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Wix appointment scheduling plugin

Website for your business

Website isn't a luxury anymore. Almost any business requires a quality website, widget, and marketing tools to promote the company. That's why website constructors like Tilda, WordPress and Wix are extremely popular.

Indeed, there is nothing hard in getting a website. Maybe, it won't be one of your dreams, but you can constantly improve it later. Just choose one of the tools to build it, and start! Today, we will see how the Wix website constructor works. It is one of the most popular website builders, so the journey must be exciting. Let's dive into the business optimization world together with Wix and EasyWeek.

Do you have a website made on Wix? Or you are just thinking about getting one to start working? In any case, you will need a widget. A widget is a handy tool that helps to stand out. It increases conversion, optimizing business in general.

Wix has both free and paid tariffs. A free plan is enough for the beginning. After, you can always select a paid option with more pro features.

The best solution would be a CRM connection. Usually, CRMs are appreciated for their online appointment feature with a handy booking widget. EasyWeek software, for example, offers a customizable widget for online booking to suit any business.

Google has a pretty good digital ecosystem that allows service booking. For example, you can connect EasyWeek online appointments to Google Maps via Google My Business. Follow the instructions, get verified after completing all the steps, and welcome your first clients!

Wix & EasyWeek appointment system integration

You may already know that Wix is a free tool for website building. It allows fast and effective website creation, but unfortunately, Wix isn't enough.

A good website requires a smart widget. You can connect additional software, like EasyWeek, to grow sales and business simultaneously.

And the best thing is that the software won't cost you much. Sure, if you know how to choose it.

EasyWeek online appointment management software

EasyWeek is a handy IT solution for small and midsize businesses. CRM works well for business automation, optimizing daily routines. However, we offer more than any average CRM, thanks to the system's features, including the wide range of various integrations. And Wix is one of them.

Benefits of Wix booking appointments via EasyWeek

Wix offers you a set of tools to build a website. The website construction can be done by basically any person. You don't need to be an IT expert in coping with that task. But then, you get a brand-new website that needs a shiny widget.

The Wix booking plugin comes to the rescue. By connecting your website to the EasyWeek software, you will get access to a set of modern tools for widget creation. You can choose its wallpapers and icons to stand out. It will also help with additional integrations and notifications. The EasyWeek widget integrates with almost all the most popular systems, including Meta services and website constructors.

Wix appointment booking plugin advantages:

  • Instant booking. The Wix booking plugin allows direct booking from your website.

  • Fast access to the data your clients need. Customers love widgets for their quick and easy access to the essential information that clients are looking for.

  • Professional look. Last but not least, a widget will make you look professional. And, that's important.

Research claim that the Wix booking plugin increases customer loyalty and sales. It is an easy way to double profit without extra expenses.

Would you like to optimize your Wix website? We can do it for you! Click here to connect to the EasyWeek CRM. Contact us if you need any additional information. You can also check our blog for more business tips and hacks. EasyWeek – so easy, so cool!

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