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Pitfalls and valuable tips for naming beauty salons


We don't think anyone will deny that internet marketing has replaced almost everything. Where once you had to fight for the customers in your neighbourhood, today you are competing in a virtual space with all city salons.

Words' power has tripled with the advent of search engines, algorithms and rankings. As a result, creative Instagram names and username ideas are in high demand today.

It's more apparent to many entrepreneurs how important it is to choose a business name wisely, as this can get the business off to a good start. This article will discuss some tips to help you find your direction for choosing a successful salon name.

The earlier you start testing different possibilities, the better. In any case, you should have several options ready when you begin writing your business plan. Read the details in the EasyWeek business blog.

In this case, the search is somewhat limited, as your salon is aimed at a specific audience and must not have a ridiculous name. However, you can find some creative examples for inspiration in our article.

To promote your salon, you should use different communication channels with your clients and follow them with the same attention. To avoid confusion and not lose clients, use the EasyWeek salon software that generates a booking widget and link, giving you seamless integration.

Beauty salon start-up

Naming your beauty salon

Before you start, determine for yourself what your naming aspiration is for. Remember that it's not just about the salon name but also your website URL, Instagram profile, and future products you could sell if you expand enough.

So you should consider the specifics of the different platforms and try to find a name that can serve as a unified brand for all the products and services you offer.

To make the right choice and set some landmarks for yourself, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my main goal as a salon owner?

  • What legal regulations do I consider when choosing and registering my salon name?

  • Is the name of my salon easy to remember?

  • Is there a free domain for my salon name?

  • How does the name I have come up with differ from other salons?

  • Is it theoretically possible to find a suitable logo for my salon name?

  • Finally, is this name ideal for the international market?

In the following, we will look at some of these questions.

Indian beauty parlour

Salon name and marketing

Marketing should be talked about separately, as it is multi-faceted.

On the one hand, it is worth thinking about what your salon name would look like in real life:

  • On signage for your salon: How does the sign fit in with the surroundings? Is it too posh for this residential area, too mocking for the business centre?

  • On advertising banners: Can the name of your salon be used as a slogan that also fits your style?

  • On care products: Can you print the name on cosmetics to sell them, or do you need a different logo?

On the other hand, the name should also be easily recognisable online. The salon's name determines the user's first impression because that is what they will see in the search results. So whether a user clicks on the link or not depends on how eye-catching your salon name is.

However, the name alone is not enough to have the right effect for the advertisement. The path to making an appointment must be as short as possible, and EasyWeek software can help you achieve this.

EasyWeek offers you a widget to set up on all popular social networks – including Facebook and Instagram – or your website. The booking widget is linked to your digital appointment calendar, which means that your customers can book an appointment immediately without calling your beauty salon and waiting for reception staff. In this way, the name of your salon helps to attract customers' attention, and the widget allows you to retain them.

In addition, the program offers you a free website that looks like a landing page and contains your salon description, opening hours, customer reviews, photos and a list of services. Furthermore, the website is mobile-optimised: Even at the website design stage, you can make sure that the salon's name is rendered correctly on smartphones, which is also a great advantage.

To get such a website with a built-in booking widget, just sign up EasyWeek.

Also, the EasyWeek appointment system has an extensive customer database that you can use to find out what to look for when developing your other brands. For example, it's common to want to try your hand at something a little different if you have enough funds: open a spa, a tanning salon or a hair salon. An existing client base can help you gather nail salon name ideas or salon name ideas, for example.

Business name generators

Pitfalls and valuable tips

Many people don't know precisely how to choose a business name. The process is very vague and seems to have more to do with the power of the muses than with earthly strategies. However, it is better to combine the two.

  1. The subconscious mind does the creative work best, so give it time. It would be useful to go to the countryside; to relax; take some time out or meditate.

  2. Create a mind map: Discuss your options with colleagues or friends in a relaxed atmosphere – these occasions generate the best ideas.

  3. Explore different naming tools: Even if you don't choose anything, just get inspired by the offers options.

  4. Think about how you can abbreviate the name of your salon: this comes up again and again in everyday life. But, of course, it's best to shorten it right away so that it sounds good because, in the many online conversations, people can change the name of your salon into something nonsensical.

  5. Don't forget expansion: check how your brand name sounds in the countries you are interested in so you don't have to choose a new name deliberately.

  6. Hire graphic artists and designers to find a name right away: this way, you will have a name and a logo that fit together perfectly at the same time.

Nail salon name ideas


If your salon name does not stand out, it will be difficult to find on the internet, which is a significant disadvantage in today's reality.

Your job is to help the customer make a decision. So be creative by choosing a catchy name and proactive by installing EasyWeek's appointment calendar. Find out all the terms and conditions of the paid and free plans and start working with us now! Try EasyWeek appointment software free for 14 days!

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