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Wix salon booking plugin

Wix calendar booking

Wix is a pretty famous website constructor. Users appreciate the system for its price & quality. In many cases, you can use the service for free. Then, if you would like to add some professional features, it is possible to choose from the paid plans.

The primary function of the system is website creation. The service has a drag & drop feature to make users' experience more convenient. So, you can start with a website created on Wix. Then select some additional software to work more professionally. Usually, beauty salons need a Wix appointment booking plugin. The easiest way to connect it is by EasyWeek CRM.

Customer Relationship Management software covers all the basic & pro needs of a beauty salon. If you have a website made on Wix, consider choosing EasyWeek software to use the site at its full power.

Today, we will see how a beauty salon can benefit from the Wix plugin connection. We will also show you how to effortlessly connect the Wix plugin to your website. Keep reading the article!

Both of these website constructors are free and pretty effective. You can check this article to decide what will work better for you. In any case, both Wix and WordPress require an additional booking plugin.

You can connect the widget via salon software. It is one of the best ways to optimize your website made on Wix. First, choose the system to join, and check whether it allows the Wix salon booking plugin connection. EasyWeek salon software, for instance, offers instant widget creation. Then you can connect the widget to your Wix website to get new appointments via the Wix plugin at once.

Google Calendar is a perfect scheduling calendar service. EasyWeek and Google Calendar integration helps you get all necessary private and business data in one place. It will be very helpful for your beauty salon development. EasyWeek software will send any created events to Google Calendar, and Google Calendar events will mark time intervals as unavailable in your EasyWeek business calendar.

EasyWeek & Wix salon booking plugin integration

EasyWeek is a company that offers quality technical solutions for small and medium businesses. We create the best user experience software, standing out by a wide feature range and flexible pricing.

EasyWeek has recently integrated with a set of valuable services, including Wix. The integration will help those looking for simply quality & affordable software to use daily.

EasyWeek provides clients with:

  • Online appointment feature. The service offers handy online booking, which increases client satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Free website. Any EasyWeek tariff plan includes a free website feature. Yes, even the free one!

  • A widget. EasyWeek widget is a customizable plugin to use daily. It is a perfect solution for websites created on Wix.

How to connect the EasyWeek widget to Wix

First, let us show you how to get the EasyWeek widget. It is elementary! The system will create the widget for you once you fill in the data to the EasyWeek software. We use your company information to generate the basic widget, and then you can customize it manually. The EasyWeek offers a set of wallpapers and icons for easy individualization. For example, a beauty salon will look unique with a stylish widget that includes all the essential information about the appointment and a booking feature.

So, to get the EasyWeek widget, you have to:

  1. Sign up for the EasyWeek CRM.

  2. Enter your company data.

  3. Here you are!

Then, copy the link to the EasyWeek widget and go to your Wix website. Next, you have to paste the widget link into the Wix system.

Benefits of EasyWeek & Widget integration

  • Instant booking. Wix salon booking plugin allows instant booking directly from your website made on Wix.

  • Mobile optimization. The Wix salon booking plugin we offer fits smartphones, laptops and PC.

  • Improved analytics. Using the EasyWeek plugin, you can track the appointment data easily. The other benefit is that all the appointments stay in 1 system.

Feel free to contact our team if you need help with the Wix salon booking plugin connection. We work for you to stress less.

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