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How to schedule a driving test appointment

Driving school software

Driving has slightly become a part of our daily life. People drive because they need and enjoy it. That is one of the main reasons why driving schools are popular. Any driver has to pass a driving test. In America, it will cost you about $200 in total. The test consists of a written and a practical part. It means that both theory and actual driving practice is essential to pass.

Consider an online appointment connection if you plan to open a driving school. Online booking optimizes performance, allowing staff to work more efficiently.

It is software that helps with business management and online appointments – for driving lessons, tests and exams. It can offer some additional perks, but the basis stays the same.

The choice is impressive, so choose the one you like the most. Among the most popular options is EasyWeek scheduling software.

In theory, you can. However, it is primarily impossible in real life because professional management requires professional software.

Why does my driving school need CRM

First and foremost, let's make sure you know what a driving school CRM is. Customer relationship management is a complex term for software dealing with online appointments and business analytics. Nowadays, CRMs are pretty popular.

Customers prefer comfort to affordable pricing. If you offer both, they'll like you, guaranteed. That's why we are writing this article. EasyWeek has launched a set of professional tariff plans to suit any business, especially a driving school. Their main benefit is quality & pricing. We decrease pricing, while our competitors charge more.

The EasyWeek team has studied the field both theoretically and practically. As a result, we have developed essential tools to suit a driving school. Let's talk about the offer in more detail.

EasyWeek driving school software

Software offers handy tools for a driving school. They include:

  • Convenient online appointments. Driving tests scare many people, and chaotic booking can scare off more clients. Online appointments are an easy and effective way to effortlessly optimize your driving school performance. Just sign up for the EasyWeek tariff plan of your choice, enter the required data, and get a brand new shiny widget to use daily!

  • Customizable widget. You can customize the widget as you need it. The EasyWeek widget has a set of wallpapers and icons to look well for any business. In the case of driving school, it helps with a professional look and a client-oriented approach.

  • Website. Any business needs a site. You can get it as a part of CRM or an additional tool. We provide you with a free website that includes all the basic stuff to attract clients. Just sign up, enter the data, and check its appearance!

  • A booking link. You can share the short link via messengers and on social media. It leads to your widget, so clients will be able to book an appointment immediately. So easy and so cool!

  • Marketing tools. EasyWeek offers QR-codes for online booking and email, push & SMS notifications that allow easy organic promotion.

More than 10 thousand clients all around the globe trust the EasyWeek system because we offer quality that does not eat your budget, and it shows. EasyWeek clients scale together with the service. Nowadays, the EasyWeek family is growing successfully. We are adapting to the new reality, offering more for less.

EasyWeek marketing for a driving school

The current world shows that digital marketing is a crucial part of the business. Crucial and very expensive. Many driving schools cannot afford professional marketing services. That's why we have added some marketing helpers to the EasyWeek system.

A driving school can use these tools for free. In addition, they are included in every professional tariff plan, optimizing business at all 100%.

  • It all starts with a website. The EasyWeek landing helps look better than the others and work more efficiently. Statistics claim that driving schools with websites look more professional than those without. Later, it leads to a better profit for the companies that use CRM and more possibilities to grow.

  • Notifications and reminders about the upcoming events minimize no-shows and solve the common late cancellation issue.

  • The other feature is a handy QR-code for instant booking.

Would you like to try the EasyWeek driving school software for free? Now, we offer a free trial to test the solution well. Just click here to try or check our blog if you need any additional information.

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