bad words and provocative phrases.

    Hype never helps when talking about medicine. Patients come to you for help and problem solving, so offer them a calm and relaxing name.

Opening a diagnostic business in healthcare

#3 Naming medical centre: basic naming principles

Remember to check name uniqueness. Some names can be registered as trademarks, so you will better avoid using them in this case. It is illegal as the name is a property of another brand, in our case, a medical clinic. Before the final decision on the name, check whether it is free. The best solution is to consult a lawyer. However, just checking the name online can help as well. There are a few online checkers to see whether someone else uses the name.

We have prepared a few lists of medical centre names that are popular all around the globe. To stand out among the competitors, avoid common words like – health, doctor, clinic, and med. There are many brands with similar naming, so be careful not to lose your identity in this flow.

Several methods for creating a medical clinic name:

  1. Select original words related to healthcare.

  2. Mention the specialization of the medical clinic in its name.

  3. Connect the name to the location.

  4. Connect the name to the founder's name.

  5. Give the reference to ancient healers and ancient Greek myths. It is a good idea, but there is a risk that the name won't be understandable to some people.

  6. Create an abbreviation using medical terms or related words. Be careful with this method, as many clinics are already named with acronyms.

  7. Choose a catchy name, maybe not related to healthcare, but then explain it with a story on your website.

Names with the word/related to "health":

  • Health

  • House of Health

  • Healthy Family Center

  • Vivo Clinic

  • Be Healthy

  • Health Algorithm

  • Healthy Generation

  • Health History

  • Healthy Man

  • Healthy People

  • Academy of Health

  • A Century of Health

  • Medical Health Center

  • Women's Health Clinic

  • Stay Healthy!

  • Healthy Smile

  • Health Clinic

  • Healthy body

Names with the word/related to "clinic":

  • Clinic of Hope

  • Healing Clinic

  • Doctor Clinic

  • Family Clinic

  • Best Clinic

  • Nova Clinic

  • Alan Clinic

  • GUTAClinic

  • GMS Clinic

  • World Vision Clinic


  • MultiClinic

Names with the word/related to "doctor":

  • My Doctor

  • Doc +

  • Kind Doctor

  • Your Doctor

  • Doctor Ost

  • Dr. Martin

  • Family doctor

  • First Doctor

  • Best Doctor

  • Happy Doctor

  • Miracle Doctor

  • 7 Metropolitan Doctors

  • Dr. Linz

  • Dr. Smile

  • Doctor Laser

  • Good Doctor

  • Doctor Magician

  • Cheerful Doctor

How to choose a name for medical laboratory

Names with the word/referring to "medicine":

  • MedLife

  • Mobile Med

  • The Medicine

  • Center for Evidence-Based Medicine

  • Medicines

  • Healthy Med

  • Eurasia Med

  • Trust Med

  • Med and Care

  • MedSwiss

  • President Med

  • ABC Medicine

  • CM Clinic

  • ONclinic

  • Open Clinic

  • Medical House

  • Medical CenterService

  • DocMed

  • EuroMed

  • Medicine and Beauty

  • Medical Council

  • CityMed

  • Hospital Center MedStar

  • PolyMedica

  • CenterAviaMed

  • Neuromed

  • Medical family

  • MedSwiss

  • GenoMed

  • Medical staff

Names with the word/referring to "Wellness":

  • Wellness Daily live

  • Back Smart Wellness Center

  • Elite Wellness

  • Trinity Health and Wellness Medical Group

Names with the word/referring to "Therapy":

  • Manual therapy centre

  • Radiation therapy centre

  • Manual therapy clinic "Healthy body."

Names referring to the name of founder/founders:

  • Dr. Amelia

  • Andrew Med

  • Dr. Victoria

  • Huberman Lab

  • Doctor Games

The clinic names refer to the location or specialization of the healthcare center:

  • Capital Medical Center

  • Medical Center on Broadway

  • New York Medical Center

  • London Doctor

  • Clinic California

  • Scandinavian Medical Center

  • European Medical Center

  • Sinai Clinic

Names related to ancient philosophers, healers, and doctors:

  • Hippocrates' Grandchildren

  • Hippocratic Oath

  • Avicenna

  • Asclepius

Names referred to the specialization of a medical centre:

  • Mother and Child

  • DocKids

  • Innovative Vascular Center

  • Osteopathy plus

  • London Vision Clinic

  • ENT center

  • CityLab

  • SkinLab

  • Beauty institute

How to choose best name for a cosmetology startup

Short and catchy names:

  • Dialog

  • Genesis (clinic for reproductive medicine)

  • Professor

  • Florence

  • Family

  • Healing

  • Luxe

  • Levita

  • Tradition

  • Childhood (Kids Medical Center)

  • Fantasy (Kids medical center)

  • Anderson (Kids Dentistry)

  • The Quality of Life

  • Evolution

  • Wave

  • Patient Selection

  • Althea

  • Plus 1 (Reproductive Medicine Clinic)

  • Care (Gynecology)

  • Vector

  • Emerald

  • Lifeline

  • May

  • Pearl

#4 How to name a dentistry

There are so many dentistries named using the words: teeth, smile, and dent. So, you will need another reference to stand out.

Among the most popular dentistry names are:

  • EliteDent

  • DemaDent

  • Smile

  • SmileHouse

  • ProfDent

  • DentWave

  • NewDent

  • PresidentDent

  • AzuraDent

  • Dent and Care

  • Denta Service

  • Mister Tooth

  • Dentist

  • Smile Formula

  • Smile Line

  • Crystal

  • Wydentis

  • We Love Teeth

  • Happy Teeth

  • Healthy Teeth

#5 Life Hacks on creating a unique, catchy name for a medical clinic: online name generators

The main rule is to stay creative. But, well, sometimes you are just tired of it, and that is when you have to stop and think. For example, have you ever thought about which names are the most popular? In the USA, for instance, people tend to name dentistries using religious and holy names.

Among the common medical names are:

  • St. Anthony Medical Clinic

  • St. James Health Center

  • St. Luke's Medical Clinic

  • St. Thomas Health Care

Some entrepreneurs find Latin inspiring. It is logical as the first doctors used this language. It can be any language you like, just make sure it suits the area and locals.

Plus, there are a few name generators online. They are free and offer simply great variants. Why not try?

How to name a perinatal clinic

#6 Medical center names: uniqueness check

The first and the easiest way is to google the name and check whether there are clinics with the same or similar names.

There are free and paid websites where you can check the trademarks. It is also a good option. However, it will be a must-have to register the brand name and create a trademark if you want to stay unique.

#7 Conclusions

We hope this article helped you understand the main tendencies in medical naming. There are no rules – stay professional and creative, and you win!

The name is an essential part of any business, but it is just the beginning. Click here to find more information about opening a medical centre. And, EasyWeek online appointment booking system for healthcare will be glad to help you with effective management.

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