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EasyWeek interview scheduling software


Recruiting is an essential part of many businesses. Every good team starts with an interview. Selecting the right people to work with is a crucial moment. It's pretty messy and challenging. Usually, employers spend weeks and months finding the best candidate.

Sure, it is hard to understand whom to hire at once. But there is a handy tool to optimize the interview process and get better and faster results. Interview schedulers are an effective solution for those who hire employees often.

No more paperwork, constant calls and emails, no-shows, and other issues – just one solution can simplify the hiring process, offering your company more freedom to scale. Growing is way more manageable when you don't spend time on useless negotiations about the appointment details.

We have collected inspiring ideas and handy hacks on job interview process automation. Today, we will teach you how to manage many candidates easier and choose the best fit faster. Let's start!

It is an IT solution for businesses that hire staff often. This software offers instant booking online, saving time and budget for its users. The service is available 24/7, providing plenty of valuable hacks for job interview optimization.

There is not only one suitable solution. The best app will be different for different businesses. Yes, it works this way. Talking about the most relevant apps in general, we can name: EasyWeek, Setmore, Harver.

Again, it'll depend on the software you choose. In most cases, online schedulers will cost you pretty much. However, you can always look for a better solution. EasyWeek, for example, provides customers with a free tariff plan. Users can skip all the payments if they have small businesses. So, in case you operate alone and with 1 location, feel free to use the EasyWeek software for free. If you are more extensive, enter the number of users and sites to see the final price.

Free interview scheduling tool

Interview scheduling: how to do it best

We all know how challenging an interview can be. And not only for employees. An employer has also to think a lot about the interview process. Sometimes, employers face even more struggles than employees. Imagine how many interviews you have to schedule before finding the best candidate.

No worries, there is an effective solution to optimize this process.

Let's compare 2 cases to see why online scheduling is better than offline analogue.

  • Case A. There is a company that deals with interview appointments manually. It goes fine till the manager forgets to call back and negotiate the details with one or two candidates or till some employees don't forget about their appointments. But no worries! It works somehow, so why not?

    Such a business wastes up to 35% of its ability to grow. Wasting time is never okay. And sometimes, it's impossible to cope with all the employee flow manually.

  • Case B. There is a business that doesn't deal with appointments offline. Everything is happening online, well-scheduled, and without serious issues. At the same time, employees appreciate the convenience and pay back the employer with the best performance.

    Online interview scheduling software helps to exclude human error, stress factors and significant investments. In addition, it deals with job interviews 24/7, offering the best comfort both for employees and employers.

Being modern and compelling is a 21st-century must. Online job interview schedulers help to cope with this task simply and effectively. No extra or hidden payments are needed.

Try EasyWeek scheduler for free

EasyWeek appointment scheduling software

HR software

Interview schedulers offer a wide range of handy possibilities.

TOP-benefits of HR software for business

  • On budget. Interview schedulers will cost you less than an employee to deal with appointments manually.

  • It motivates. HR software provides useful motivation tools to reward the best employees.

  • Time-saving solution. Manual paperwork takes hours. At the same time, online scheduling will take not more than 5 minutes.

  • Effortless tool. HR software does not require any special skills or expertise to operate. It has a UI/UX design, offering the best quality & performance to its users.

  • It builds a professional image. Scheduling an interview online will feel better than doing the same offline task. If the first impression about your company is positive, there are more chances to build a professional image.

Being modern and innovative is more accessible. So use this possibility for your benefit.

Try EasyWeek scheduler for free

How to optimize recruiting business

EasyWeek interview scheduling software

EasyWeek is one of the leading interview schedulers for business.

EasyWeek is an international team of digital nomads who create new solutions daily. Some time ago, we also faced scheduling troubles. So far in 2018, we started EasyWeek serving the beauty business as CRM. Till the middle of 2022, EasyWeek works with medical businesses, educational ones, car services, veterinary companies, and much more.

Quality service and client trust allowed us to scale together with our clients. EasyWeek understands the struggle of finding the most suitable candidate for any position. That's why we have also created the interview scheduling software solution.

EasyWeek works similarly to CRM: you enter your company's data and make sure it looks fine on your page. So yes, we do offer a landing for your company.

After entering the data and checking it well, you have a good-looking site and a widget. These tools will optimize online interviewing, providing both employee and employer with the best comfort level.

No more calls and emails, no-shows and late cancellations. The software will do half of the job for you. Let's compare the company that uses EasyWeek to the one with no scheduling software.

  • Company 1 – without EasyWeek

    A candidate has to call and negotiate the appointment's time, place, and requirements. In case (s)he misunderstood something, there is no chance to recheck the details.

  • Company 2 – with EasyWeek

    A candidate opens your company's widget, chooses the time, and enters his/hers data. The appointment is made! EasyWeek will notify employees and employers about the meeting, and a candidate will be able to book only the free slots. So easy and so handy!

The choice is clear. Let us show you some of the best EasyWeek features to make the final decision.

Interview schedulers for business

Competitive advantages of the EasyWeek CRM

Making an online interview appointment is way easier with EasyWeek. That's why we call themselves easy-to-use software.

EasyWeek for a job interview is:

  • Freedom to be your own boss. Schedule, reschedule, edit or cancel. You can do it all in one app. EasyWeek offers flexible online appointments, so candidates won't need to face any struggles when making a job appointment.

  • Saving budget, effort and time. We are the 3 in 1 solution that automates job interview scheduling, making you more flexible. EasyWeek costs less than the nearest competitors.

  • Friendly support to solve all your scheduling issues. Many users love EasyWeek for its technical support. Our team works 24/7, answering all your questions and solving every problem you face. We are alive people (not bots) interested in solving your issues as well as possible.

What can you do with EasyWeek scheduling software

  • Optimize online interviews via instant appointments.

  • Integrate with many popular services to get the best performance.

  • Send personalized reminders about the upcoming meetings.

  • Connect EasyWeek to Google Calendar to organize the appointment scheduling even better.

  • Use push notifications to make the booking process as flexible as possible.

  • Reduce paperwork & related troubles.

  • Save on additional staff to deal with appointments.

Free interview scheduling tool

Small companies can use the tool for free. EasyWeek offers a free tariff plan together with a set of professional ones.

Can I use a free online scheduling tool from EasyWeek?

  • Yes, if you are a business with 1 user and 1 location.

What will I get with free online appointment scheduling from EasyWeek?

The free EasyWeek version is a perfect solution for small businesses. If you don't need many slots and a lot of branches, use the free plan.

Online appointments for meetings and interviews


Interview scheduling software is a must for those who deal with many interviews. It automates online appointments with a simple, effective scheduling system and business analytics. EasyWeek has a lot to offer. Starting with online scheduling and up to a free website. More than 10 thousand clients worldwide trust EasyWeek service.

We work for Europe and America, offering quality performance for acceptable pricing. Do not hesitate to try the software for free. You can always use our free tariff plan if you meet the requirements. Make sure to check it.

EasyWeek team is here for you! Feel free to contact us in case of any queries or feedback. We are working, so you can relax. Try EasyWeek scheduler for free right now.

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