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Hair extension business names


Hair salons are very profitable to launch in 2022. Many people in business wonder about starting a hair salon: it is much easier than many imagine. Opening a hair extension studio involves premises selection, hiring a team and planning the startup. The last point is the most crucial. The stronger your plan is, the better the result will be.

Many entrepreneurs ignore business naming. That's wrong. Many beauty salon clients enjoy aesthetic salons with catchy names and original stories behind them. Of course, it isn't a must, but it increases the revenue, so why not?

Write down a business plan in which you mention stuff about: renting premises, hiring team, looking for marketing help, mastering beauty expert skills, all the risks and pitfalls, aims and goals.

The initial investment depends on your area and size. For example, you'll need about $35 000 to start a hair extension salon in the city centre. At the same time, other districts may be cheaper. In general, you can save on the location and invest in marketing. Advertisements will help to attract more visitors even to not the most popular places.

That's a tricky question. The names are dependent on the location and mentality. Usually, salons are named after celebrities, streets, or services a beauty studio provides. Another question is creativity. The original salon name will help to stand out. It is your free ad that works 24/7. We will see how to create the flawless hair extension salon name right now!

Hair extension business in 2022

Hair salons are trendy. Hair extension salons are even more popular as they offer particular hair services in crazy demand. Starting a hair salon is a prosperous idea. Opening a hair extension studio is twice more beneficial.

Benefits of hair extension salon as a business idea:

  • Constant customer flow. Clients go to get some particular services, so offer them and stand out.

  • Less crowded niche. The hair extension business is much less crowded than any other branch related to hair services. It is wiser to invest in a unique direction to get more attention.

  • Its opening price is average, while ROI is fast. When everything is done right, you'll get a crazy ROI. People choose hair experts to come back.

Pay attention to customer relationship management. The more clients you have, the better your business organization has to be. Try EasyWeek hair extension salon software to see why many beauty experts love it.

Hair extension business name ideas

So, let's proceed to the main topic of this material – hair extension business names! It is that trifle that can help you to go viral. That's why brand names are so essential. Any company starts with some idea. It is best to tell this idea via the hair extension salon name.

Modern names are various. Some beauty salon owners prefer simple ideas, while others enjoy complicated solutions. Even if you enjoy some variants and are sure they are cool, they may sound strange for your target audiences.

EasyWeek advises consulting your friends and family together with colleagues. Then your first clients, if possible. Such deep research will give you a whole picture of the business niche you are entering. That's how effective it works.

Pro name selection tips:

  1. Research the market to get a few names you like.

  2. Check whether they are free.

  3. Ask for advice from as many people as you can.

  4. Stop on a few names your advisors, and you like the most.

  5. Come back to the 3rd step and repeat 3 – 4th options till you have one perfect hair extension business name.

Hair extension business name ideas

Names based on hair extension service itself:

  • RealHair

  • HairExtensionBeauty

  • Good Hair Day

  • HairGrowth

  • Go longer

  • Very fairy hair

Names based on trendy words and topics:

  • Eternal Beauty

  • HairBoost

  • Hair Love

  • InstaHair

  • Go beautiful

  • DisneyHair

Names based on creative and catchy ideas:

  • HaHaHair

  • Mermaid Hair

  • Hair beauty space

  • BeautyHairMe

  • WWH (Wavy Long Hair)

  • Extend your ambitions

There are some more options to select the perfect hair extension name. In addition, we've collected trendy names to boost your inspiration. So stay creative, ask your clients, and it'll be fine!

Do's and Don'ts of hair extension business naming

You've already got that naming a hair extension studio is the thing to think about. Now, let's see the common mistakes of hair extension salon naming and how to avoid them.

Hair extension naming Do's:

  • Research before deciding. See who your competitors are and which names they've chosen.

  • Be creative. The craziest ideas are the best-selling ones.

  • Test. Every concept requires testing. Make sure to test every new idea before launching the project.

Hair extension naming Don'ts:

  • Don't copy. Get some inspiration but never copy. It won't help anyway.

  • Don't neglect your audience. The modern world has too many ways to communicate with your clients. Ask them what they think about the names you've chosen. It is an excellent start to growing a loyal audience.

  • Don't collaborate blindly. Work only with reliable businesses. Starting a hair extension salon may be tricky. We do not recommend dealing with numerous doubtful influencers. It is better to choose several and work with them exclusively.


A hair extension business is a good niche to enter. However, there are some pitfalls and many benefits. The good thing is that you can optimize your salon, starting with its name.

Do not neglect this handy tool to advertise freely. A smart salon name attracts customers without your participation. EasyWeek advises you to tell a brand concept via the hair extension salon name. It is one of the easiest ways to stand out. Once you are sure that there are 3-5 names you like, ask for advice. Your colleagues, friends, relatives, and even kids are your best helpers.

After the business is ready to perform, make sure you are prepared for the future customer flow. EasyWeek is a perfect software for your business automatization. EasyWeek offers a lot of practical tools for online appointments, client management and business optimization. Automate routines now not to regret later. Just try EasyWeek for free!

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